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Act of 1871 - Inventing the Illegal U.S. Corporation

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posted on Jul, 2 2012 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by Zerbst

well have too pay for wars somehow,, and IT WAS actually about free trade between the Colonies, and Europe and the Hudson Bay Company, and etc,,,
A Business model when free trade was just actually opening up,,was a very good idea.
giving Corp. the same staus under Law as a Man.
Very bad idea.

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 11:27 AM

I started a thread here [] about our 8th president Martin Van Buren that shows amazing parallels to recent events. A nearly identical situation of greedy foreign banks, over extended credit, devalued paper currency, illegal immigration and even a proposed bailout. All leading to economic collapse and depression/recession that literally mirrors America today? The only real difference in 1840 was a president that openly fought to expose the real problems of fiat money and foreign banks. Despite that it surely would end his political career, he defeated an unconstitutional bailout and even though economically beneficial, diplomatically prevented three vary potential wars.

Actually, if you want best to mirror what is going on today, you need to look at the REAL history of President Abraham Lincoln.

1) He declared war without an act of Congress
2) He transferred the greatest amount of wealth to bankers than any other President before him
3) He only freed the slaves because The Union Army needed more troops. In actuality, it was the Constitution of the SOUTHERN States of America that was the first to ban slaves being moved from international sources.
4) Huge depression and economic collapse followed the Civil War.
5) He put the United States into more debt than any other President before him. In fact, the United States was almost completely out of debt before Lincoln.

In one area that was most definitely NOT the same as today, Lincoln also shines. He worked steadfastly WITH the Democrats in order to promote the causes of The Union, something that today's GOP refuse to do.

Let's compare his policies with today's GOP, who almost uniformly uphold Lincoln as "their favorite President"

1) Rights of groups under today's GOP are downtrodden at every turn. You could, for arguments sake, suggest that gay people of today are the people most fighting for rights, and are being stymied at every turn by today's GOP. Likely today's GOP would have stymied the causes of slaves as well.
2) Today's GOP voted en masse against the bailout of banks and corporations, even under their own President.
3) GOP is against any Constitutional Amendment of any kind, unless it denies healthcare to millions of Americans.
4) GOP refusing to work with any plan to try and pull America out of the recession.
5) GOP refusing to work with Democrats to forward the best interests of America.

I really, really wonder why today's GOP and TEA Party activists portray Lincoln and Reagan as their greatest Presidents, when what Lincoln and Reagan did was so far removed from today's Conservative principles.

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 03:39 AM
Certainly, the Federal Govt is a legal entity, even if not a lawful one. But one which only has authority to impose its will, inasmuch as this will does not conflict with the supreme will of The People, as codified in the original and genuine Constitution for the united states, in the 10 sq. miles of the District of Columbia, not elsewhere in the united states, unless those states, by failing to oppose its illegal and criminal usurpation of power, are deemed to agree with its authority. This is the basis of the confidence trick being played on the entire nation. Congress does not oppose the Federal Government, or Executive Orders issuing from the Black House, as it dissolved itself sine die, ie without setting a date to reconvene, when the southern states seceded from the union at the outset of the Civil War. As such it is simply a body of claqueurs with the same name, but a different function, to the original and lawful Congress. It does not pass affirmative legislation, but merely records its resolutions, ie it is simply a specious body of bought-and-paid-for hacks; more interested in accepting bribes from the corporations who fund it, than with defending the interests and rights of The People, as it was set up to do.

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