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In a changing world, Portland remains overwhelmingly white

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 07:40 PM

Originally posted by BlackOps719
It was also voted:

Americas cleanest city by Readers Digest Cleanest City

As well as "Best Place To Live in the US" by Men's Journal

Also just voted by Headline News as No. 1 for public transportation and pedestrian friendliness, safety, cleanliness, public parks, and environmental awareness.


Portland is a nice city and hopefully will continue to be, regardless of the racist overtones of the article in the OP.

Interesting coincidence that it has all of those perks, and is mostly white. Are there any other "mostly white" cities that made those lists?

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 10:30 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

Yep, dont' get wrapped up in politics much but, do remember some of what you point out. The problem is, this article GOES WAY beyond of just pointing out ethnicity demographics. It 'lumps' ALL those that are white into a vat of pushing the agenda of collaborating or conspiring together to ensure the whites rule all 3 counties!

I am NOT racist...period and the problem with this article is, IT MAKES ALL CAUCASIANS LOOK LIKE THEY ARE!!! That and even to use the word 'White' even has racial slur to it, they just couldn't use the word CAUCASIAN. They really wanted to make their point and I think they made it loud and clear.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by Komodo

Well, at least here in Australia things aren't that bad...yet

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 05:46 PM
What a bunch of non-sense! I lived up in the Portland area for a number of years, yes there are a lot of while people up there. Being raised in southern-California I lived in a very "diversified" area. Portland has a good culture which is diverse perhaps not so much in a race sort of why but in the sense that many people came from different areas and backgrounds and meshed well together. Why label a person black or white and throw all the stereotypes that go along with that? Why not look at a person for who they are as a person?

By and large I never ran into a person up there who I felt was racist. I had friends who were white, black, latino, and asian. I never viewed that person in the sense of there skin color but who they were to me, and they were my friends.

I seriously don't get what point this person is trying to make but it's horrible reporting and counterproductive. This person needs to stop viewing the world in black and white and move past well the past.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 05:51 PM
There is no white/black racism anymore, or hadn't you guys heard? America put the first African American into power.

The black/white race card is out of the deck.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by sos37

Tell that to the idiotic reporter who wrote that story!

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 06:14 PM

Originally posted by burdman30ott6

Would you like us to do some integrated bussing and send some African Americans down from Seattle?

Thats exactly what CT has done with the schools.

Theyre bussing white kids to predominately black schools and black kids to predominately white schools.

Hey, if my kid has to suffer in a crappy school in a crappy city your kid should too. It's only fair after all.

Government physically shipping people all over to intentionally "equalize" demographics is not at all far-fetched.

They have no problem with taking my money and giving it to other people why should they have a problem taking my kids and giving them to other people.

I figure we should just start referring to the Fed as "massa" since it's clear slavery isnt gone. We've just all become slaves. Nobody knows what freedom looks like anymore.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 06:22 PM
reply to post by thisguyrighthere

They really do that ? I mean taking white and black kids outta their schools and them sending them to other schools where they will be a minority ?

I find that hard to believe

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 06:25 PM
reply to post by Gears Of War

They certainly do and they justify it with Brown v B.O.E.

I wouldnt be surprised if more states had this going on.

CT's 1993 "integration" law

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by thisguyrighthere

Often, the demographic data for cities in the American Southwest/West/Northwest do not accurately report Hispanic populations due to the reluctance of sizable illegal alien populations who are often reluctant to disclose information that they feel may jeopardize their immigration status:

Problems With The Census: The Missing Half

The Census Bureau estimates that 8.7 million people are illegally residing in the United States, while the Urban Institute estimates a total of 9.3 million people. The Current Population Survey (CPS), a joint project of the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau, puts the number at 9.2 million. In a recent report released in November 2004, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) stated that the CPS could have missed as many as 10% of illegal aliens, suggesting a total illegal population of 10 million as of March 2004. We believe that these estimates fall short. The Census Bureau’s counting process for the migrant population has some shortcomings. According to our discussions with illegal immigrants, they avoid responding to census questionnaires. For this reason, the official estimates do not fully capture this group. The CPS, the Census Bureau, the Urban Institute, and the former INS (now part of the Department of Homeland Security) all use similar processes to determine the total number of immigrants, and which immigrants should be categorized as legal and illegal. In essence, this has created a circular equation that relies on a singular source of inaccurate statistics that gives the impression of independent, multiple verifications.

According to a recent study by the Migration Research Unit, University College London, a wide range of methods have been used to measure immigration flows, which by definition eludes registration and statistical coverage. “Estimating the numbers of illegal resident persons in a country is a task made extremely difficult by the unrecorded nature of the phenomenon, by the problems of the data that are recorded and the different definitions, data sources, collection methods and legislative differences between countries. The dynamism and fluctuation in the size of the illegal population is as much related to the intricacies of the immigration law as to the movements of the migrants themselves.” Studies of methods used to calculate the illegal population have concluded that no existing method “provides a well-founded or rigorous method by which to measure the illegal population.

Bear Stearns Reasearch Article

There is a huge, Hispanic population in and around Portland. Relying on census data alone will not present a clear picture compared to what you will actually find on the ground.

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 07:03 PM
But why ?

I mean you go to the school in your district or the school closest to your home, or whatever your preference is.

Why do they think it is nessacary to integrate, haven't we done enough of that already ?

the government is really taking things way to far.

Edit to add...

Next to government will say that every white parent needs to have at least one black / asian latin kid, and every black parent needs a white/ asian kid

Like kid swop or something

now thats ultimate integration

far fetched ??

perhaps not by the way your gov thinks

[edit on 20-1-2009 by Gears Of War]

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 11:10 PM
it sounds to me like someone is just a little upset at the fact that there is still some places in this country where u cant peddle on the corner and knock off the asian liquor store owner with a comfortable feeling that the three eye-witnesses will not snitch. The fact of the matter is that Portland happens to be considered the cleanest and healthiest city in america and thats an award new york, chicago, or l.a. will never receive _javascript:icon('

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 10:12 AM
Ok, let's throw some statistics in the mix.

According to the US Census Bureau, of cities with a population exceeding 100,000, Gary, Indiana has the highest African-American residency percentage in the US (84%).

The following is a crime rate comparison for that city versus Portland. The results are far from conclusive in all but one area, but I'll let you draw your own conclusions, if any:

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posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 11:23 AM
Whats wrong with being white anyway? Do these same people wring their hands about the fact Japanese is mostly yellow? Stuff like this really comes across as racist to me. Its as if people think being racists towards whites equals progress.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 11:58 AM
I had to read this article twice and walk away before posting or writing the person that wrote this story in order to not get banned and on some hate lists in Oregon.

Racism in the US is still alive. No, its not like it was in the 50s or 60s, but pockets of resentment still exist. Be it whites hating blacks or blacks hating whites or this color hating another color. Its there, always has been, always will be. Some people just cant get past a shade of skin for some reason.

The thing that annoys me most about articles like this, is the fact that while this "reporter" thinks they are doing diversity justice by writing this, all they are doing is continuing to show the differences in the color of peoples skin.

The media is going crazy with this historic event of electing the first black president. Personally, I dont care what color his skin is. He is a man, and now our POTUS, simple as that. I have never seen Obama as a black man, or as someone bridging a gap between the races, just a man who sought higher office. But our media keeps pounding the issue that we now have a black man in the white house. Seriously, cant he just be our next President?

As a society, we need to stop nit-picking the minor differences between race and simply accept that we are all in this together. Be it our political leanings, the color of our skin, our upbringings. Accept we are individuals who are all different in one way or another and work to make our world a little better instead of looking for ways to blame one group or another on all of the problems in our lives.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 12:26 PM

Originally posted by Bakane
Whats wrong with being white anyway?

Careful. Statements like that will get you labeled a racist, a bigot and perhaps even Grand Wizard.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 12:31 PM

Originally posted by Bakane
Whats wrong with being white anyway? Do these same people wring their hands about the fact Japanese is mostly yellow? Stuff like this really comes across as racist to me. Its as if people think being racists towards whites equals progress.

Cant you see? Everything is wrong with being white.

Dont you know that we killed Bambi, the dinosaurs, Jesus, we caused China to build that great wall, we destroyed the soil in Africa so crops wont grow, we stole disco away from the black man, ruined Christmas from 1948-1979 and we apparently oppress EVERYONE.

Sounds like you need some racial sensitivity re-education and diviersity awareness training there mister.

Guilty of being white!!! If you are a white male please do the world a favor and just die.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 08:03 PM
So this is the new mantra.... Same as the old mantra. Angry white people ruling the world? If I am not mistaken a black man rules the world.

The world has embrased a black man to run things for no other reason than his skin color and us white people need to feel bad for having a white comunity somewhere?

Is it time for whites to have self rightious minority rage because a black man is running the show?

No, I think we are a bit more evolved than those other "people"....

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by Komodo

Starred and flagged, Komodo This thread will take some thinking before resp0nidnig.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 04:11 PM
Leftists love to find any little of oasis of tranquility in the world and attack and destroy it. It’s because they are hateful anarchists at heart. Instead of looking at real sources of problems in the world, like the rapacious international bankers and corporations in America, or murderous dictators and mullahs in countries like Afrika and Arabia, and riling up the masses agaisnt those real evils, they instead, like all bullies, pick smaller, weaker targets, like little pockets of well behaved, pacifist white people minding their own business, and try to destroy them for being… white.

This kind of leftist muckraking is getting sickening, and someday, it will result in a real backlash if these leftist agent provocateurs don’t start minding their own business, and leave people alone to enjoy their rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Without having to worry about being slandered in their hometown newspapers, or made to feel guilty for coincidentally living around lots of other people who happen to share their same skin color.

Even if it is the leprous “white” these leftists have been conditioned to hate.

The more anti-white meddlesome stunts I see like this, the more I can see why lunatic dictators try to gain power and kill all self appointed, self righteous meddlers, because you drive them to it with your ill intentioned, slanderous campaigns against innocent people minding their own business in a supposedly “free” country.

I would suggest you little meddlers and petty self appointed social engineers start minding your own business, before you accidentally create the very thing you’re most trying to avoid, an ethnic based revolution… by pissing people off and backing them into a corner until they decide to become the very thing you’ve falsely denounced them as.

Let me explain something:

Freedom of Association is guaranteed in the US Constitution.

Freedom of Association also implies Freedom of Disassociation.

In other words, people have the freedom to associate or not associate with or without whoever they choose, without fear of government, religious or socialist meddling.

Forcing, browbeating or coercing people to associate with people they normally wouldn’t, or just haven’t for whatever reason, is unConstitutional.

To attempt to slander and intimidate people into using their own tax money to import people they may not want to associate with, or have not naturally mingled with, purely based on skin color, is wrong.

It’s also unnatural. It is Communist/Nazi/Fascist style social engineering at it’s worst… it’s just the mirror image of Hitlers Nazism, but portraying itself as “good” because it attempts to destroy groups of white people instead of create more of them.

The solution is to just leave people alone, and let natural mixing and movement take it’s course.

As long as they aren’t hurting anybody else, then it’s none of anyone’s business who other people live around.

If you leftist fascists want to see some black, brown or asian people, then go visit some where they live, instead of trying to drag them all to you using psychological guilt tripping and other peoples tax money.

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