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Global warming-Bible-Mayan propaganda-NWO

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 12:53 PM
Hello everyone

This is my first post as ive only just joined but have been viewing topics for a year.

I really just wanted to throw my understandings out there after reading a topic on here today and see what I get back.

The topic is about Obama being given 4 years to save earth because of "global warming".

The 4 years ties in nicely with the whole mayan calender 2012 doomsday theory.

Could that all be propaganda as the more people that believe in 2012, the more people the government can control for NWO?

Everyone will be freaking out that humanity is about to be wiped out and do whatever is required of them to "save the planet from global warming?"

Another thing i'd like to add is about the bible- The whole thing with Gaza and Damascus-If the elite are behind the bible and caused all the prophecys in it to happen then many christians will sit back and watch as "all this has to come to pass before Jesus returns"

Which is a good way for them to get away with everything they plan to do.

Also the bible warns not to take the mark of the beast, which speculation has it that that may be the micro chip. Anyone without it will be slaughtered/starve to death- De-population?

I hope I dont rile anybody with my post, ive seen some of the replys people get!

But im just hellbent on trying to get an understanding of all this- I know nothing for sure, and dont think I ever will!

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 01:11 PM
fist nwo is satanic it is to build an army against God. they are try to make a one world religion im not sure but it might be muslim the antichrist is going to come from the middle east claming he is God if you worship him he will make you take a mark on your forehead
or right hand you will not be able to buy trade or sell if you dont take this mark and deny God of the bible he will kill you if you hide you wont be able to buy food and etc. This mark It will have his name or number 666 on it here how i think it will be the microchip that was made has 666 on it plus other number could be your social number i dont know
But i think this mark is in place this false christ is waiting for the right time to show up.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 02:04 PM
global warming is not real they are trying to make money off it they love to make up this stuff thats all lies thats gore for youthe love of money

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 02:11 PM
reply to post by christianlove

First, the Anti-Christ is very plainly said, by the Bible, to be a prince. There are no 'princes' from the mideast that I am aware of, that are potential candidates for that. The only potential one that I am aware of is a certain prince Charlie from the UK. He, whoever it may be, will not show his 'potential', or his 'hand' if you will, until after the richest, most powerful 'city' in the world is nuked. That will be about the same time as our twin star arrives. I was expecting Nemesis to show by now, and since it has not, it seems likely that all this is not to go down for awhile. Like 49 more years. The next Jubilee. People have been expecting, and preparing, for an immediate showdown now for some 2k years. The global warming is quite clearly not man made, and we should be entering another ice age, from previous indicators. This is not just confined to Earth, but is going on at other planets in our system, according to NASA. Sol is having zero sunspots, and our electro magnetic force field is shrinking due to this solar inactivity. Noone with half a brain can say that we are influencing solar activity/inactivity. But then again, these halfwits are also insisting that the 2nd LAW of Thermodynamics is not in effect when it comes to evolution. In this case only, everything goes from an inordered state, to an ordered state. Yeah, right.

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