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The Citgo Missing Cameras and Videos

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 08:18 AM
What happened to the Citgo gas station missing cameras and videos?

posted by shortywarn
why not release the footage they confiscated from hotel and gas station?????

posted by Swampfox46_1999

They have released the footage from the gas station...none of the cameras were in a position to give a clear picture of the Pentagon.

Oh really? Do we have your word on that?

Of course the two video cameras the FBI physically removed from the Citgo gas station and their video footage which was permanently censored, do not apply in your perfect world and should not be considered as evidence, should they?

Is that correct?

I wonder why the FBI would remove two cameras and then pretend that they never existed? How many other cameras in the Pentagon area did this happen to that we are not aware of?

Did anybody notice any of the prostitute Mainstream News Media Pulitzer Prize seeking journalists nosing around after 9-11, asking where all the cameras and videos were disappearing to? No? I wonder why?

Russell talked with the CITGO station manager, Barbara, who told him that they removed this critical camera a couple of hours after the event:

Russell reported:

"The manager described this one as having had a clear view of the Pentagon wall and quite a bit north as well. You can see where the impact was and the higher angle of the camera that may have captured it."

Russell continued:

"You can see here on the south canopy that they have two cameras. So now on the north they have only one? The two most critical cameras in proximity to the flight path and the impact are denied by the FBI and mysteriously missing?"

As can be seen here, the Citgo gas station sits partly up the NA hill and the canopy sits much higher than the Pentagon 1st floor explosion area, and those video cameras should have had an excellent view, showing the aircraft crossing in front of the Citgo from the left (from the camera viewpoint), and not showing the aircraft inches above the lawn and coming from the far right. And Sean Boger was looking right at thos two video cameras as the aircraft came straight at him in the helipad control tower from Over the Naval Annex.

I guess the FBI did what they had to do. The 9-11 Pentagon OFFICIAL STORY needed to be maintained according to script didn't it?

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 08:29 AM
And there were three video footages missing, taken and censored by the Bush Regime political arm FBI; not just the two from the FBI removed video cameras. So why do the hypocrite government loyalists defend this hypocrisy?

Now realize...when Russell published this information on September 5th 2006, the CITGO video had not been released and it was also the first day that Aldo of CIT had posted about our initial contact with Robert Turcios confirming the statement by his manager Barbara that he had seen the plane on the north side.

But guess what?

The government conveniently and suspiciously released the CITGO video a mere 10 days later on September 15th, 2006!

The release of this data poses SERIOUS problems for the official story in light of the research that Russell had just reported.



The camera views indicated in red are conveniently NOT included in the data.

This in essence proves that the data was manipulated to remove these critical views.

This is particularly egregious since, as Russell also pointed out, their excuse to not release the other 80 or so videos is because they do not show the "impact".

2 questions:

1. Why did they all of the sudden choose to release the CITGO video (with zero notice or media coverage unlike the other releases) after having deliberately removed the view of the Pentagon even though not having a view of the "impact" was their excuse to not release all the videos in the first place?

2. Why hasn't Russell made a HUGE deal over the fact that he has proven evidence tampering which is a federal crime?

Obviously he would have understood this incredibly important fact because of the research he had just posted about just 10 days prior.

In light of the north side testimony filmed on location from Lagasse, Brooks, and Turcios obtained by CIT 2 months later the answer to both of these questions is crystal clear.

The release of the proven manipulated video data was done to discredit Robert Turcios since he is not visible in the video.

Why is it necessary for the Bush Regime 9-11 Pentagon OFFICIAL STORY to need such duplicity, censorship, confiscation of evidence, and outright lying if the official story is true?

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 08:33 AM
There are threads and threads on this subject...

You should add to one of the discussions that you could find by using that handy search feature.


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