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is Ebid some sort of con?..

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 05:18 AM
I have a friend who has an Ebid Account. Not an Ebay account he Keeps Babbling on about it being so good. Because theres no fees ect.
I asked Him What he has sold and he said he had sold some cards. after looking at the site with him i could see he has been with them just over a year...

excited at the chance to sell somthing without paying ebay fees, i thought ill just ask him a few questions. Then i got a bit worried lol. theres a £50U.S.D one off fee and no sellers fees ever for life sounds good to me so far...
you would only pay 2% sellers fee if you use a Picture.. still good..and when you join you get a free T-shirt..Cool. so i asked to see his T-shirt. Then he says They Never sent his out.

then i notice that a lot of his items were put on there a year ago and still not sold. But he did sell 1 thing.

now to my point.

if Ebid is so good Why is there no buyers there and why are there only a hand full of sellers... and did ebid buy his item to make it look like they were good???. Has he been ripped off or am i missing somthing?.
This site should be beating ebay with a big stick.. so some thing is not right. Sorry about my spelling too.

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