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THe lack of Responsibility by the people

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 01:51 AM
It is a known fact that most people blame the government or other groups for the problems of the world.
In fact,
just look at this website, EVERYONE is convinced that the problems of the world are because of the ELITE or the freemasons or illuminati and so on.
Now it is crucial that you observe what I am going to state and give it a thought.

the people HATE responsibility.WHY? because they rather complain and be victims.
how does this work. observe

the average person rather bELIEVE what he hears on the news or sees on tv instead of taking a stand based on HIS backing..WHY, because if he ends up being wrong or whatever, he can turn around and say "thats what they told us".
it goes deeper

"thats what they teached me in school"lol
"thats what my CULTURE is like"

same goes for a soldier. he does a good job the soldier takes credit, if he messes up he says "I was following orders"

this is why people VOTe. they votes so SOMEONE else can take responsibility to fix their problems.

at a bar in nov this girl was SHOCKED that I didnt vote. She said the following "IF you DONT vote than YOU CANT COMPLAIN FOR THE NEXT 4 years." EXACTLY. lol
let me take it back a little
everyone has choice.. always.
1st choice in life=should you commit suicide.
by NOT choosing this, you must observe their is risk in life.
2nd choice= do I want to take on the risk myself and be held responsible or do I want to blame others(police, teachers, CNN, FOX news, Bush, Clinton, Freemasons, zionist, etc..) for my problems and problems int he world.

the soldier CHOOses to pull the trigger. he doesnt have to.. he can go to jail.choice.

for example, I am RESPONSIBLE for the bombs created coz of my taxes, but I am NOT responsible for the deaths in iraq coz I did not DROP the bomb.

so the point of this is the following.

the masses, including you most likely, love to blame instead of taking responsibility.

the economic crisis is NOT the fault of bush or the is the fault of the average person who took out HUGE loans that he could not afford.

please reply and let me know what you all think

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 01:56 AM
Personal responsibility can only go so far. We pay taxes because we feel it is a requirement not a responsibility, the feeling of responsibility comes from the repurcussions of not paying them. A soldier told to obey orders and shoots civilians can always stand down and face consequences, with repurcussions. Just because we can accept the responsibility doesn't mean it will always have the best outcome for us, that's why it's easier to just ignore the responsibility until you can fight it.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 02:02 AM
Well said!

I have been banging this drum for several years now. Indeed, people do not want to take responsibility for their own actions, choices or circumstances. It is always someone elses fault.

This has filtered down to parenting in so far as most parents these days would rather be best friends with their kids rather than being parents to their kids.

That is why I believe Gen Y are like they are - little respect for authority, elders or tradition. Gen Y in my experience in business all want to start off at the top position, on top money rather than work their way up. I think this is because they were bought up getting everything that they asked for - because parents wanted to please their "buddies".

Of course, now I hear parents everywhere agog as to why their kids have gone off the rails, hitting the drugs etc....hmmmm, hello - have a look at the way you raised them - it is no one elses fault!

Ok, flak jacket is on, helmet in place - bring it on! lol

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 04:31 AM
I truly believe that personal responsibility would fix most of the worlds problems, especially if true justice existed then those that dodge responsibility would be punished and those that uphold responsibility would be rewarded

But surely you know that justice has become a tool for the rich and powerful
Just take a look at Bush and the 1000 or so laws he alleviated himself from

A point id like to make though is that with the increase of laws and governance you will get an increase of moronic s#*theads that don’t think for themselves and eventually lose any cognitive function which observe cause and effect
A friend of mine went to Norway, he said he visited a cliff side lookout, a small sign said “avoid edge” but no fence was in place
Apparently an American tourist was showing off in a photo shoot there not long b4 and he fell to his death
Where’s the fence! Most US citizens would yell, but let’s think about it
The idiot fell to his death for being an idiot, so by way of natural selection the idiot won’t breed and have small idiots preserving a responsible population
(yeah yeah poor idiot… lets just say I feel for his mother, but he should’ve used his God given brain! Really.)

More Government = less personal responsibility (more idiots)
And it becomes a downward spiral
More idiots = More Government
im not an anarchist, quite the opposite, but the correct amount of government should be used not the over use we see in todays western society

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by LeTan

I dont think I understand what you are saying? For example, what does FIGHT IT mean?
who are you fighting? and WHY?

consequences means what..? RISK
and there is RISK in nature/living. THis is a responsibility also. You have to be responsible and understand that by CHOOSING not to commit suicide, you CHOSE to live in a world full of RISK.

also, you can CHOOSE not to pay taxes. that is fine, but there is risk in that also.

the soldier CHOSE to be a soldier. Even during the draft there was ways to get out..break your arm yourself, masterbate all day long, etc..
but my question is this

WHo the F are you fighting? have the illuminati or the elite MEssed up YOUR life? or the planet?

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 10:56 AM
reply to post by WatchNLearn

Exactly. I love your name btw. WatchNlearn... or as I say OBSERVE REALITY.

most people rather live in fantasy land.

however, I dont think its about respecting elders and all that, though I respect that and so on.. I think its about understanding that the FEW ELITE people out there are NOT to blame for the world's problems..or your own problems.

lets entertain the idea that the ELITE START the wars? okay, but they dont actually FIGHT THEM. so the masses willingly choose to go to war.
even if the elite LIE to the masses, why do the masses believe them?
the answer is because doing this releases them from any responsibility in their minds.
now they can say, "I was lied to, not my fault" "I have to fight for my country" etc..

and yes, parents are exactly like that.
however, at some point in the child's life...when he/she gets older.. the person CHOOses to maintain that Mentality instead of taking responsibility.
so the blame AGAIN lies with the individual.

so the child says, "its not my fault, I was raised with EVERYTHING so thats what I required, its my parent's fault"
again, a lack of responsibility.
I hate that sense of ENTITLEMENT.
"I work hard and the BOSS makes all the money, its not fair" they say
I say "nature is not fair, but also, why dont YOU become the boss."

its amazing
good post

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 03:22 PM
You point of view is shaped entirely by a libertarian mindset. You have given no such importance to the myriad of 0,1 choices that have been made for you by your own subconscience. You have given zero importance to the infinitesimal number of 0,1 choices that have been made for you by life circumstances that preceded your existence up to this point.

How exactly do you take responsibility the things you do not control?

And for what? To confirm your previous delusions of control so that you can feel better or worse about your lot in life.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 03:26 PM
I find that most people who do for themselves, believe in themselves and their abilities.

Those who made bad decisions, and feel a bit of frustration at their lack of successes, love to find a group to blame their own shortcomings on.

What better than some all-powerful, ultra-secret, super-manipulating group whose sole purpose is to "hold the man down."

I look at our tax code, our department of transportation, our department of energy, and think, "my God, no one in government knows what the hell they're doing."

But now I'm supposed to believe in all this flawless manipulation world wide, and even within our governments?

Take another toke.

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