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Airplane Burning at MCChord base: dream

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posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 01:46 AM
I dreampt that I was living in a rotten old slatewood housing complex just near to an air base in the Puget Sound called McChord.

In the dream as I fell to sleep a huge plane-like a transport flew low over the house. Everything shook. The roar of the afterburner (or whatever makes that sound) made the place tremble. Just as it passed over, before it's sound had stopped, I was at a window peering out, coming the other direction another plane of the same type, engulfed in flames.

This time the house shook by this plane, but the sound was of it's flames as it plummeted into the next lot over.

The tail of one flew over-returned by the burning fireball of the crashing of the other.

Very strange. Must have had something to do with the news of the river landing of the commercial airliner.

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