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Don't let 'em fool ya,.

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posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 11:04 PM
Don't let 'em fool ya bro,
cos its not time to go,
this guy's just asking for your money to lie to you at his show,
he wants you to buy his books, and his latest dvd,
he sees himself as a prophet, but he spreads "the truth" for a fee,
and he could get donations just like the Damned Church,
you know the one where money works just as well as prayer does,
face it man, you don't know how the world works,
stringing these people along because the truth hurts,
the truth is you're a greedy antichrist speaking blasphemies,
me, im just a man, who simply asked to see,
what on earth is going on, whats going wrong cos earth, was going strong,
no one had answers, until you came along, and so lots of people jump on the bandwagon, some were just glad that the hadn't stayed put, now their left with decayed fruit, or twisted truths,
about who pulls the strings, who owns what, who are the aliens, and why was jfk shot,
you just want their money cos you love it a lot,
making people think that they have lost the plot,
voices in their head ain't intuition anymore,
living a normal life seems more like a chore,
don't you know that most of these people are greedy,
not stopping for a second to think about the "needy",
these charlatans hope to get their claws in before they start to bleed ye,
and I ain't one of those " I am better than you" guys,
just that I've evolved to see though the true lies,
to die would be bliss,
in a world so full of madness, normality never did exist,
thats why each day I laugh at the current state of affairs,
it raises all my hairs and I feel connected to each and every one of you that care, don't be a fool and let man lead you, don't be a fool and let this site teach you you, don't be a fool and let greed eat you, cos no human in this world is ever going to be equal, unless we break these chains to which be are bound, planet earth is where you're from , you're country is where you're found, and we all live upon this beautiful round,
place that gave us our face, and our hair and legs and they're ace, cos we walk with them, talk with them too, not talking with your legs although that point you could argue, i'm typing freely here, my brain helping to steer, but back to the subject which seems to be fuelled by fear, people want to sell you books including on here (ATS), and in these books you find no truth, or verifiable proof, unless written by a person who is a credible witness, don't claim to know it all, or you'll be ripped apart by critics,
and everyone is a critic these days, even me , the observing meek man picks apart everyone that he meets, from the junkie that looks like he's suffering from mange (sp?) to the man on tv crying out for change, cos he sees the greed of man and the need to advance, i came to this conclusion after smoking some mad "dangerous" plants, i'd do a mad dance but the spirits don't want that, they want a full body transplant, too many a**holes with mouths speaking excrement like a normal man can't.

You may not get the message as this is a first draft,
matter of fact, as I read over it, it sounds quite daft,
hope you read it seriously lol please don't laugh,
or you shall feel the red angry smiley's wrath.


posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 11:45 PM
reply to post by trilateral_insignia

WTG Tri!

I have Scottish blood - and a mix - a mongrel really. Raise the Haggis and a wee drrrrram of Scotch. And we are coming up to Rabbie Burrrrrrns night this week, I believe.

Jesus is coming soon - I don't care if you ridicule me - just gotta say my piece too.

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