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Google Agrees to Assist CIA,

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posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 04:26 PM

Google Agrees to Assist CIA, Blocking Belgian Journalism Websites to Help Murder US Dissident, non-Zionist Jew, in Brussels

Damage to EU-US relations, as US judges partner with CIA to take world political control of Google, blocking EU websites even from EU citizens, to help CIA commit criminal acts in Europe

Historic case of US federal judges joining CIA in 'terrorist and racist acts' in Belgium against non-Zionist Christian Jew, may result in stopping all future extraditions from the EU to the USA

President Bush friend, financier, and right-wing author Patricia Cornwell finances efforts to destroy dissident refugee - US judges return favour, ordering Google to block Patricia Cornwell biography, hide facts about Cornwell's life; Google agrees to co-operate in US criminal acts in Belgium

This is a story that I have been following for a while now and one that not a lot of people are aware of. For these reasons, I am pleased to be in contact with Dr. Sachs. i hope that the more exposure we give to this case, the better chance Dr. Sachs has of reclaiming all that was taken from him.

For a slightly better understanding of what's going on here, please read this previous thread,
Patricia Cornwell and the silencing of Dr. Les Sachs
And yes, that is THE Patricia Cornwell, the one of the CSI fame....

At one time, Dr Les Sachs and Patricia Cornwell were neighbours of each other in Richmond, Virginia, and Sachs was a more successful author than Cornwell at one point around 1990. But Cornwell had an advantage that Sachs did not - Cornwell was a personal friend of President of the United States George Bush Sr (President 1989-1993), as well as his son who has been President of the USA during 2001-2009.

This friend of the Bush family, Patricia Cornwell, was built into a 'famous author' by the US media companies, with the implicit understanding that Cornwell would use her book profits to give money back to the Bush family and to US politicians. Cornwell thus personally represents the very close and corrupt financial link between the media companies and the American political establishment.

Indeed, Patricia Cornwell has given millions of dollars to the Bushes and other US politicians and their organisations. She is mostly closely associated with the George Bush family, but she is said to be giving huge money to people associated with President Barack Obama, to try to make sure that President Obama follows Bush in helping Cornwell to cover up for past crimes.


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