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Can you sense when someone you know is nearby before you see them?

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 05:25 AM

Looks like it..

You might want to check up on Sheldrake's work.

(En evil scientific heretic who insists on doing inconvenient research on paranormal subjects despite the fact that everyone knows this stuff is impossible and thus not even work looking into

The Sense of being Stared At: An Automated Test on the Internet

Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, (2008) 72, 86-97

by Rupert Sheldrake, Charles Overby and Ashwin Beeharee

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 08:58 AM

Originally posted by drsmooth23
I have the ablity to know who it is just by listening to the footsteps. From what i have noticed, everyone walks diffrent, and they tend to walk like that until someone points it out to them, or they become aware of it.

When i was young, at night my dad would shuffle his feet like ice skates through the den to get a snack from the kitchen at night, but then walking on trails in the woods you wouldnt even hear his steps. i call that, his situational walking stance.

I had a bad roommate for a while and he did this really creepy walk where he would step lightly and very slowly. where i sit at work is a high traffic area and I usually know who is coming around the corner just by hearing.

If you hear someones steps long enough, it is quite possible you will come to reconginze the patterns, like a drum beat.

also, i know who pulls up at my apartment by listening to the noises the car makes, breaks, lose belts, bass bumping, haha.

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Your post just reminded me of some video I saw a while back,about some new type of technology that could recognize you by the way you walk.It said that all people have a certain characteristic walk,and it is just as accurate as a fingerprint or a retina scan,but it had a flaw,because when you were drunk your walking pattern would change and it would not recognize you.Ahhh... good old alcohol

On topic:
I have had similar experiences about this subject; like I could recognize someone just by their footsteps or their image just popped into my head just before I would see them,though I haven't given it much importance.

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 10:07 AM
This is a phenominan I have always wondered about. There was a period in my 20's when it happened so often I started to get afraid.
I lived in a large city, and although there are areas where it would be common to see friends it began to happen across the entire city. I work in an industry where I get to know a lot of people but this did not explain it. In my mid twenties I left my home country and traveled for a long period of time throughout Asia. It began happening in the remotest of places. From japan to India I would think of someone and they would appear. Often the people were not close to me, just someone I had met along the way. Tourists do follow an similar path, and there are many places in Asia where travelers are bound to run in to one another, although it is also vast and the precognition of imagining someone who one had met say 6 mnts before, and then they walk around a corner.......pretty weird,

I would feel the presence of someone I may have met briefly and they would appear. I always thought the rational explanation would reveal itself. I'm enjoying this thread, as I never really solved this mystery. I felt that I must have seen them out of the corner of my eye, planting the seed in my head, although on many times this was not possible.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 06:13 PM

Originally posted by ADHDsux4me

Originally posted by king Pop!p
Its happens to me all the time. Even if I'm in my house alone and my wife comes from work, I can feel that I'm no longer in the house a lone. Or if I'm some where totally alone I can feel when some one pops up.

I personally think Air is like Water and its something like an invisible 'ripple effect' that happens or like a spider web.

To answer the "knowing when some one calls you before it happens" phenomenon I think we as humans have radio frequencies that we can pick up with our brain. We must have a biological antenna. I am convinced of that. It happens to me so often that I feel like my 6th sense is just as normal as my other 5. Constantly knowing what and who is coming or is bound to happen.


Dude, I hate to use Dude as an expression for right now. This ripples like water in the air, is exactly the way I describe my uncanny spacial senses. I feel like a shark or dolphin with my sense of space and what moves in it near me. * Seen or Unseen*

I this week explained it those terms.

As far as the TV sensitivty, no I don't get that. I do get microwave oven, computer sceen, and faulty wiring feelings of too much EMF.

"Dude" Dont worry about it I understand you 100% I too am blessed/cursed with ADHD.

But seriously, that shark apology is kool. Thats exactly it.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 08:35 AM
So many of us here on ats are sensitive to the energy around us. These things are more common than most people are aware of. Aware is the key word here! We are surrounded by energy and it is all connected in a huge field. When our minds are cluttered or we are not in the habit of paying attention to the gentle energy we miss these things.

I believe anyone can train themselves to be more aware of these things. IMHO it is not hard or some huge mystery. It is about listening to your inner voice and staying connected to your own energy. With meditation, prayer and taking time out of the noise of the day we can look inward. Silence is so good for us, for our minds, bodies and spirits, yet it is something that most of us don't enjoy often enough.

I think with the dangerous times that we live in this skill is something that is going to be very helpful to everyone. With a bit of training and effort we can all raise our sensitivities.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 02:27 PM
It's your aura. It extends about 30 feet from your body in all directions. That's how you can pick up on someone's bad mood even if they're in the next room, your auras are overlapping.

If you're really tuned in to your aura, you can "sense" someone's there, even who the person is, before seeing them. It's like they come into your field of vision, but it's your aura's vision.

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by coney
How do you know this?

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 04:34 AM
I'm actually going to agree with the 30 feet aura sight/sense.

I had an instance today where I was walking to work and I had a sudden spike in my gut awareness. I thought it could have been nothing, 5 seconds later a good friend of mine pulls into traffic at the streetlight next to me. It wasn't his normal vehicle so I was just letting my mind wander as ususal, and then I notice the particular dragon pendant he has hanging on his mirror in his backup vehicle.

I only had to turn and walk 7 or so feet to knock on his window and wave.

That is a couple times a week for me, when I run into that feeling and it coincides with an event of importance, or a reunion with an aquaintence or friend.

I had a feeling like that over Christmas, at the gas station and won my dad $100 on a scratch ticket. It never seems to work in my interest, but it does for others I would like to see benefitted.

I had 4, 1 dollar bills and suddenly had an urge to buy something equaling that at the counter. I looked over the tickets and the one dollar tickets didn't vibe, but the spike came again when I looked at the 2 dollar tickets.
The clerk asked me what type of scratch ticket I wanted when I asked to buy one. I decided definetly 2's, but I told him to pick the simplest to understand. I walked out to my dad with a smile knowing at least $50 bucks was coming to him. To my surprize he won $100.

I told him he would win at least $50. ]

He gets a kick out of having more than 1 pyschic child. lol I have 2 talented sisters as well. One of which does a hybrid of massage and energy work for a living. Her clients tell her she reduces them to tears at the relief she provides.


posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 10:08 PM
reply to post by king Pop!p

yeh i feel this too its a weird feeling you get but i really think it is because we have sensitive ears that when it is turned off we still sense it being on!

by 13 yr ashleigh

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