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Another good article of survivalism

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posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 05:11 AM
After my last article focusing on the futility of city dwelling survivalists and the problems they face before during and after a crisese, I offer you this report from the BBC, an organisation that normally ridicules preparedness.
Once again I point out that those taking step to prepare by created caches, stockpiles, BOBs, retreats etc, and are part of the White flight syndome of middle class familes getting out of the cities. Its not lowbrow mass hysteria fed by tabloid journalism fed by racism or intolerance. this time is well educated professional middle class types getting the hell out of Dodge (or Durham). Basically in recent months we have seen the social elite bankers and financiers be reported as stocking up and bugging out, but also the white collar middle classes taking life changing decisions about where they live and preparedness / survivalism.

Do you need to stock up the bunker?

By Brendan O'Neill
In the 1950s and 1960s, bunkers were a feature of many American suburban homes, populated by families fearful of the prospect of nuclear war. That threat has subsided, but now many reasonable people are stocking up on essential supplies in preparation for a new cataclysm.
When you hear the word "survivalist", what image comes to mind?
Perhaps you think of a gun-toting loner in Mid-West America, who lives in a shack surrounded by tinned food and emergency water supplies.
Or maybe you think of end-of-the-world religionists retreating to a fortified camp with enough food and drink to last them until Judgement Day.
But today there is a new breed of survivalist – and they're well-heeled, well-educated and more likely to wear an immaculately pressed suit than a camouflage flak jacket.
Civilisation breakdown
Barton M Biggs is about as far as you can get from the old John Rambo-style survivalist. Forget long, unkempt hair and a sweat-stained vest. Mr Biggs is a former chief global strategist for Morgan Stanley, who now runs the hedge fund Traxis Partners in New York.
Yet in his latest book, Wealth, War and Wisdom, he suggests that all...

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posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 09:14 AM
I got out of Durham a few years ago. I also kept returning until the end of last year.

Rest assured most of the Olivias and Olivers from the University of Durham will be happily relying on daddy to rescue them WTSHTF.

Let this be a lesson, get prepared quickly before the yuppies make it trendy. The corollary of this will inevitably be inflated prices for equipment.


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