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Good times in the north woods

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posted on Apr, 10 2004 @ 01:04 PM
Hey there, y'all. Just wanted to tell you about an anual tradition my family has and was wondering if anyone else does the same.

Every year a bunch of my Uncle's highschool friends and a lot of my cousins over 18 go to the north woods of Wisconsis for "Dude's Weekend"...Or Stupidos as it's become known. It's pretty much a week of pure stupidity. Tons of drinking, some people partake in weed. Then, after we're good and drunk, we go out on dirt bikes and 4 wheelers for the day while the "camp bitches" (self named) stay at home, cook us fantastic meals, smoke pot, and shoot guns. That in it's self is a blast, but the fun really starts when the spud guns and the paint guns come out.

We like to do this small scale simulation of Normandy. One team, slightly larger, goes out on a pontoon on our lake, just out of range of the spud guns. The other team sets up fortifications on the beach and gets ready for the attack. The arsonel usually consists of about 80 lb. of potatos, and enough paint balls to paint a house. I just bought 5 airsoft fully automatic pellet guns (20 rounds per second!) and about 5 million pellets (since most will be lost in the water, even though they float), so hopefully those will become part of the arsonal, too.

Well, after all the preperations, the invading team makes their move, usually with a barrage of artilary (spuds) before making a push for the beach. Then all hell breaks loose. It has actually shown me how random war can really be. Some of the best "soldiers" in our battles sometimes get taken out in the first 30 seconds, just a random blast. Other times, they'll dive into the water, swim under the pontoon, pop up and hit em all with a waterproof paintball gun (my cousing was in force recon, he's the pro).

Also, you all might be thinking, what an incredibly stupid group, getting all drunk and doing this stuff. Well, that's why we call it Stupido's. It's for us stupidos
I'd also like to point out, in the 16 years it's been going on, not one major accident has ever happened. We practice extreme safety, even when drunk, :w:

posted on Apr, 16 2004 @ 02:45 AM
My family also heads north into Wisconsin for revelry and catching up on our extended families. It's not an eclusive limited to males. We females get to participate as well.

No, we don't do the paintballs, war scenario role playing or anything like that. We do a lot of fishing, card playing (for real money) some tippling, and a whole lot of keeping track of way too many little ones.

Great place, Wisconsin. If I thought I could stand the winters there, I'd make it my permanent residence.

posted on Apr, 16 2004 @ 10:22 AM
Hey! I live in Wisconsin!(north-western portion)

Where exactly do you do this. I was thinking of doing something similar with a bunch of my friends about this time next year.

I just need to find enough people to pitch in and help me get the # together.

posted on Apr, 17 2004 @ 08:53 PM
Can i come? I have my own paintball gear

Thats sounds like a blast!

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