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The Myth and Reality of Declining Voter Turnout

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posted on Apr, 10 2004 @ 12:11 PM
An interesting article from AP that attempts to define the non-voter, and reasoning if any. The decline of the voting percentage of the population actually going to polls is IMO the decline of government working for the majority.

The Myth and Reality of Declining Voter Turnout

When the world's democracies are ranked according to their voting records, America is at the bottom, with Switzerland.

Books with titles like "The Vanishing Voter" and "Where Have All the Voters Gone?" give voice to an increasing unease that something fundamental is amiss - that Americans are caught in some sort of electoral death spiral. That democracy itself may be at risk.

There is some dispute about the extent of the decline, but in the last two elections, only about 24 percent of the adult population cast their votes for George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. A democracy whose leaders are the choice of less than a quarter of the adult population faces some hard questions:

Can a government that is of and by only a fraction of the people truly work for all the people? And is there any way that a nation of distracted denizens of the 21st century can be transformed into a nation of voters?

Other discussions at ATS seem to carry similar concerns as well as logical reasonings of the decline,...

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