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Dont be a fascist socialist dictator and the travelling ***es

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posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 09:31 AM
I am thinking of writing a book, a book that would infamy.
I know you hate my rantings of time and space alterings by the elite because they went into a pyramid on *rugs millenia ago and saw something crazy.

Only joking I have no time to write between work and play its 8-10 hours of sleep.

anyway enough about me.

Wait no thats the perfect premise. My life. As a comparison.
A middle class boy, constantly beaten and rejected, to grow to become a true king and excersize the best kingdom for millenia to come.

Or maybe thats a bit ???grandeur?

kk ill stop

Its just that people act like controlleing the masses is doing good, when the same things come in behind the last bad guy or girl because the system is hand selecting who and where goes to the dark side via convergance legislation, if we are reflections of the stars, whiich we kind of see that we are. If you cannot believe that even a bible mentions that we are, then go re-read it in the KJV with a Strongs concordance and do some homework. Not that I did originally but I learned some good verses from a detailed teacher a few years back.

Live life. I want to irrationally grab every dictating ***k and shake the dead soul right out. But still an empty house invites more demons. sadly the demon possessed just become another form of decay and fall with gravity. We need to float inside to stay a human in life.

This is my anti-argument that drugs arent bad. But the way we understand isnt good. Humanity, on both sides should admit their lost in the world, and confused. And the lack of reason leads to this end today, of gang against legal-gang. Same paradigm of thinking, 2 opposing views, both held by gravity to the death of themselves.

I grew up alone, got jumped daily for ten years straight because the local gangs, sons of men involved with perhaps monolithic structures, were encouraged by the elders to act ignorant and lame ass towards me, just to see what Id do. Perhaps they chose me to be a patsy. But I will not walk or crawl for anyone here. I go at my own accord.

But respect the fool in his folly by returning wisdom or humility. Which exemplefies peace, and protects character. Isnt this the mode we should all practice..

Dont be a patsy

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 10:38 AM
Socialism and Fascism are totally two different philosophies. Socialist claim to be the main obstruction and opponents of Fascism.

There is no such term as a "fascist socialist dictator"

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 10:46 AM
False dichotomies have been used for a long time to control people. It's just part of the world we are experiencing. Why be angry?

If you aren't afraid then they want you to hate. If you don't hate then they want you to be angry. Why give them what they want? Why continue to play the game when the game is obvious?

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