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Indigo/crystal children

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posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 02:11 AM
My question is; how would you know if you were an indigo/crystal child? And is there any indigo/crystal children here on ATS?

If there are than I would like to hear what you know from the heart about anything you feel is worth saying.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 02:21 AM
After reading the wiki article on Indigo's I felt as if I was reading about myself. It was a real shocker to me because I've always thought I was some kind of enigma of sorts, unexplainable.

I also would like to know more about this.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 02:30 AM
I don't like labeling myself, but I am, what you would call an Indigo. If you have any specific questions, Ill be happy to answer them, but what and how I feel would be something way to large for 4000 characters. I understand the need for the labeling but I cannot stand it. It makes me seem different, whereas I am no superior or inferior to any other human being. We are all equal.

Love and Peace

edit to answer the op question: You just know you are different in thought, you didn't have to rebel against society because you were born with the intentions to never adhere in the first place. I cannot speak for other "Indigo" only myself, because I can only view the physical world through my own perspective. I think though we are born with some kind of Occam Razor Gene in us, if you will, because we like to simplify things, emotions, actions. For instance, if you want to do something, it is just a matter of doing it. Not enough money, well thats not important, just do something else. I smoked Newports for a long time. One day I just decided to quit. People kept telling me it wasn't going to be easy. But it was. I wanted to quit, so I simply quit. And I do this with everyday life, there is no reason to overcomplicate things. Life is simple, and so much better when this realization comes around. From a very early age, I understood that the world around me is bs, and I have a very sensitive bs detector. Uh, it goes much deeper than all this, but I just gave you some kind of half asleep half awake answer. Its 3:30, please cut me some slack. lol

edit 2: sorry, its 2:30

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posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 02:41 AM
I think it's a delusion that gives some kids the excuse to be slackers. Little Billy is special, discipline is too constraining for him, he's gifted. Billy grows up to man the counter at quickiemart, while living above his parents garage, because he was left to find himself and never given any structure.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 03:10 AM
Indigo is probably just a way of thought or more so understanding. I remember in 5th grade. I remember the exact time it happened. I began to analyze my surroundings for the first time. I felt distant from reality. Im not sure why or how this happened, but I remember the first day of 5th grade I knew something had changed within me. I became very introspective and self conscious. I found myself thinking about what to do instead of just doing it. Socailly/physically I could not function without keeping half of me within my head. It was as if there were two of me constently argueing over what to do or even think.

After that happened I lost alot of my friends, became a loner, and slowly spiraled down into what became a deep depression over a period of about 7 years. But now this year is all different. I can feel what is true and I know what is false. Before I couldnt seperate reality from illusion. Now I have a view on the universe that some people cant relate to. I know now that I am God and all life before me and that this world is the reflection of myself. Nothing is seperate. All is one. There is no good and there is no evil, only love. Evil can be created in seperation, but it can never truly live for all life can never die.

I so happy that I came to this realization. Its a beautiful thing. Before than I robbed and stole. I was very much cought up in the BS. Thank god I found myself because I might have even ended my own life. I feel as though I originally changed for a reason. Maybe so I could relate to the BSers because I can deeply so.

Anyway. I feel as if now I am of the indigo persuation. I still am not completely found, but atleast I know now where the path is.

Im thinking about becoming a psychologist because I have experienced the many shades of reality. I realize that I am only 19, but I have been to jail, flirted with criminals, made friends with nerds, became a loser, was friends with the mentally ill, was friends with the jocks, was in the in crowd, was alone as a nobody, and was loved as everyone. Ive watched someone kill a cat with an axe, live in the gutter and I can put myself in their position. I can relate to almost everyone I meet and I know what its like to live in many different ways. I feel as though I could help people escape their prisons as I did myself.

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posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 03:32 AM
reply to post by Wisen Heimer

Yup, bout sums it up.I'm 21 now, and I've only been able to discern exactly bs from reality since I was, oh, 19 or so. I used to engage in the stick up business myself, I know exactly what your talking about there.

I feel that knowing oneself is not as hard as its made out to be, but maybe it is inherent in me. All is one, that is the cold hard facts, but for some reason I think that younger and younger people are just knowing it.

I'm sure you are aware of the representation of mystics as older men, with osama bin laden beards, who've spent countless decades studying and have finally found the truth? Well it just isn't like that anymore. I do believe without the proper raising, it would take most of ones teenage years to come to the understanding. But I don't think coddling the younger kids is a good thing either. Maybe not flipping the lid, but maybe one has to change their perspective to deal correctly with the young kids, even though correctly is a matter of relativity.

I also know for a fact, that you were probably on ritalin. I think that this was some kind of shutting down of our minds, TPTB were aware of the existence of children who werent going to take their bs, and tried to take measures to stop it. I can say from personal experience, it failed. For a few years it didn't, but they did give it to me from age 5 till 10. It worked for five years. But not forever.

I digress again, and apologize for the rambling, and incoherency of this, I'm basically typing as I fall asleep. I have a question for you though, do you dislike labelling? Because I cannot stand this Indigo label. Its like TPTB came up with it to instill some kind of superiority complex in our minds, but even that doesnt matter, its all relative.

Love and Peace

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 03:52 AM
haha yeah I do hate lebeling. I sometimes sit and think of how people have so many lables on everything when its not needed what so ever. Like theres a cumulas cloud and another cloud and this ones called this, but there all just clouds. Cant we leave it at that? It doesnt make any sense to be so analytical. Like a planet is defined as a certain size and form and an astroid is different than a comet or a meteor and the sun is certain type of star which is different than another star etc etc etc. Well there all just god damn stars and there all pieces of rock what does all that classifying even accomplish?

Like the written language. Punctuation, verb, noun, adjective, and what not. I say that dog is black. What more do you need to know? Its like everything must conform to an exact definition. What is the point in that?

Same thing with people and things. People will say, Johnnies the smart one and billies the funny one and Alex is the stupid one. And then whatever the hell johny says no matter what it is they think its smart because johnies the smart one. And whatever the hell Alex says is stupid because hes the stupid one. WHAT? Its completely rediculous and I absolutely hate it because we are all equals here. You should treat no one like that. I am not your little brother or your older brother, we are simply brothers and no less or more.

Its weird that you brought that up because I often think about it. But no I wasnt on rittalin at all. I remember for a short time I was taking flouride pills for my teeth, but not for more than a year I think.

What I want to ask of you is if you understand this philosophy that most people I tell it to do not. And that is that your own thoughts are usually complete BS or utter lies. No form of truth has ever come to me by thinking. Thoughts confuse the hell out of you if anything. I told my mom today that whatever you think is usually not the truth and then she asked me, than what is? And I said what you feel. Then she said, yeah but we all feel different so you cant possibley know through feeling. And I said, no we all think differently, but we feel the same. Needless to say she didnt get it. I dont even think most people understand what the heart is and how to use it.

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posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 03:59 AM
I think indigo/crystal children are people of a new age who realise the mistakes of their parents and society. I feel they try to break away from traditions and contradict what they see for themselves growing up. Seeing as these children and people try to break away from a system with errors, the old generation labels them as such.

For example, growing up in an asian community, I was taught a few things by older generations that I now do not acknowlege as right. One of them being that a woman is a lesser species and must obide and obey her man. After living my own life and pushing myself away from this beliefe structure, I will speak my mind at family meetings where for instance, my uncle will talk down to his wife, thus labeling me by the older generation as an outcast, but the younger generation will start thinking about my action as they proceed to grow out of old erroneous customs.

As for indigo and crystal children, i believe that we all have the ability to become these, even if we are not children. I believe it is a state of mind and not a right of birth.

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posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 04:41 AM
First off, to LeTan, your right, every human being on the face of the earth can be like what is called Indigo. There word Indigo is just another bs label to place on something they arent really sure of. We are One. The only difference is what level we currently are at.

To wisen heimer, yup, most, though I don't believe all thoughts, are just people picking up the mass consciousness' thoughts and trying to apply it to ones ego/self. Feelings are the truest form of communication, and when you feel the world around you, its wonderful. I think that society is thought based, therefore It has gotten to where we are today. Technology, and science, sad to say, are the reasons for this IMO. If we felt everything first, and then thought about it, oh the possibilities. BTW, you can clear your head of all thoughts except your own. Im sure you'll understand this, others might not, but all you have to do, is just do it.

I'm sure if society was feeling based, rather than thought, nobody would have created nukes, nobody would have THOUGHT up ways to torture people, probably not alot of wars at all. if any. There would be no massive attempt at influencing others minds, cause they didn't listen to their minds. only their hearts/souls/whatever

Its funny you speak of the analyzing, because I myself have this super analyzing ability if you will, its what I call the bs detector. So I think maybe if we learned to feel first, then we would be maybe super intelligent society.

I don't like tooting my own horn either.
but, you know, sometimes we just have to do things. i will start using lowercase i to denote myself, because i just decided using the uppercase is too much emphasis on the ego. Screw proper writing form

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 06:22 AM
well this was a thread that gave me deep thoughts. i do not like the OP question or topic. You will attract the right people, but you will also attract does who will attack it. by using the label "indigo", you use their system. their system is the one where everything is organized and are in a box. the problem is that this box just don't exist. its just a box created by us humans so we can find logic reason for our feelings. one exempel: a Christian don't start to believe in god because of god. he starts believe in god for a reason of his existence and think Jesus word a ethically right.

i can follow the ideas that you are talking about, but it stops when you talk about peace, love and harmony. the only thing i feel is sorrow. the sorrow is not destrutive, its from a hope. the hope is quiet simple: cant we just grove up? cant we just just for once think a thing trough and consider all perspective of our dissension?

well just had the need to reply, hope you can see my point

ps: be careful to not defend this label, you will just end up deilussion yourself. just a thought

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 02:49 PM
Its funny what you say about technology. Technology is the product of our seperation and the extension of our intelligence which like you said should be in a balance with compassion/intincts/feelings, but modern technology promotes the use of only the intelligent side which is not balanced. Maybe youd agree, we must destroy the machines!
Im not entirely sure if thats actually the answer, but who knows.

So does anyone know whats up with 2012?

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posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 08:29 PM
Oh my, dude, that was a hella good thread. its completely right too. The problem is, IMO, that we didn't start off as feelings based society and thus the thinking got us to this point where we have this overwhelming amount of technology that just isn't good for us. i read in some of the posts, they were saying things like look how much knowledge you can gain, or how cost effective it is. And these are the delusions being handed out by the machines. Worldly knowledge? Cost effective, time effective? Those are inconsequential things. They serve to keep your focus from what is really important.

i think we as a society based on feeling would indeed have created advanced technology, but it would have been drastically different. For example, being feeling based, we would understand that the best thing you could do in life is help each other, so we would have developed technology for farming, to make it easier, technology for free energy, etc. i'm sure there would have been some kind of database full of knowledge, where people can find out whatever they want, but it would be different somehow i believe. For some reason or other, it feels to me like the internet is one of the highest achievements of all advanced civilizations, though not necessarily in the same form we have it today. As well as no cell phones, why need cell phones when we could telepathically communicate?

Someone said we would always have wars, but i don't think so. i think wars are a direct result of left brain thinking, no matter how "primitive" the civilization is. And IMHO, we are a primitive society. Right now. There is not that many people that i know of who think like us. Sure, you got open minded individuals, you got the so called New Age(not really NEW tho, pretty old) but even most of them arent truly using this heart they've been blessed with.

Which brings me to 2012. Theres alot of hype. no doubt. What worries me is that it will be so saturated in the sub consciousness of humanity, that we may inadvertently bring it down on ourselves. It could be that the mass consciousness has sub consciously attached the idea of enlightenment or likewise, apocolypse to that day, that we self fulfill it. in fact, i think TPTB want it to be apocolyptic, because they are releasing a movie entitled 2012. and it isn't a sunday picnic in the movie. i believe that TPTB feed off of fear and anger, negative energies, etc. So they have decided, lets inform the masses of our existence, lets scare the sh*t outta them about 2012, lets keep saying new world order, till they create it for us.

As for me. 12-21-2012. That is just another day. i'll deal with it when it comes. If its mass extinction, meh. Death isn't the end. If its mass enlightenment, meh. i'm well past that stage. If its just another day, i'll buy a thickburger, if hardees is still around. and money isn't on a microchip yet.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 11:51 PM
Yeah that entire left brain, right brain thing is pretty dead on even though it doesnt litterally mean the left and right sides of the brain. Most people will say that the left side is mathmatical and the right side is artistic anyway though. I used to just say the mind versus the heart intill someone put it as the left and the right sides, but I know you know what Im talking about.

For some reason I do think something will happen in 2012 or atleast sometime in the near future. It seems as though something should change, but 3 years seems like not enough time for a drastic change to take place. What I think might happen is either the realization of that right side of consciousness in humanity and the awareness of the strong connection we have with all life which will lead to something very amazing. Maybe even world peace.

Or it could be the total seperation from that right portion entirely which will probably resort in war, environmental disaster or maybe even world domination. We will probably be fighting each other for every last drop of oil. lol What a sad way to go.

Either way the choice is ours. We decide which path to take. We are at a cross roads. You can take the path on the left or the right.
Which shall it be?

Anyway Ive already made up my mind so all I can really do is focus, try to better myself, react to people in a understanding manner and hope that some people are doing the same along with me.

Its nice talking to you. Usually when I say these things people ask for physical proof or something which is pretty much impossible.
and we seem to agree on alot of things. I might send you some U2Us in the future.

And you did answer my orignal question. How would you know if you were an indigo/crystal child? It doesnt matter.

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posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 12:22 PM
Do Indigo Children have a certain look, or do they just look like body else in this world? I've heard they have blue eyes, almost like my own, only i think lighter.. But, I've been wondering, cant they just look like any other human?

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 05:43 PM
You have crazy blue eyes, but indigo children are not a race so they wouldnt have a certain appearence. Maybe a certain presence.

Indigo would only mean that you are spiritually evolved.

I dont know if Im an indigo kid or not, but I realize now that it doesnt matter. But I get random stares alot. Sometimes random strangers will feel obligated to speak to me for some reason. I havent quite figured it out. I assumed it was because I was reasonably attractive, but I have been told that I have big eyes or that my eyes were really black. A random black stranger told me that he saw a beast within them. I wasnt sure what to make out of that. I guess there is depth within them?

Who knows. I seem to have some sort of an attraction on people. I havent quite figured it out. Im usually not the center of attention, but I sort of feel this pull toward some people. Maybe everyone does, but I just havent realized my own?

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posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 10:46 AM
I have a son who is now 11 months old and I have been told he seems to be a crystal child but I am not sure what that exactly means.Myself and my husband as well as all of our family have brown eyes and he has these huge crazy dark blue eye's unlike any I have ever seen.Right from the start he seemed to have a certain way about him and everyone that meets him always comments that he seems to have an old soul.I am just looking for some info on crystal children, if anyone knows of a good website let me know as I have done alot of searcching but am finding not to much.

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 02:52 PM

I'm an indigo child a starseed to be exact.

I think it is something you just know if your an indigo. Well alot of indigo's don't actually know they are indigo's but for me i found out because i felt really different almost as if i could see something that no one else could. As if i was forgetting a part of me that i knew when i was really young.

There really isn't any physical way of knowing who is an indigo or not but alot of indigos not all but alot have these eyes. Doesn't matter what colour but the eyes are just different like they sparkle they just feel different but in a good way different when you look at them.

Crystal children and indigo children are almost alike. Indigo's came before crystals so the vibration could be raised enough for an crystal to live here. Crystals are more open and more connected than indigo's and most of them are telepathic much more than a begginer level. basically there the exact same as an indigo just more advanced you could say. It is possible for indigo's to reach the same state a crystal is in or to reach the crystal vibration.

An indigo can be almost be anyone. Indigo's did not just recently like in the last 20 years start showing up. There were many indigo's coming before the 1970's but in 1985 there was some sort of astral alignment that sent the vibration of the earth higher and all of a sudden a wave of indigo children came. In 1990 95% of the kids born were indigo's of course most didn't know it because society has a way of taking your vibration down immensely. in the year 2000 indigo children stopped coming and it was now ok for crystal children to come. So today crystal children were being born. Even before crystlas or indigo's were here light workers were coming. I don't know much about them but i know that many adults today are lightworkers.

One thing i can say for sure is don't believe in those characteristics saying that you are an indigo if you are selfish, feeling like you need to make a difference, and saying that you feel like royalty and are better than everyone else. I think if you feel like your better than everyone else your not an indigo or you are but you have fallen to society. srry i have a BIG hating for society and people saying those kind of things.

To me it's not if your an indigo or not it's if you can become one. We are called indigo's because of our auras and my vibration has gone up enough that my aura is now indigo and crystal. so what does that make me? It's more of whether you are willing to overcome the bad parts we have created in our world enough to make a difference and see the things that truly are. We are still humnas ( even though some people are saying we are not because they say our DNA has mutated to a different DNA therefore making us not human just because our DNA is different that just makes us a different type of human.) but as humans we have just decided to make a difference and help the world become what it should be.

One of my beliefs is that everyone has much more than one incarnation mainly because i remember past lives and my spirit guides have told me this. I know that this is my Last incarnation if not my second last. I'm kind of happy about that i get to have my last life helping an amazing world and then i become a spirit guide!

If you want to open yourself more concentrate on your third eye chakra. We have 12 chakras in total but only about 7 are open right now. Meditation can help you the best to open your chakras and learn more.

love and light

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