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[source] Alien Abductions Stopped By the Name of Jesus Christ

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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 07:16 PM

Nearly twenty years ago, when I was once confronted by demons, I cried out the name of Jesus Christ and they fled. Try it next time that you are confronted by a fallen angel masquerading as an extraterrestrial. But then, I am just a writer and a disseminator of God’s word. I am not a member of MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) or an expert or an investigator into alien abduction phenomena......see source

I've heard of this before mentioned on Coast to Coast and it has always stuck in the back of my mind.

It coincides with the idea that extraterrestrials are angels/archangels succubus/demons which I kind of agree with.

Or the notion that this is satans deceit and disguize to sway us away from God be trying to convince us that there is no God and we where seeded from extraterrestrials and we should worship and be as them. Which is possible as well.

I wonder what toughts or experiences anyone has with this.

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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 07:23 PM

Firstly let me apologise for the edited nature of this piece; it has been edited because I am working with a UFO researcher who has promised me total anonymity due to the nature of my employment. Names and places have been deleted or changed as a result, but the core details are 100% accurate and are not from regressed memories but real time, awakened state remembrance.

Secondly, if you are a Christian, Jew or Muslim, please note you may be offended by my words and wish to debate certain parts. I won't debate what I share because its non negotiable, instead I advise that if your rigid in your dogma, do not carry on reading this written work. I was a Christian, devoted to my religion prior to my NDE, but as you will read, it was a life changing event.

I had been feeling unwell for nearly a month; very run down, aches and pains, and stomach cramps and tightness of chest would come and go, often so debilitating I would need to lay down on the coldest hardest floor I could to help me pass through the pain.

Time and again I went to the doctors office, time and again she would examine me, and it would always be the same; “you're fine Mr B, just a very strange set of unrelated aches and pains making you feel run down. Go home, rest and take a week off work”.

A week? Another week on top of the two months on and off I had taken in the last year and a half? That would not go down well with my employer at all; they had been very sympathetic, had known some thing was amiss as I was so ill so often, but another full week would mean that my work colleagues would be a man down, and that could often be the difference between a good day, and a nightmare.
I shrugged at her advice, and decided that a day off would be no harm, just sleep it away if I could. Another night asleep on the cold concrete of the kitchen much to my fiancée's amusement. I got up from her chair, and left the office.

I managed to get back to the house we were renting at the time, and slumped onto my knees as pain doubled me up. I fell into the giant bean bag I had used many times to grip onto as wave after wave of bounding heart beats tattooed along side the hammering searing white hot pain running from my chest to my groin.

I then remember a hand on my shoulder, and being laid flat on the floor and looking at my fiancée wondering why her mouth was moving and no sound was coming from her.

I then thought 'that's strange, its 2 pm and she should be at work'. Even stranger were the two men in green knelt next to me, and even stranger was the most beautiful man I had ever seen stood behind all three of them. He held his hand out to me, and I thought 'heck, he's beautiful, I wonder if he is one of my fiancées students at her art school'; So I stood up and grasped his hand.

I rose pain free, feeling absolutely wonderful. I almost positively leapt from the floor to stand beside him, and was struck with a sudden deep feeling that this man was really, really some thing very special. He smiled at me, put his arm around my shoulder and stepped towards the window.

It was at this point I thought 'what about my fiancée?' and looked around. I saw her and two paramedics trying to resuscitate me, and a third wheeling in a stretcher. I watched as they loaded me into an ambulance, and watched through the window as it drove away down the road. I felt no panic, no fear, no pain at this separation, just a total feeling of overwhelming love and compassion from this man stood next to me. I knew where I wanted to be, and it was not in a pain racked unconscious body.

I turned to face this mysterious man, and truly he was the most beautiful being I had ever laid eyes on; tall, six feet easily, slightly olive skin, deep brown eyes with golden flecks in, shoulder length hair which was light brown, almost beige, and most importantly he shone. It was not a dull light, it was a totally white warm light that seemed to radiate from every pore and every atom of this man. I wondered why I had not seen it at first, but he just was shining like the sun. He was stunning to behold. He took me again by the shoulder and turned me to face the window.

My jaw nearly hit the floor. Gone was the wall of the house and the road. In its place was a desert panorama of scrub and aridness. At our feet was a stony path.

'walk with me' he said, and yes, dammit I would of followed this man through a cesspit had he asked. I stepped out onto the path and was at once in an alien arid landscape. I took a look once more behind me, and saw the fading out of my home, to be replaced by the path stretching off into the distance. I was mesmerised at the sheer scape of land that stretched away from me. The further it got, the more desert like it became until it seemed to become far far in the distance a throbbing, alive pitch black darkness I was scared of that darkness for some reason, but my guide pulled me back round.
I turned back to the path, and saw it stretch off upwards. This beautiful man took the lead with me a step behind.

The path was covered in large stones and gritty yellow coloured sand in patches, and it was warm to my feet but not painful, but I was aware of its coarse nature. Looking about me I saw many people wandering around this semi desert, looking very lost and very unhappy, but stopping to talk to one another, and the odd song rang out over the air in the distance. I asked my guide 'why are they not on the path?' and he replied 'they do not know the way nor has anyone shown them'. And carried on walking.

The path started to slope uphill, and the arid scrub land was soon replaced by the grassland – like an African savannah and trees were seen with beautiful fruits on them. Again there were people about, and they seemed much happier, and sat around lounging under a beautiful sun, sipping water from the stream.

More below ...

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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 07:24 PM
When they saw my beautiful guide though, they rushed to him and fell on their knees and pleaded in many tongues and voices.
I asked my guide 'why are they happier, but on their knees pleading in a language I do not know? Why are they not on the path?' he replied 'because they are happy here with their fellow men mostly, until they see me, and then they know not the words to make known the feeling in their hearts, and they know not who I am as no one has told them of me'.

I felt sorry for these people, but as we walked away, they fell back to the trees and started dancing and eating once more. I then knew it was the light that had drawn them, not the path, and saw they were happy in their being.

We walked further on upwards, and the savannah turned into a beautiful meadow of lush grass, beautiful forests and rivers, small groups of people happy in each others company, and when they saw my guide they waved and walked over. They reached out to touch my guide and spoke of their love and thanks to him, but many said 'I will wait awhile for my (insert relative or friend here) as they have yet to join me, and I want to greet them and we will journey together. My guide hugged them and bade them farewell, and the people stayed at the paths edge to wave us farewell as we moved on. My guide spoke first.

'They know me, they know the path, and yet they are so full of love and compassion for those they left behind that they forsake their path to wait for their loved ones to journey with them so they too shall know the path upwards and not get lost nor strayed from it'.
I was awestruck at the compassion and love shown, and when I looked back, I saw many walk downwards towards the other areas and collect people stood looking lost and bewildered, turn them about and start upwards just as I was. We walked onwards.

We then came to a mountain slope, and it was snow covered and bright bright white; so bright it almost glowed from within. I was awestruck at such a majestic place, and yet was not cold nor felt a wind upon me.

We walked on the snow, leaving only the slightest footprints as if we were just mere feathers, and carried on. Here, beautiful people stood waiting. They reached out to my guide, welcomed him, had words for him and then I noticed the path had gone.

'Come, follow me' said my guide, and again I took no hesitation, I walked with him off the edge of the mountain and into the clouds. I asked my guide 'What is that area? So bleak, so barren and white, yet those people wait for you there?'.

My guide stopped and turned to me and said; 'That is where they have no wants, they have no needs, they stand there to guard peoples upon the path, and to greet them as they make that final walk towards the light and many lose heart as it seems so bleak and barren. Bleak and barren it may look, but it is pure, pure as the purest snows and brighter than any star in the mortal heavens'.

I then realised I was dead. I looked at my guide, and yet felt that panic go in an instant, to be replaced with a sheer soul filling joy so bright and alive I started to glow from within. We stepped forward and we were in the light.

On reaching the light I was amazed, totally and utterly lost for words at what was before me, and what reached my ears. The light was not a light at all, but billions upon billions of people stood tall and proud, shining like stars, and singing the most beautiful heart stopping musical notes I had ever heard. I started to feel beauty well within me and I just knew I wanted to stand with those people. My guide took me by the shoulder and carried on walking. The wall of people parted, and we walked on through towards a golden warmth that was.

That may sound very strange, but this light, this golden light was everything; it just was. Alive, warm, loving, accepting, sentient, it just was. I was awed, shocked, filled with joy, speechless all at once. My guide turned again to me and took me once more by the shoulder and walked me to the light. In a blink of an eye and yet an eternity I was taken to review my life.

I was 4 years old, and running for my life. The garden had turned from my place of sun and safety to a cold, unforgiving landscape filled with pain. Running after me was three small ugly beings, and as I reached the rear door to the house one reached out, yanked me off my feet by the hair and lifted me into the sky and upwards into a red disk. I was returned crying and blood pouring from my nose.

I felt no pain as I reviewed this, just an overwhelming sadness and desire to reach out and comfort my small form; to offer it love and words to comfort it, and to wrap it up in love and defeat these beings that had snatched me from my garden.

I was 9. I was on holiday with my school in Wales. We were on a river bank watching the wildlife, when a small red squashed football shaped craft stopped dead over head and again three small beings stood in front of me. The world seemed to flicker in and out of reality, and once again I was yanked into the air, to be returned amongst my friends, time frozen and their stiff rigid faces filled me with fear but their eyes seeing nothing. Time resumed, people ran to the teachers, one in tears, but no one knew why they were so scared.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 07:25 PM
I was 14. I was in the woods alone after getting separated from my friends. I watched in amazement as three people were having a picnic under a large dead oak tree in the middle of winter dressed in silver track suits. One stood to greet me, I walked towards them and then my heart filled with fear as it flickered, and once more the being was small, ugly and once again I was snatched from my life to be returned sobbing, shaking and minus my shoes and sock. My shirt was missing too.

I was 18. It was my birthday that day but I had worked, and was so tired and feeling low I decided to stay home. It was July the 1st. My friends all called me, but I was overwhelmed with sleepiness and at 8pm went to bed.

I was in a troubled sleep, my mind was for some reason trying very hard to keep me awake, but at midnight I fell finally to sleep, unable to fight this overwhelming drowsiness any longer.

I awoke with a slow realisation that some thing was badly wrong in my room. There was a noise like an electric power station, or a swarm of bees. Rising and falling this noise was filling the room. Deep base throbbing noise, and I was panicked by it. I threw the window open to see what was wrong out in the street or see if flames were coming from any of my windows, and I saw it sat there. A red, flattened football shaped craft. I held tight to the window frame, and yet it was too late.

A small being was clinging to the wall by the window, and one was merging through the wall back outwards. I was ripped from the room with great violence, towards this red light and felt the skin on my face and hands start to burn and itch badly. It was 1:15 am.

At 2:15 am I was back in my room, bleeding from my nose and mouth and feeling sleepy, so sleepy it was painful. I fell onto my bed to awaken the next day sore, sunburnt and in pain. The pain lasted three days on and off, and then died away.

I was 22. My girlfriend lay on the bed, I was next to her, and over a dozen small dark beings were at once in our room. My girlfriend was dragged from the bed as I laid frozen, and I watched as a small baby was pulled through her flesh and into a small see through case. No surgery, no cuts, the baby was pulled through the skin and encased. The small beings that had sat on my bed and beat the **** out of me whilst I was frozen solid retreated, the room filled with a red glow from outside, and they were gone. (my girlfriend would leave me a month later saying I was giving her bad dreams about ugly babies).

I was 28. I found 'God' in a big way a year before. I awoke, small beings filled my room and ran towards me. I called out 'Lord JESUS! Save me!'.
The room seemed to ripple and flex, and a line formed in the air. A golden line like a bright pencil beam drawn in mid air.

The beam became wider, and a man stepped out. 'NO!' he stated firmly, and as he stepped towards them the small beings whined and pleaded and yet he touched them one by one, and a small sucking noise sounded, and a whirlpool formed in mid air underneath their forms, and they pleaded but in a blink of an eye they were gone, screaming as they were sucked from our world to places unknown.

The man reached down to me, took me in his arms and said 'no more, no more shall they harm you. I am the light, as so can you be'.

I passed out on my bed.

I reviewed my whole life, and got to where I first fell ill.

I was at work, walking down an area to get to another area, when I watched one of the small ugly creatures run from behind me, pull out an evil looking needle like device, and plunge it into the back of my skull at the base where it joined my neck. I remember vividly that day, as I was taken to hospital shortly after as I fell very unwell, only to recover quickly and think nothing more of it.

I watched more and more of my life and at each major illness point, one of these evil beings would dart out and use this needle object on me. Spine, legs, liver, skull, time and time again I would fall ill only to recover weeks or days later, cause unknown.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 07:25 PM
It got to the day I died, and I saw as I walked home needles plunged deep into my back, my skull and my foot.

My guide touched me.

'Yes, they meant to kill you slowly and painfully as you had escaped their clutches because you called out to me. It was punishment, but as you fell ill, you never called out to me to help you. You never called me, why?'
I felt his sadness at this, and struggled to explain that I had over the years felt separated from him, thinking of him as an outsider and not a real spiritual being. I explained this, and he wept.

'I am from the light and the am the way Paul, I am everywhere always. I will defend you and shelter you from the darkness, all you have to do is choose. You have to choose the light, so it can defend you from those that are from the sunken darkness'.

He took me to a house that was in darkness, and a small girl, maybe four or five was hid under her bed. In the corner was stood a group of grey alien beings, but in a curious energetic state. To the child they looked like small orbs. To us they were in their true form.
'Watch' said Jesus, and I did.

The beings were forming, and landed on soft feet in the little girls room. They seemed to enjoy slowly creeping up on the bed, and hearing the little girl crying. It was then I heard it.

'Our father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be they name' escaped from the small girls lips. The beings looked around the room, and a sense of urgency gripped them as they reached under the bed to grasp the child.
'Deliver me from evil' escaped from her mouth, and it was then the room went kinetic.

Jesus exploded in paroxysms of fury. His inner light burst free from him, filling the room, and rage, pure, unadulterated rage leapt from him like a living fire. The first being hit by the light simply crumbled into ash where it stood. The second was thrown against the wall, pinned by light, and the third was gripped tightly by the throat.

'NEVER AGAIN!' roared Jesus and exploded this being into ash in his hands. The being held tight against the wall by light was sucked through the wall in a whirlpool, screaming for mercy. None was given.

Jesus lifted the young girl through the bed, laid her gently down and covered her. Her touched her face with his hand, and said 'Theirs is the light and the love no man can match in his older years. That is true love and light'.

Jesus stood and took me by the arm, and we walked through the wall to a very dark place, like a cave or a nest in darkness. It had a taste and a feel to it that it was more than a place, but an alive vibe to it. Jesus spoke.
'Paul, this is where it is, where the sunken darkness gathers, it is from here they roam the worlds to harvest pain and fear, to feed upon the spirit and turn your soul to the darkness, to the pain and the desolation'. Jesus roared into the darkness

'I am the way and the path to the light! For he sent me to show you the way! In his way I bring you the light!' The darkness bloomed into golden light, and every being in there screamed as if dipped in molten rock. Many just dissolved in the air, thousands fled.

'They chose the darkness and not the light, so they must be punished for that choice as it is far from the way and light, they replace light and love with hate and malice'. He threw light into every corner, I heard millions of feet running across the walls and floor, and Jesus just kept on throwing out the light.

He then held my arm, and took me back to the light once more.

I was stood in awe. I saw Jesus for who and what he was truly, and I was struck by his majesty and love. He smiled, and said to me; 'I am from the light, the warmth and the love. I am from him to guide those through the darkness and onto the path to the light the warmth and the love, to defeat the darkness and bring you to him'.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 07:27 PM
He pointed to the light and I turned to look.

Till my dying day I swear there will never be enough time or words to describe what this being looked or felt like.

In short and doing no justice to what I saw at all, I was looking at infinity wrapped in time wrapped in love wrapped in light wrapped in space wrapped in love wrapped in...

My mind nearly failed me trying to absorb this sight. I watched as people walked towards him up the path and grew in light, and he reached out his arms to embrace them once more as they neared, and they merged as light into him and his infinity. In his eyes I saw universes, in his heart I saw supernovas, and in his soul, I saw was.

He just was.

Every thing there ever was, ever is, and ever will be.

Jesus turned me, and said 'it is time to awaken again', and just in a flash I was stood by a hospital bed. I was scarred, broken, tubes and wires ran from me, I was grey and ashen, my skin was yellow and sickly. I turned to Jesus and asked to remain with him, but he shook his head. 'No, it is not your time yet, but remember, no evil now may touch you body, soul, spirit or mind. Remember the love, the light and the warmth. Think love, for it is all there ever was, and ever will be'.

With that, I felt slowly drawn into my body, and felt my eyes flicker open. I was greeted by a nurse leaning over me and she sprang back from my bed. I heard her swear again and again in shock, and exclaiming I was awake over and over again. I remember the light being shone in my eyes, and I remember screaming in pain of being left behind far from Jesus. I remember shouting out 'Jesus Christ! It hurts, and a warm sinking feeling as the morphine took hold once more on my mind.

I spent four months in hospital, had many more outpatients tests and months on pain killers after that as my body was almost destroyed by the sickness and I had literally rotted away from the inside. I awoke just as they were to advise my fiancée that short of a heart transplant and liver transplant, I would die. I did however make a rapid and full (ish) recovery.

To this day I know that the truth is that the light is all. I will never forget the moment I first saw Jesus with my own eyes. I will never forget the journey to the light, nor the people we met along the way.

I will never forget the review of my life, the full and total explanation I received for every second, every hurt and every pain and every reason why and how it was all interconnected to the fabric of my life. I will never forget a single thing, because the Light demands I remember it.

I remember much more, as the review of my life took weeks in real life terms, and there was so much it was almost too much to bear. What I remember most of all though is that there is a way to the light, there is a path, there is a way to be once again at one with the light, and it is enough to know it is there, and to know you want to travel that path through love and light to return to it when you pass into that journey.

What's beyond that light? I don't know, for I returned to my body, but it a journey I look forward to with total excitement and joy.

All I have to do is remember that every day I mus strive to bring love, light and warmth into as many peoples life as I can, as it truly is all.
'From the star egg they came'


posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 07:37 PM
Wow thank you for this story.

With all of the events going on in this World and more research that I might put into this topic I feel that I should get my but into Church and become closer to God!

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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:09 PM
ok, but if I talk another could this work?

u guys really doesnt think ... even if this is true, what do u really feel when u say jesus crist...I think that is the answer

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:14 PM
reply to post by Chaos Lord

Doesn't surprise me at all, all ET abductions *are* demonic in nature, I've always believed this, but for reasons unknown and reasons I can't speak of, and even if I did speak of these reasons I'd be ridiculed here, and nobody would believe me so, there's no point trying to prove aliens are demons.

There are ACTUAL E.T.s countless in the universe, but none of them have reached earth, that's my belief, because I know what they look like they all look exactly like a human, and they don't look like grey aliens, grey aliens are demons period, I wouldn't doubt that the military has in some rare instanced pretended to be greys, but the actual greys are demons, if they were non-demons why would they even care about the name of Jesus?

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:21 PM
reply to post by Faiol

Im pretty sure id rather have jesus save one of my loved ones from getting raped or murdered then from ME getting abducted by aliens.

He should see if you want to use that life-line in another way.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:21 PM
Has anyone ever thought why saying Jesus Christ to an alien is meant to make them stop.
Try walking up to a strangers door and say "I want to talk to you about Jesus Christ" and they slam the door on you.
Maybe Aliens don't want to listen either

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 09:19 PM
Spiritual experiences positive, or negative, are very profound.

I have had many alien/demon encounters. I was taught when I was really young to call out the name; Jehovah. It worked. Many times they would go out of their way to "get" me. Always, I would be protected.

No one would ever doubt the existence of Gods or aliens if you had one experience that you could not explain. I have had many.

To say that there is no God would, in my life, be denouncing a loving family member. He has literally saved my life. Many years ago...

I was driving fast down a mountain road from a ski area when I hit black ice. My car skidded and did a complete turn about, ending with the right back car tire over the edge of a precipice. I had three others in the car. All of us said at the same time, "Did you feel that? It was like a hand came out and stopped the car from going over the edge!" There was no reason to not go over. I was going too fast, and there was no guard rail.

This was only one of many experiences that have happened to me. Also, included were many "dark" experiences.

No, the Gods are not dead, nor non-existent. They can be termed aliens if one chooses, but they DO respond in fear of a deities name.

There is an old saying that goes like this:

"You believe there is One God, do you? You are doing quite well. And yet the demons believe and shudder."

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