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CNN Reporting from Within Gaza

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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 02:27 AM

RAFAH, Gaza (CNN) -- More airstrikes rattled northern and southern Gaza early Friday morning as Israeli forces stepped up their campaign against the Palestinian territory's Hamas leaders.
A woman cries as she holds the body of one of her relatives at the mortuary of Al-Shifa hospital on Friday.

Streets were deserted after sundown in Rafah, along the Egyptian border, as Israeli airstrikes shook buildings a kilometer (0.63 miles) from the target. No running water was available Friday, and stocks of food were running low, CNN Senior International Correspondent Ben Wedeman reported from Rafah.


While watching the morning news on CNN International, the host was talking to Ben Wedeman, who managed to enter Gaza from the Egyptian border. He's now reporting from Rafah, in the Gaza strip.

He said that Egyptian authorities had weakened restrictions as entering Gaza was impossible. All he had to do, was signing some letter that he wouldn't hold Egyptian authorities responsible if something happens.

Good news that an international press agency has finally managed to break through the Israeli censorship barrier.

Normally, a live stream can be seen here, however it's currently unavailable. Make sure that you pick CNN international, not CNN US.


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