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Jewish Life of CHRIST as told by Sepher T Jeshu

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 09:28 PM
Oh wow... has anyone ever read this?


Translated from the Hebrew

I can't comment on it at the moment because I am too shocked...

Tum ea homine ait: Ne me attingio; in menstruis sum. Sed is morem ille non gerebat, cumque circa eam voluntati suae obsequutus fuisset, in domum suam abit.

12. Circa medium noctis iterum in eo exadescere desiderium malum. Ergo somno levatus ad domum Miriamis viam affectans, ad cellam se confert, factumque repetit.

13. Valde autem exhorruit puella, et quid hoc, ait, tibi vult, Domine, quod eadem nocte bis me convenisti? idque non passa sum ab eo inde tempore quo sponsam me tibi elegisti.

14. Verum in silens repetit, nec verbum ullum proloquitur. Ergo Miriam queri: Quousque tu peccato scelus addis? annon pridem tibi dixi esse me menstruatam?

15. Verum ille non attendebat ad ejus verba, sed desiderio satisfaciebat, ac tum postea iter pergebat suum.

16. After three months, Jochanan was told that his betrothed was with child.

17. In great agitation, he went to his preceptor, Simon Ben Shetach [15:6], and, telling him about the matter, asked him what he ought to do.

18. The preceptor inquired. Dost thou suspect anyone? Jochanan said, Nobody, except Joseph Pandera, who is a great debauchee, and liveth near her house.

19. The preceptor said, My son, take my advice, and keep silent; for if he hath been there he will surely go there again. Therefore be wise, and get a witness, so that thou mayest bring him before the great Sanhedrim.

20. The young man went home and was sorely troubled during the night. He thought to himself, When this thing becometh known the people will say it was my doing.

21. Therefore, to avoid the shame and disgrace, he ran away to Babylon [15:7] and there took up his abode.

22. In due time Miriam brought forth a son and named him Jehoshua, after her mother's brother.

23. She sent the boy to a teacher named Elchanan, with whom he made progress in learning, for his mind was very bright [16:8].

24. And it came to pass by-and-bye that he met the senators of the Sanhedrim at Jerusalem.

25. It was then the custom that whoever met those senators should cover his head and bow down.

26. But this boy as he walked past them bared his head, and touching his forehead saluted the principal only.

27. Then all began to say, What impudence! probably he is a bastard. And one of them said, Indeed he is a bastard, and the son of an adulteress [16:9].

28. Presently Simeon Ben Shetach said, I remember now that not many years ago my pupil Jochanan came to me and said,

29. Alas! what a shame and disgrace has happened to me! for Miriam my betrothed is with child, not by me, but by someone else. This is the son of that Miriam.

30. And when I inquired if he suspected anyone, he said, Joseph Pandera,[16:10] who was a near neighbor of hers.

31. And soon afterwards Jochanan went in shame to Babylon, where he dwelleth even now,

32. Then they all said, If these things are so, this boy is indeed a bastard and the son of an adulteress [17:2].

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 10:37 PM
Would it be as told by or?

ספר תולךזת ישז


as it says at top of page.....

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