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Bush Preps Obama

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 04:29 PM
This is a joke about a President who is being replaced by a newer younger guy. The old President did well for very short while and then quickly fell out of favor.
As he meets the new guy coming into the White House he says to a newly elected President, “You will run into trouble.
In the middle drawer in the desk in the Oval Office, I have prepared three envelopes. When you get into trouble remember those envelopes.”

So after six months the new President gets into terrible trouble. He remembers the envelopes, so he opens the first one. It reads, “Blame it on the preceding Administration.” He does and his problems go away.

Another seven months go by and this time the President is in greater trouble. He recalls the envelopes, so he opens the second one. It reads, “Blame it on the preceding Administration.” He denounces his predecessor as irresponsible and blames him for creating the current crisis. Again, his problems go away.

Then a year before he runs for a second term the President gets in worse trouble than ever before. He remembers the envelopes. So he opens the third and last one. It reads, “Prepare three envelopes.”

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