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I Am Under Investigation, in the US, For My Political Views!

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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:41 PM
reply to post by LeaderOfProgress

With the Patriot act still intact the gov't can snatch you up, not tell you why, refuse to let you speak to a lawyer, jail you indefinately without charges. Go ahead and speak to them. Back in the day I expected the gov't. to come to my door at any time, had a knapsack by the door packed and ready to go. now i'm too old-can't run-too big-can't hide. it's important to speak truth to power just be open eyed and understand they don't want to know the truth, don't care about you, yours or justice, and have stacked the deck to where they can make you disappear.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:43 PM
reply to post by American Jihadist

Very well said. I have to say that I do agree. My only question is:...............Where have all the intelligent understanding people like you gone over the years? I wish we all understood as well. I may be a christian but that has nothing against anyone who beleives as a muslim as for the Holy Quran was meant to confirm biblical text rather than to oppose it and, Islam is another concept of God, as we have catholics, protestants, pentacostals and each church has members with different view points and understandings, we all imperfect. God bless you. I want to uphold a free state. I think we all need join against corruption but not in hate, in democracy and maybe REVIVE what IS LEFT OF A beautiful nation. It is still possible.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:44 PM

Originally posted by atzmaz
I'm personally skeptical of gang stalking. Not to offend anyone who feels that this is happening to them or anything but having known people who were police, SWAT, secret service and military intelligence...they told me that it was just not feasible. (although they were forthcoming about other things)

It's a load of crock. It's like saying Cointelpro was not possible, or that Stasi Germany was not possible. Gang Stalking is pretty much just a combination of the two. So it's very possible. There is also an informant system in place in many countries that makes this possible. The panthers, new left, all those movements from the 50,60,70's were wiped out by Cointelpro and all their members, so what's not possible? Espeically if the program just kept going under different names and evolving? It's the same kind of stuff.

I don't want to come off as a know it all, because I'm far from it, but I would be interested to see some actual proof of gang stalking.

Go to the websites, I have suggested in this thread. Go read up on Cointelpro and East Germany.

If people were following you all the time....surely you should have pictures, video, etc. (at least something).

Excpet for the fact that when people do post videos of this stuff, people complain, well they look like normal people, it's hard to say what they are doing. It's like trying to prove that you are being stalked, if it's by the same person you might stand a chance, when it's a bunch of different people each time, then it's more difficult and that is the idea. Yet we know it happened in East Germany.

I'm also a bit skeptical of people who believe that they are being targeted by directed energy weapons as most of these have very limited ranges and would also affect other system, people, and pets that are nearby.

You know what, I was skeptical too, till it happened to me. Now I am a believer. They can be used remotely through other rooms. Yes they do affect pets, and others have complained about electronical equipment, but there are various forms of electronic harassment, so it depends on what is being used against you.

I definitely beleive the original poster's story, although some have brought up some good points about not knowing his name or number of the agent then producing one...

I glad you believe his story, but I don't think that he should have posted his info on the net, and or given out the names of the agents. I do believe he should get a lawyer, and not have answer the questions without one. Just from what I have read. I also do agree that if you refuse to cooperate, they can arrest you, but then you have rights, or you are suppose to have rights.

Either way I still feel that for everyone who is experiencing this they should immediately contact the news agencies with proof at the links I provided earlier in this thread. Don't get bulled, don't get pushed around or investigated for your point of view. We have freedoms and until we give them up to people like this, we the people, are still in control.

[edit on 1/16/2009 by atzmaz]

I can't speak for the original poster, but for Gang Stalking, I know that people have contacted news agencies, United Nations, Amnesty, Politicians, etc.

There have been some articles in newspapers, but they try to paint the people as crazy or conspiracy theories, which to some is the same thing. They did the exact same stuff during Cointelpro, yet people then go, I don't think this stuff happens, yet it did during Cointelpro. That's the part that get's me, excpet for the electronic harassment. A lot of this stuff to some degree can be traced back to Cointelpro, and the rest to Stasi Germany with those investigations, or the ones in Russia where if you disagreed with the state you were deemed crazy and locked away. These countries are now doing the same things.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:53 PM
Dude, original poster, I wish you luck. If they come around again, get a lawyer. It's those of us that have nothing to hide, that have the most to fear, because we don't think the way they do.

Also if they ask you to become an informant, or to use your store to watch or spy on one of your customers, just say no, they will just be going after another innocent person.

If you check out the websites, you will see that there is a pattern or game type element to how this is getting played, just be glad that they approched you, many of us have never been approched, don't know what we are being investigated for, but are under watch 24/7. You have no idea what that's like, once you become aware.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 09:32 PM
Although I feel you didn't do anything wrong by speaking out I feel you were unfairly singled out by a fellow Citizen which is disturbing in itself, then the OBI comes knocking on your door which too me is very reminiscent of Nazi Germany where people were selling out their neighbors to protect themselves from fascist control.

Is this any differnet?

Did you ask the following of the investigator?

1) What am I under investigation for?

2) Were you given any miranda rights, because whether or not you were under arrest or not your statements can or could be used against you in a court of law. You voluntarily spoke with the investigator. So you in fact were given less rights of due process than if you were arrested.

3) You do have the right to remain silent and even though you chose not to have done so you should have exercised that right as if you are under investigation you don't know what to expect, maybe the person that turned you in in the first place will falsely claim against you in the future and you don't even know who that person is, maybe next time the investigator shows up you should ask " Who contacted you in the first place so I can exercise my lawful right to not allow them into my business establishment?"

Donot voluntarily surrender any of your civil rights because the government is testing to see how wimpy the population is and how far they will bend over to take it up the hoop in the guise of national security and fear mongering.

Open your eyes before fascism takes a stranglehold on our remaining freedoms.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 10:01 PM
If some officials started asking me questions as like in this thread, I would have to say that I would want to know as to why they were asking me such questions. If they were police or FBI, well, I who have done nothing wrong, would not have a problem answering their questions. But if the guys did not have the right badges and I could not determine whos authority they are of, then I would have a problem with that. Law enforcement is one thing. Invasion of privacy is when there is no reasonable cause or legitimate suspicion for questioning. If some guy came to me and asked me how many times each year I get layed, I wouldn't feel very obliged to just promptly answer him, but if a cop was asking me about a chain-letter I was suspected of sending to many people talking about malitias or racism or government change, I would surely see his reason for the inquest.
Leader of progress, if your letters and business has no means of harm or racism or illegal approach to resolving an issue, I would not stay too worried. You got questioned but did not get arrested. They may just have been doing their job. I think it's in your hands. Good day.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 11:56 PM
Hey all,

First of all I would like to respond to the overall question of this thread; "is our government tracking/following us, or monitoring this site?" the answers to both questions are yes. I am a GG-12 Federal Government Employee, I work at the Counter-Intelligence Center (CIC) of the 902nd MI Brigade located at Ft Meade, MD. If it helps, our IP ranges are 150.177.x.x Anyways, other than some Al-Q chatter, the mission of the counter-intel center is focused on "threat" groups. ATS is considered one of these and the folks who post on here. Thing is, I didn't sign up for this type of thing. I accepted an analyst position there after 9/11 to help my country and all that. I spend a lot of hours a day on ATS and while most of the posts are way off in reality, there are some that hit close to the target. So if you guys get a lucky guess in or able to connect the dots, then you case will probably be assigned to another division located here, called the Army Operating Agency, (AOA) (not to be confused with the Field Operating Agency) Anyways, the AOA will then coordinate with other federal, state, county and city offices to perform followup. Most people will never know that they have been investigated. If anyone actually is being followed, it would be some local-yocal that is going solo, sometimes when we brief the local police department, an over-excited rookie will try to play columbo on his own. If anyone asks you questions such as is listed in the OP, then simply call the local police department. I don't have to leave my office to know your life story. I know you, where you work, your family, who you sleep with, what you eat, drink, your kids friends, their friends friends, your bowling score, your cholesterol level, your credit score, what your hobbies are, etc...etc...remember a few years ago a program called Total Information Awareness, that was banned? The part that was banned is that the information (at the time) can't be used for legal uses, in other words it can't be used against you. But, that does not mean the information won't be collected. It's all bundled into a massive relationship database. hope some of this makes some type of sense on what really is going on. thanks.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 12:03 AM
This just in:


The National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), a component of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, may obtain access to federal databases containing non-terrorism-related information in order to acquire information needed for authorized counterterrorism purposes, pursuant to a recent memorandum of agreement (pdf) between the Director of National Intelligence and the Attorney General.

from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy
Volume 2009, Issue No. 5
January?16, 2009


Translation: Your police or medical records or any personal records can be reviewed by the NCTC for counterterrorism purposes as long as they match terrorism data points as defined by the NCTC.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by defendant

I have only stood on a soapbox. Never have I printed or emailed anything that could be misconstrued as activism. I don't go about it that way. I use person to person contact to educate people on the government and what it does. I try to show people the truth behind what drives different legistlation and how greed is the basis of what causes most of our rules and regulations. I want people to know that this isn't the USA that it was ment to be. We aren't free just somewhat free.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 01:16 AM

I told the agent that I do feel change is needed. I feel that those who have done this to our country need to be held accountable. I want them arrested and put on trial for their crimes. I am not racist at all. I support our military. I am a true patriot wanting us to go back to the original form of the constitution and start from there of course with the needed amendments to womens rights and black rights to stay in place. I want the corruption and greed taken out of the government. I want anyone to be able to run for office if they don't have a criminal history. I want less government involement in our lives.

No. what you told the agent was:
I want you to tell those criminals who employ you that change is coming, just not the change they seek. You are just the vigilante to hold them accountable for their crimes, and it is your desire to be able to verbally recruit other militants to your cause. You support militant actions, what's more you are atrue militant patriot and are subject to the patriot act. You're a strong Constitutionalist and so, therefore, subscribe to the minuteman and revolutionist doctrines. You want to remove the money and power from the hands of these investigators, your prosecutors, and all of their benefactors and supporters who share in their greed and corruption. You believe women and minorities should learn their place and stay in it. You say you're not a racist at all, but, that is a lie. Since you can distinguish between a white mailman and a blackone, you are inherantly racist, as you should only have identified a mail carrier otherwise, and since you identified the letter carrier as male, you are sexist as well, enforcing your domineering beliefs regarding women and minorities. All this said you are a sexist, racist, militant, revolutionary vigilante, who believes that neither Hillary nor Obama should be leading your Country and so, for the Country's own good, are plotting to assasinate them.

Words are easily twisted and you thought you had nothing to hide, how about the words entered into the record they can and will use AGAINST you in a court of law and public opinion.
You don't even know if these agents are legitimate. They could be their to intimidate you on behalf of some other group or competitor. As their sources aren't typically revealed as to who tipped them off, you don't really know how or why you were monitored. What's more you should get an out of state lawyer who is licensed to practice in your State, yet, has no material interests there. And they should be well versed and licensed in Federal Law. What's more, they should be connected to a team of lawyers with large resources and their own investigative teams. You should have had one from the start. You may have nothing to hide, but, it's what's hidden from you that you should fear. And if you don't think so, you should talk to political prisoners at your State and Local prisons (as their records are sealed for "privacy") and see how people like you so easily end up people like them.
---from Your Freindly Neighborhood ATS'er PhyberDragon
"Logging on Soon to a Site near You."

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 01:47 AM

Originally posted by SLAYER69
I was trying to figure out why would they be investigating you? So I thought maybe you posted some things here at ATS that got them suspicious. Lets take a look at some of the threads you have posted in the past that may have raised a redflag.

Hong Kong reports bird flu outbreak Nope!
Yes! You want your fellow conspiritors to know the results of their handiwork or where to go to obtain some of the bird flu virus.
New regulation eases ban on guns in national parks Nope!
Yes! You want your fellow conspirators to know that their guns can be taken to national parks with little or no resistance.
Indonesian AIDS patients face microchip monitoring Nope!
Yes! You are warning your fellow conspirators about the microchip and mustering resistance against it.
Grassy knoll witnesses think conspiracy. NEW News. Nope!
Yes! Anyone who knew about the conspiracy was killed. Those who said the driver did it noticed Mrs. kennedy attempting to flee the moving vehicle and the fact that all those close enough to even see the driver all died shortly thereafter. Enough said, you're getting to close to the truth.
US-bound private planes and Terrorism Nope!
Yes! You are alerting your fellow conspirators to current operations updates or are sharing potential weakness for exploitation.
OUTSOURCING USA: Austal shares surge on $1.6 bln US Navy contract Nope!Yes! You are alerting your fellow conspirators as to how much profit they made in their secret deal or are either telling them where to steal the money or informing them that their fellow conspirators have successfully embedded themselves into the US Navy through Austal.
Somali Islamists seize port as insurgency gains Nope!
Yes! You are informing your felow conspirators their operations have been a sucess.
North Korea: No sample-taking at nuclear site Nope!
Yes! You are informing your felow conspirators their fellow conspirators have been able to keep their samples from being inspected.
German parliament moves to increase police powers Nope!
Yes! You are warning your fellow conspirators to beware in Germany and are showing that you are concerned about police States and must be placed on a watch list as a potential threat to those who would impliment one.
Iran successfully test fired a new missile Monday Nope!
Yes! You are informing your fellow conspirators of your fellow conspirators success or are informing them where to lay their hands on a missle.
Dr Pepper to deliver on its free-soda promise YES!
Yes! "Dr Pepper" is a code word for one of your paid agents. The "promise" they are to deliver on is the contract you have with them to free- "soda" a code word for one of your high value fellow conspirators.

That's it it’s your anti Soda defamation they are really hot on the soft drinks critics ever since they passed the new home land security bills. I suspect Pepsi and Coca-Cola will be after you next I suggest get a new cell phone, shave your head, change your name and move to Zimbabwe.

I've often wondered if they monitored sites like this for possible information on anti-government activilties.

[edit on 15-1-2009 by SLAYER69]

Don't Fear Words. Fear Those Who Quote Them.

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posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 02:04 AM

Originally posted by godoftheforest
That is freaky, we need to hear other posts like this. If anybody else has been investigated then let me know!
It's either a survey they're doing or an investigation to get information.
I would of answered the questions too, but first I would ask why. I would want to know where that information was going.
Was he writing it down?
I agree with others, they shouldn't of been watching you for three days if it was just a simple survey to see what changes are needed.
Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.

Odds are if it was politically or Illegally motivated, the investigators and their bosses would likely be the last to know anyways. They'd just be fed some psycho babble reinforcing the belief that what they were doing was legit and needed to be done. That's usually how manipulation of the System for greed and corruption works. You play both ends against the middle. Whoever had an interest in the poster either sent the informant in for a tattoo or, quite possibly, was the informant. It may well have been brought on by rival competitors or elements in the poster's Society who dislike tattooes and want to drive that sort of business out of town.
Lawyer, lawyer, lawyer.
And I'd say nothing. Not knowing what's being said against you or what evidences are collected against you, especially, statements and evidences you don't think could ever be used against you, might work against you if you say or do anything that can be used, or twisted, so as to verify the statements or evidences.
Lawyer, lawyer, lawyer.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 02:39 AM

Originally posted by LowLevelMason
reply to post by Amaterasu

The government has no interest in investigating people just for fun. Its costly, expensive, and one foul up and the government is paying out millions over civil right infringements. Conspiracy theorists are the least of the governments worries, unless they are specifically doing something illegal. In the case of your personal views there can be nothing illegal about them - think what you want and say what you want, with the one specific exception of not being allowed to incite violence.

Some people would like to be investigated because it would confirm they matter to someone and make them special. Please stop trolling me with things I never said - I never said "no one" is investigated. But its not nearly as wide spread as some people would like to believe. There are bigger fish to fry than ATS posters.

I think your views are completely out of touch with reality - the government doesn't care about people nearly as much as you think they do.

[edit on 15-1-2009 by LowLevelMason]

I think your views are out of touch with reality. What does it mean "to incite?" It means the things you say or do, if they "inspire" someone to take an action deemed hostile (and even "hostile" is really subjective) to the established order, or is found among the contents or the possessions of such individuals- even years after you wrote them or were dead- doesn't that make you guilty of "inciting" violence? What if Government becomes so oppresive the only recourse is violence? Should you not "incite" it? What if you realized that people were being oppressed and didn't realize it and sites like thes actually inspiered people to open their eyes- and while Conspiracy Theorist rarely act on or follow up on their Theories and so would not pose a concern as to their taking any violent actions themselves, couldn't their Work be what leads active people to do what they will not? Isn't that "inciting?" To think there is no vested interest in Corporations and Governments to "monitor" and track the goings on and doings of the people- wake up. Look at all the Commercial data Mining of the Internet. Corporations clearly have a multi Billion dollar interest in monitoring and tracking individual and group activities as a course of business and profit. To believe that Law Enforcement and Political Organizations don't use these same Corporate Resources as well as their own, is both naive and childish. Even as a matter of genuine Security the comings and goings and activities of people is not only a dream, but, a reality. You leave in a self- generating electronic prison, if not a physical one- Oh wait, try to leave the Country without a Pass port. You can leave out illegally, but, don't hit a mine or sensor on your way out. And watch out for the ones where your going. Good luck explaining yourself over wherever you go if you get in illegally. But no, people just need to feel they're being monitored and tracked just to fell "special."
Well, I hope you feel "special," privacy is an illusion, they do know more than you'd think possible about you- if only to sell you Coke and a Smile as they're investigators, consultant, researchers, observers, informants, field agents, inspectors, business partners, affilliates, and allies, and whatever name these Non- widespread, too costly to exist, not enough people to really be interconnected to a larger cause, third party individuals or the entities of the entities of the entities they may or may not be aware they represent tell you to "shut up" as their unwitting agents report goes on to whatever Corporate survey or bill processing collection and the like they were there to do that do go on about the business of not collecting anything and everything that can be used to assess whatever method would be best to either gain your witting or unwitting compliance with whatever they sell you as the purpose of their business with you. But no, it's not that complicatedly simple is it. It can't be such a tight control on such a large planet. Interesting though, how ordered everything is , all the way down to plumbing, and despite all the vast paperwork maintained for everything from taxes to the metal scres that go into the armature of your watch, they at the top have literally no control over the vast, seemingly ordered Countries. They'd never lie to you or mislead you, huh? Look at your map. They tell you the world is round and your enemy's way around the World, then they hang up a flat map showing the US on one side and Russia on the other. Put the ends together, and they are close neighbors. Why not just show the US World Map with the US centered and let the actual, legitimate far most points lie where they will?? To make you "feel" secure. And they know it's easier to dislike strangers than friends, we don't typically think of neighbors as strangers, just those who are furthest removed from us. But no. No propaganda there either. I guess our Government is a benevolent and well meaning as you claim. thanks for straightening me out.
God I love this site.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 02:45 AM
Interesting post but it might be a little more understood if you broke it down in to paragraphs. I have a hard time keeping my place in writting that tightly packed.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 02:49 AM

Originally posted by Harassment101
Dude, original poster, I wish you luck. If they come around again, get a lawyer. It's those of us that have nothing to hide, that have the most to fear, because we don't think the way they do.

Also if they ask you to become an informant, or to use your store to watch or spy on one of your customers, just say no, they will just be going after another innocent person.

If you check out the websites, you will see that there is a pattern or game type element to how this is getting played, just be glad that they approched you, many of us have never been approched, don't know what we are being investigated for, but are under watch 24/7. You have no idea what that's like, once you become aware.

I can promise you this there is no way no how that I can be turned into an informant. I will not ever allow anyone to use me or my shop for informing puposes. I am too much of a True Patriot to do those types of things.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 04:14 AM
reply to post by LeaderOfProgress

"Now what do ya'll think of that."

I think, so what! We are a few days away from inaugurating the first black president, 45 years after the civil rights amendment. We will never go back to the way it was. Thank god! Riots, civil unrest, racial discrimination, assassinations... JFK, RFK and MLK. We are post civil rights and post 9/11. What's wrong is some peoples brains are so messed up that some will act that out with violence. You have your right to have any political view you want except for one. I do not see how your personal rights were violated. I think it was quite reasonable for them and upfront to ask you straight up. You weren't dragged out, beaten up and thrown into a cell. In dozens of other countries they would have without hesitation. In America we are actually encouraged to question, to dissent, to research and speak our minds.

There is a post 9/11 conspiracy hysteria and I think some are milking it for all the drama, attention they can get and some profit off that hysteria. After years of reading and studying conspiracy theories I've personally decided the majority of them are actually the conspiracy. I think the real conspiracy is an assault onto all of humanity. It is so clever and so diabolical they have a lot of folks looking down the wrong rabbit hole.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 06:07 AM
reply to post by Anti - Government

I guess they asked you the racist question to find out how loyal you will be to the president, after all he is black. A lot of people probably have a problem with that. Personally I don't think colour should have anything to do with it, as long as their goals are pure enough towards the people they represent. Now that's something that should be questioned, even though everyone knows they are all just figure heads, & other people pull the strings.
I think it doesn't make a difference what you tell them. If they wanted to do something, or portray you as bad then they probably would have if they wanted to.
Atleast you're honest, & that's one thing they can't use.
It's just a shame more other people aren't as honest.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 06:15 AM

Originally posted by Harassment101

Originally posted by AllTiedTogetherDirected Energy Weapons(DEW) are the predecessor of the microwave oven... Before they perfected DEW technology, a lot of people would explode like a hamster in the m/w oven. Spontaneous Human Combustion....

I am currently being targeted with DEWs. Suffering the effects daily because of my views politically and against the NWO.

I just thought that you should know what to look for and see that the government admitted targeting its own people with m/w energy... Unlike others who have voiced their opinion on this thread I think I'm not clouded by any directed views from within the shadows... Some comments seem so naive its scary.

My 2cents
Think Positive... It does help...
[edit on 15-1-2009 by AllTiedTogether]

Welcome to the club. Also being harassed by directed energy weapons, or electronic harassment as I like to call it.

The scary part for me has been trying to get people to understand that these investigations are happening, that these other forms of torture are happening, and expecially on a forum like this where you expect to find more open minds, after two years, I pretty much have become exasperated and have the stance of, just wait till it happens to you, then you will understand and believe. I don't like to feel this way, but it get's worst with each year, trying to get people to understand.

Also yes, some of these comments are so naive they scare me.

Also what others have to understand is sites like this, and theards like this, will have agents who are there to try to get people to believe that this stuff does not happen.

I feel exasperated even trying to talk about this stuff anymore.

You people are ill. Get some therapy.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 06:17 AM
reply to post by PhyberDragon

How do you expect people to read one gigantic paragraph? Can you please break up and structure what you write?

What I mean is, break up all of that stuff into paragraphs. There's a reason why "paragraphs" were invented.

What you wrote might as well be a stream of binary numbers...

I don't know how anyone could read that.

[edit on 17-1-2009 by Electro38]

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 06:27 AM
reply to post by LeaderOfProgress

Amazing huh!
I am not a patriot of the US Govt, so I suppose that is why my post was not allowed to be shown on this site, only goes to prove my point, that no matter what, if you think you have the freedom to express your opinions here then think again!
Whilst I admire the American people as individuals, plus the fact that when it comes to battle, I know for a fact they are the bravest of souls I have ever seen, and as such should be admired for their un dying loyalty to their country. Sadly they are not fighting for their country these days, they are fighting to stay alive, that and watching the backs of the poor souls who stand with them, AKA cannon fodder!
You think you have rights? Get real! If as someone from the other side of the planet who's family have stood side by side with the American troops, and fought and died with them is not allowed her own opinion because of a few frightened rabbits, then I feel nothing but pity for the individual that actually believes they are living a free life.
One country that has the right to go ahead and use their own people as target practice based on lies will get no respect from me! And I have no doubt this won't be printed either, but I've made my point anway.
For those that are allowed to see this opinion, WAKE UP! Not all of us buckle and break to your sad little attemps at keeping our opinions from being heard, there are other ways of doing that!
Kiss my arse!

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