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(YYSLSC) Ah This

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 12:30 AM
The iridescent candle was nearly extinguished, just a small trail of ambrosia scented smoke rose towards the heavens as the warm glow of the early morning sun began to cast rainbows through the clear diamond tipped amethyst crystal which sat on their white marbled bedside table.

Wrapping her self snugly in the shimmering golden satin sheets, Eris pulled the soft plush pillow close to her breast and breathed deeply, she could still smell his scent, feel his presence.

Basil stepped into the room blessing the quiet with his warm and loving smile, barefooted he walked gracefully toward Eris and sat down beside her with a tray filled with fresh picked strawberries, croissants and hand squeezed tangerine juice.

Two days earlier...

Walking through the middle of the market place hand in hand, surrounded by cascading water falls and fountains, Basil stopped to look at a little stand where a vendor was selling beautiful and rare crystals, healing crystals.

"Eris, look at this one my Goddess, it is nearly as beautiful as you my love." It was completely unique and the most unusual crystal in that it was at least 15 inches high and close to the same circumference, with a pyramid shape over all. Its base was of a deep rich dark purple amethyst, almost spiraling up into lighter shades until the very tip which became so crystal clear it almost looked like the finest cut diamond.

"Oh Basil! It is the most divine crystal I have ever seen."" Well that's it, we will take it!" he said to the wide eyed vendor.

Deciding to walk home along the sea shore, Eris played lovingly with Basil's long curly brown hair. Pulling the soft trendels down to where they almost reached the middle of his back and letting them spring up, laughing as one they made their way through the open patio door and into the bedroom to place the crystal next to their bed.

"Perfect my beloved just like you." Basil swept Eris into his arms and they kissed with eyes closed so deeply it was as if falling into one another, into the ultimate flowering of their loves potential.

After Tantric and passionate love making Eris drew a bath for them both and they soaked in the Lavender oil and rose petals she had placed in the infinity shaped tub.

"Basil, would you care for some cinnamon rose tea before we meditate?" "Sounds delicious, yes thank you."

"Basil I was thinking maybe we could use the crystal as a medium when we do our meditation, it would be a good idea to bless it into our home don't you think? Thank it for becoming one with our lives?" "You read my mind, I was going to suggest the same thing Eris."

Getting dressed into their white robes, they sat on comfortable bamboo mats facing each other and placing the crystal between themselves began to breath deeply. Speaking subtly in unison,"One breath two hearts beating in the same rythm, surrounded by light and the wisdom of the ancients accepting all that this existence showers upon us with gratitude. We are loves abundance."

They practiced this daily meditation which was the spiritual strength of their love, the spirit of their lives taking each of them to soaring heights and blessing them with more than they could ever dream possible.

Opening their eyes they sat surprised looking at one another for several moments. "Eris, what did your vision bring today?" She sat silently for several seconds searching his face for understanding as she told him of the man whom she met in the marketplace of her meditation. That he was an odd man, yet hauntingly sad, that he had lost his one and true love to another man and it was as if he could no longer go on, that life without her was too unbearable.

"I tried to console him, to help him see that love had not forgotten him, that he would again find love someday if he would only open his heart and trust."

Tears began to fall onto her robe and Basil moved close to hold her in his arms.

The following afternoon before meditation sitting on the mats, Eris looked concerned and the empathy showed on her face. "Eris, do you wish for me to accompany you into your vision?" She simply nodded and whispered "Yes."

"One breath two hearts beating in the same rhythm, surrounded by light and the wisdom of the ancients accepting all that this existence showers upon us with gratitude. We are loves abundance."

Eris appeared before the lonely man sitting under a large old oak tree in a wooded Forest. His meditation was deep and as he opened his eyes to see her standing before him, she reached out her arms beckoning him to her breast.

Walking towards her she could see the that he had been crying and sensed his vulnerability. Although it was another woman with whom he grieved her compassion was strong and he somehow knew that with her he was safe and loved regardless of his state of mind. He knew that Eris accepted him unconditionally.

Basil watched from a distance and sent his love and strength to Eris and to the saddened man even though he sensed something different, alien about him.

Eris held the man and stroked his golden hair while talking to him of light and love and hope for his future. She reminded him of his purpose and of his heart which would love again.

Soon the man stood up and gave a bow to Eris and even appeared to look in the direction of Basil, and then closing his eyes simply faded away.

Basil was the first to come out of the meditation and waited patiently as Eris soon began to slowly open hers as well, meeting each others eyes they both smiled as they knew the sad man was going to be alright.

"Eris my love, where was he from? the place looked unfamiliar?" "He said his home was called Earth."

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 08:57 PM
That was poetry, pure poetry. I truly enjoyed this story and loved the twist at the end. A deeper meaning beneath the surface, I say bravo my friend, bravo.

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 11:20 PM
Ah This, how sweet, and now I know you are a romantic lover...

Thank you so much for your comments.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 11:21 AM
This is a wonderful story. Thank you for this, touches my heart and soul completely. Now I just want this to go on, not leave this moment.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 03:11 PM
Dark horse and mystiq, you two would make a great couple!

I really appreciate your style mystiq, and this is a story written for those who know that there is something better, a world where love is the rule not the exception. How my heart desires such a love, such a place. Yet in compassion's grace I pray that I can be like the lovers in this story and always share the abundance and clarity which comes with it and of love with others less fortunate.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 09:46 PM
antar, this had a good flow that made it quite enjoyable for me to read and you created a genuine sense of unity between the characters that made them almost appear to be a single entity. Well done, and I think this one could certainly be stretched a little further if you feel there's more to tell.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 08:30 PM
Thank you, I did enjoy the visualizations that came with this story, I would love to have a life like this and so, maybe one day it will manifest for me and my beloved.

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