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Foreclosed homes left to rot while more and more people become homeless!

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 12:09 AM
This really does chap my a@@!!! More and more we are hearing about American families losing their homes, the banks foreclosing on loans that they shouldn't have given in the first place. Now said banks are not giving loans so people that may want to purchase a home can't get we have all of these homes sitting empty, homes that they would rather see rot to the ground than try to work with people to maybe try and let them keep their homes. What the hell, take the loss and get a bail out! WHAT ABOUT US?
The news reported tonight that the percentage of homeless people in my home state has risen 68%. That is staggering and is a pathetic truth that is now all to common in this once great nation!

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 03:57 AM
In my opinion this problem lies here, the banks were not at fault it was the homeowner's ( not the one's with the ARM loans) that were living "credit rich" The time of being able to distinguish wants from needs was obscured and people were (and probably still are) buying up everything and anything they could get their hands on. A drive through a typical " cookie cutter, middle class neighborhood" at the beguinning of 2007 could have proven this point, Mercedes Benz, Lexus Suv's, even Hummer's could be seen dotting the driveways and even worse the way these vehicles came from the factory was not good enough people had to go and buy the 20inch rims and the $3000 stereo systems as well as the special light kits and anything else sold after market.

The temptation to "just put it on the credit card" was too much for those keeping up with the Johnson's to resist.It dosen't stop in the driveway though how about those plasma tv's everyone just had to have and you wern't anybody unless you went out and got one( most likley purchased on a credit card) the list goes on and on and most if not all families that find themselves "homeless" right now were the ones living far above their means and now they have nothing, their selling their Benze's and their Hummer's( or at least trying too) and their plasma tv's and all of the things that they "just couldn't live without. And now all of the sudden the world is supposed to feel sorry for them I don't think so, I feel sorry for the ones that got sick or lost a job or became disabled and got caught up in the mess, but not the others.

Those houses that now stand empty and rotting, they should serve as reminders of how disgusting and greedy American society has become and they should be torn down and eventually rebuilt, sold for what a house should sell for( not the astronomical amount that you see everywhere) as well and rebuilt eventually the way houses used to be built , with the "needs" of the future owners in mind, forget about the marble floors and countertops, forget about the jacuzzi bath in each bathroom, forget about the pool in the backyard and all of those things that people"want".

Bottom line here is that our society has gotten completly out of control and people spend spend spend and don't think about the concequences until it's too late, I feel bad for all of the displaced animals due to incompetent owner's inability to continue to pay their mortgage.

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 07:23 AM
You feel bad for all the misplaced animals? What about the misplaced people? Most of the people that have been kicked out of their homes were not the people that were living "credit rich". I see it happening every day here. They raise the mortgage payments until you can't pay anymore, it happened to my family and we don't even OWN a credit card. We were lucky, we got to keep the house, but it's an uphill struggle that may still fail.

Every day they talk about how the banks are foreclosing on homes and kicking hard working people to the streets. Then they turn around and sell the homes for pennies on the dollar to some shark that doesn't care that a family has been left to the sidewalk. I see it happening all around me and a lot of my friends have families that are in the same boat. It's happening to my aunt and uncle and it's happening to my grandparents.

It's sick. And it's even sicker to see companies get bailed out. And what's even worse is the fact that, when I tried to move out of my parents house to lighten the burden on them, I got picked to pieces for not having a credit card. I can't find a job especially when an understaffed places of work are laying people off.

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by alyosha1981

Perhaps I should clarify my meaning for you...I wasn't referring to people that drive hummers or bmw's or those living beyond their means! I was speaking of those hard working americans that due to circumstances beyond their control, like their employer loading up and moving over seas, or going out of business, that have lost their jobs. There are many many people struggling for reasons other than those that you stated! I pray that you nor anyone in your family ever has to go through this. You might refrain from being so quick to judge...

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