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Renew America together! Jan 19, 2009?

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 10:02 PM
So, who else has seen the commercials with Obama pointing us to

As a Boy scout I took part in a Few different Service Projects, and i like to think it helps people, which is cool. We do need to help people, but at the same time i dont like doctorine being forced down my throat

When i go to the FAQ is very loose in their wording and restrictions. Yet People under 16 need a parent.

It is a great day and a Good man who it is set aside for, but i see this a possibly interesting day to see what Change, is all about...

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 10:18 PM

Heres Michelle For some "Background" info.

I think its slightly odd that they are doing all this the day before inauguration, but i am also for people helping the community in need. I guess you have to make a big production of it, and drag it out like Bonnaroo

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 10:12 AM
Is anyone part of any service group that has any plans for the 19th? any eagle scouts? church groups? community watch? scholastic clubs? anything?

The way Obama put it, it sounded like a BIG thing, like EVERYONE in America is going to go pick up trash on the side of the road, help old ladies cross the street and what not.

I consider the ATS crowd to be pretty informed, so can someone inform me on this wackyness?

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 04:49 PM
I am surprised that no one has added to this in any way.

I have been seeing reports in the local newspapers about people in my area looking to Obama seeking assistance on ways that they can volunteer for him. Yes, I said for him. Personally, I don't like it. Maybe I am just overacting and maybe I will change my mind later, but I just don't like it. I hate to use the analogy, but it remind me of the beginning of a program like the CCC that Roosevelt started. The CCC was started to combat the great depression.

We were fooled by the massive bank bailouts, we lied to about the severity of the "credit crisis" and the threats of a depression even greater than the last was and in my opinion, a tad exaggerated. Our money was spent even though much of the population resisted it and said "no." That in itself is Taxation with Misrepresentation and in my eyes all the reason needed to revolt. Now they are asking us to volunteer to fix the financial walls that have imprisoned us all, only this time they will be a little bit higher so less light will get down to us and so the elites of this nation can have a better view of their world.

I have never hated volunteering more. I will volunteer to help myself and my fellow revolutionaries.

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 04:52 PM
double post.

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 05:54 PM

Originally posted by Pfeil
I am surprised that no one has added to this in any way.

I know right?!!

From my understanding, there are two sound ways to rebuild a nations economy.

Public works expansion, and Military engagement. Well, weve been doing option two for a while now, but, look where we are today.

I went on the site and searched for "opportunities" within a 50 mile radus, and I saw mostly food drives and blood drives, the other half were postings of parties and gatherings in both homes and bussinesses, making note of things like (cash) bars and big screen TVs to watch the days festivities and covered dish diners and what have you.

It just seems odd to have this big event weekend right before the inaguration,

I am all for making the world a better place, Call me a cynic, but something just seems a little off to me.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:26 PM

"At least our acronym means 'hooray!'" wrote Renew America's editor, Stephen Stone, commenting on the birth of our new rival RAT. And, while we know what R-A-T (and you're telling me none of the brilliant liberal brains in the Obama camp caught this one?) spells,

Here is another site that has some interesting views on this.

posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 02:40 PM
A LOT of people are celebrating this inauguration, and I think Obama is simply trying to focus all that positive energy into constructive activites.

I don't see any resemblance to the CCC in this. The CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) gave jobs to thousands of people, which helped them survive the Great Depression. It was hard work, much of it on the infrastructure, but it was a lifeline for many. A similar program may be created if the unemployment situation gets worse, but this weekend's festivities and volunteer community work are nothing like it.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 11:47 AM
I'm sorry I didn't respond to this. I simply didn't see it.
But yeah, it's a great day in the US! I participated and it is very rewarding. I am going to do more in the future.

The ATS crowd is pretty informed, they're just overwhelmingly anti-Obama, unlike the rest of the country, so I wouldn't (and don't) expect too many positive responses. People who believe in what Obama is trying to do are getting frustrated with the negativity of the membership here and simply aren't interested in trying to convince the 14% of people who strongly oppose him to join the movement for change in this country.

Just my opinion.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 02:20 PM

Originally posted by drsmooth23
i dont like doctorine being forced down my throat

It will be. At first they will make it seem like it's your own idea, and it'll be 'nice' and 'easy'. Then - slavery to the state.

"Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zone . . . Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual - uninvolved, uninformed." - Michelle Obama

videos found here

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 02:31 PM
All these parties put me in mind of Nero.He played his violin while Rome burned.I guess the people who will bask in the enlightned glow of our "new"president,just aren't aware that ,that glow is our country going up in flames.

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 02:53 PM

Originally posted by daddyroo45
All these parties put me in mind of Nero.

thats what im saying. there is now a 1/2 ratio of parties to projects when i search 50 miles of my zip code.

im gonna serivice up me some crab legs and keg beer! Im just waiting for the inevitable switch of peoples opinion about obama over the next four years. If i had a dollar for everyone i knew who at DIFFERENT points both loved and hated bush, well i would have a dollar for just about every person i know....

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 06:53 AM
reply to post by drsmooth23

I gotta laugh.

Community service is a punishment for a crime.

You guys are lapping up organised slavery almost, I never usually say this but your crazy!

A call for service bwahahhahaha.

"Only in America"

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posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 08:08 AM

Originally posted by Benevolent Heretic
I participated and it is very rewarding.

You were off ATS for 2 hours and 53 minutes after you said 'I'm off to serve'.

What did you do? How long did you do it?
Did you have to drive off your mountain top to go do it?
Doesn't leave much time for 'rewarding participation'.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 09:39 AM

Originally posted by FlyersFan
You were off ATS for 2 hours and 53 minutes after you said 'I'm off to serve'.

Uh... okay.

What did you do?

I went to the local Mission. They don't require you spend a certain amount of time there.

How long did you do it?

Apparently just under 2 hours and 53 minutes.
I didn't keep track.

Did you have to drive off your mountain top to go do it?

Uh... I did drive. But our whole town is here in the mountains. The Mission is just 10 minutes from my house. 11 with traffic.

Doesn't leave much time for 'rewarding participation'.

Oh, but it is! And now I'm off to the humane society, but I can't promise that I'll be back here before the Inauguration. So, the time I'm gone from ATS may not directly track to the time I spend helping down there... I'll keep track of my volunteer time so I can report it to you later, though.

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