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What can be done now to save us?

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 09:33 PM
we have battles going on all around the globe

we have a battle going on between Hamas and Israel, everyone has taken sides and the propaganda has started on both sides.

so what can be done, the Pro Israel faction said that they started it and the Pro Palestine claimed the other started it.

It is easy to say that Hamas should just sign a peace treaty, maybe so should Israel.

Now what of the argument that Palestine voted Hamas into power so it is their fault.
they deserve what they get.
The US voted in Bush and he led then into an unpopular war, does that mean all Americans should be condemed and get what the rest of the world thinks they deserve?
should all Palestinians be condemed for the same reason. ?

Palestine should get rid of Hamas, well much easier said than done,
again I will use the example of Bush went to war with Iraq and it was unpopular so why wasn't he got rid of?

you can't just say, get rid of the trouble makers, because they hide behind front people and get others to do the dirty work.

They play the media and spin it their way so it looks right.
When was the last time a pollitition answered the question asked without it turning into a speach about how bad the other guy is?

Israel is guilty of exactly the same as Hamas, and that is not talking and fighting.

Call me strange, but I have always known that people are the same reguardless of race religion or political beliefs.

we want a happy family, we want our children to be safe and we all like a laugh.
It is strange that even the most bitter of enemy can laugh at the same thing and then find a common ground.

It is hard to hit a man who just made you smile or laugh.

I don't know, maybe we should just start smiling more and talking to our neighbours, and before you know it, we have made friends.


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