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Random ramblings from the affected mind

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 07:49 PM
as the thread states this will be a thread filled with my own personal experiences, stemming mostly from the recreational use of various substances, but more importantly the days after.
in those days your mind will look on the world in light of ones recent 'endeavors'.

i don't really know what will come, nor how it will be formulated, but it will.

here goes.

As one sits back, the sights still fresh
the feeling of awe coursing trough your mind.
then how can one complain?
one thing comes to mind,
the feeling of boredom.
but is it really boredom? something is off.
the nights are filled with a feeling of loss,
loss of sanity, loss of sight,
loss of sense, loss of light,
no none of these describe the feeling in my mind.
as you look inside yourself you come to see,
that what once filled your time, kept you occupied,
now only fills you with nostalgia.


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