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Gaza war pits Jews against Jews

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 05:08 PM
The Gaza War is increasingly pitting Jews against Jews, brother against brother, father against son as can be seen by news stories emerging in Canada.

'Jewish Activists Condemn Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) for Supporting Crimes Against Humanity: CJC seeks to smear critics of Israeli atrocities'

Activists and concerned community members are voicing outrage that, in the context of an ongoing Israeli military assault which has killed more than 900 Palestinians, wounded more than 4,000 and destroyed essential civilian infrastructure in the already devastated Gaza Strip, the Canadian Jewish Congress is seeking to smear those who have protested these atrocities. denounce the CJC's attempts to distract people from ongoing Israeli crimes, and to provide information regarding the CJC's connection to the propaganda campaign accompanying the latest Israeli assault.

"The CJC, like the Canada-Israel Committee, is part of an advocacy system closely associated with the Jewish Agency, and its shameful apologetics for Israeli crimes amount to crass and cynical diplomacy."

"Ironically, the CJC has ignored repeated requests that they distance themselves from a bona fide hate group, the Jewish Defence League (JDL), which has had a high profile within the Jewish community, including at CJC-sponsored events. In addition, the JDL has engaged in verbal abuse and intimidation at Gaza solidarity events," Lehrer explains. "Last Thursday we held a vigil across the street from the CJC's own pro-Israel rally and were subjected to a barrage of hate speech and vitriolic abuse from the JDL, who had come out to support the CJC rally. Among the things they yelled were 'you're not Jews, you're #,' 'you're rats' and 'blow yourselves up.' The next day I talked to Farber and asked him to publicly denounce the JDL. He refused."

The full story can be found here. This letter has apparently been removed from another news site, the Toronto Sun, indicating just how strongly opposition from antiwar/equal share Jewish groups are ignored by the media.


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