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Overstayed Their Welcome in the UK, Time to Leave

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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by Skittle

Look at Zim or SA and does that answer your question? The people in control are very much in control and if you are not in power then maybe that's the end game?

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 12:06 PM

Originally posted by spec_ops_wannabe
Seriously, why are they allowing some of these people to stay in the UK? They're supposed to be becoming a Police State of sorts and yet they run from a mob, pretty poorly equipped I might add for dealing with that sort of crowd without any real deterrants other than the classic baton they usually carry. Well? Where are the apologists for the protesters?
And why aren't there mass arrests for their kind of behavior? In the States we would've more likely dispersed the crowd with tear gas before all of this and would have pulled more of these ****ers and arrested them.

You don't seem to know too much about the UK. People's right to protest is respected over there ... that includes muslims & Xenophobia towards muslims isn't as widespread over in the UK.

The US is a lot more controlled by its authorities. Don't believe the hype.. the UK may have the most camera's but it still respects its people.

You saw what? 20 mins of video? How do you know no tear gas was used & noone was arrested?

Yea yea.. we get it.. the US the best at everything.. including dispersing crowds and beating the # out of people.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 12:11 PM
How have they overstayed their wellcome? Most of these young men were born and bred in UK thus having no difference as a White British citizen except their skin colours.

If anything the cops should be more worried about the growing problem of chavs and hooligans who have gang-wars over trivial things.

I am sick of people who indirectly act as blatent racists with an 'Islamist extremist' smokescreen.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 12:37 PM

Originally posted by masonwatcher
Nothing works better than direct action; remember the poll tax riots?

I don't think that is a good example, unless you were being a tad on the sarcastic side. We still got the Poll Tax, and then they just repackaged it after a few years and called it Council Tax. In fact apart from Ms Pankhurst I can't think of a single example of public protest effecting real change. Not even the great Jarrow March caused more that a flutter in Whitehall.

To go back a decade or three, to the Miners Strikes, the police learnt very hard lessons then about how to deal with 'angry mobs' and how the repercussions can be far reaching if they do more than 'manage' the situation. There are old pit towns in the north that the police won't turn up to, still all these years later, and very few of those people would even dream of calling the police out unless they were planning a hog roast.

To the OP; Apart from the odd hand-thrown projectile, what exactly do you think is wrong with people protesting a grievance, sure it serves little real purpose, other than to raise general awareness, but why should that constitute a call for deportations. Most of those people were most likely born here, if not I am sure they are at least tax payers with a stake in this countries foreign policy. Or, do only immigrants want Palestine to be 'free' in your opinion?

[edit on 16-1-2009 by KilgoreTrout]

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 12:45 PM
i live in the UK, these people cry if there is racism against any ethnic minority yet they do it theselves, and they do the worse of the two acts, But you cant complain as a white person. I myself have been subjected to racial abuse several times, if i say anything i'll get into a fight i wont be able to win and after i will have been accused of starting it. I have never said a racist comment nor voted for BNP, but sooner or later, the BNP will get more votes which will cause the dominating parties to change their policies... and whose to blame? the younger ethnic community. People who vote BNP do not want the death penalty nor agree with most of their statements... but what choice do we have? The main political parties are not listening to us...

Dont get me wrong... they are at right to protest, we have free demonstration in this country... but, for some of the footage i've seen, its far from a demonstration and way over the top. Some are there to prove a point and fight members of an ideology they dont agree with.

They are a disgrace and i wish they could just go back home. It's not all, by no means, i know Indians (who are all very welcome in my country) Pakistani's (most i dont have a problem with) and any other ethnic minorities, and they are well behaved and are here to better themselves, yes, they keep their faith. But who am i to argue with anybody's faith? they would rather have commited followers than idiots who are brainwashes or people joining their cause following fanatical leaders who need a reality check. Most respect other faiths, this is a minority and those in that minority are a disgrace.

I'm a qualified journalist and i remember walking past my home town city centre and some hippies were having a protest about this. I was on my way to a sports radio show which i do at a local community radio station. People spotted me and asked me to give them publicity on the show. I said no, they asked why? and i said... it could attract the wrong type of people and give the police an even bigger job on their hands. And for the small town where i live, it would really stretch their resources and possibly place the general public in even more danger.

Those people understood. Yes they know they can protest, but those people aren't there to cause trouble, but i cant publicise these events...

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 03:37 PM

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