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questions about dreams i have been having recently

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 01:17 PM
this is my first post in a forum other than the intro forum, so be kind lol

so in a few dreams in the past few weeks, i have successfully began to realize that i am dreaming, and i am beginning to recall more and more of these dreams. i have also successfully flown around in these dreams, which is what i really wanted to do ever since discovering that one could control their own dreams somewhere on the internet, probably here i'm not real sure. so anyway, i have a few questions.

i can't control the people or my surroundings in my dreams, that is to say i have no say over who or what i dream about. my own theory is that while in my dreams, i've realized i can control myself beyond anything i would normally be able to accomplish in my waking life, however, i have not realized that the other things in my dreams are not actual entities apart from my own consciousness. see what i mean? like i haven't really accepted the fact that the dream isn't real, while in the dream. anyone have a theory on overcoming this? opinions?

and another question i'm looking for opinions about. last night in my dream i was in the neighborhood i grew up in. i realized it was a dream, and began flying around high above all the old familiar houses. as i reached the end of my street, something like a strong wind hit me and i could go no further. i eventually lost my ability to fly and had to walk home. upon arriving, my home turned into my dorm from my freshman year in college. thats really unimportant in my opinion, but i figured i'd throw it in there. so i've been thinking about that strong gust of wind-ish thing that hit me and grounded me in that dream, and i'm just wondering what it may mean. any thoughts and opinions would be helpful. again, as i said, i am very new to this board and if i've violated any rules or posted in the wrong forum just let me know and i won't do it again. also, if you don't care, be kind. lol thanks again.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 04:32 PM
Welcome to ATS..

Im sure you will find the answers you seek here, just to let you know the dream forum is quite slow, which is a shame because i like this place. Theres more traffic (people) on the paranormal forum.

Also to help you with your answers, the search button at the top of the page is very useful. If you type in lucid dreaming it will give you loads of threads with some good info.

i can't control the people or my surroundings in my dreams, that is to say i have no say over who or what i dream about

Controlling surroundings will come with time / practise, you will be able to create objects, move them, change your location etc. Not sure why you would want to control the people, i dont know how you would achieve that anyway... sorry.

I dont think you ever have total control over what you dream about, but you are able to shape the way your dream plays out.

For the second part of your question try speaking to destiny-fate, she can help you much more than i can. Check out her dream code thread its in this forum.

Curious, when you have your flying dreams do you always fly as yourself or anything else. Usually when i have my flying dreams its as a hawk or at least seen through its eyes.

My answers havent been that helpful, but this is a big place with many members, so keep searching.



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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 10:55 AM
thanks for the advice

when i say control the people, i just mean who is in my dream. there are always random people just popping up.

when i have my flying dreams, its just me soaring up there like superman.

again, thanks for the advice and the welcome!

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