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Indonesia: Another UFO spotted over a lake by multiple witnesses

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 09:08 AM

Recently we reported a UFO sighting in Argentina involving a number of UFOs seen rising from a lake in the province of Entre Rios on January 2 2009 by numerous witnesses. Now we have received reports of a very similar sighting in Indonesia. The parallels are striking and raise many questions.

link to article:

It seems UFO's are coming out of lakes - similar sightings in Argentina and now Indonesia.

A group of eight friends planned to go to a concert in the centre of the regional city of Jember in East Java on December 20 2008. Tickets to the concert were sold out so the group headed back to one of their homes in two cars. Heavy traffic in the centre of the city forced the group to go an alternative route past a lake on the outskirts of the town. One of the cars halted as the driver spotted a remarkable sight above the small lake that they were passing.
Two large lights rose from the lake, one white and one red. Two beams were then shot from the lights towards the lake and at that point the lights appeared to change formation; this lasted no less than ten minutes before the strange lights shot off upward into the night sky.
All of the group are willing to testify and it is understood that there have been other witnesses who have called local media outlets about the UFO sighting. The sighting has also been reported to Indonesia's main UFO research group BETA-UFO. One of the witnesses has insisted that what they saw was not a fireworks display, plane, kite, balloon or tower. All of the witnesses appear credible 'solid citizens' with no prior UFO sightings to their names (not that we are suggesting you can't see a UFO more than once).
The remarkable similarity of this sighting to the Argentinean sighting raises many tantalising questions. Are aliens hiding UFO bases at the bottom of lakes, possibly beneath the ground? It appears that lakes would provide the ideal camouflage. Does a network of tunnels connect these lake bottom bases at various points on the globe? The evidence at this stage seems to suggest that lakes are in fact very much a part of the aliens strategy for keeping us guessing in regards to their presence on this planet.

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 01:37 AM
Thanks for bringing this up OP

Nice to know people do appreciate the sightings that has been happening down here in Indonesia
I found it most intriguing that the actual info in BETA UFO's web (in Indonesian) doesn't actually say anything about a lake..Hope they haven't slipped off in keeping their data complete?

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