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Lost in the Eighties

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 06:31 AM
Ok. So I may lose a few of the younger members, but I often find that I am accused of being lost in the eighties. I cannot get the music out of my head and it was just a fun time to grow up. Maybe the mullet is gone on the outside but I still wear it on the inside.

I know the 60s and 70s were awesome for music and revolutions and world changing events, but the eighties is MY time.

I have mentioned the music already. Disco was finally killed off and subsequently replaced with New Wave, Synthesisers, drum machines. Big hair, big clothes and big egos.

We had access to some of the (early) Mod Cons and so many things were simpler then. If you wanted a video game you simply had ATTARI now there are some many choices it would make your head spin.

World politics were still an issue but as a kid I didnt give a crap!! I was busy having fun playing pac man and frogger on the table top consol at the local shop.

And lets not forget the movies. The breakfast club, St. elmos fire, Ferris Beuller.
And what about TV. Whatever happened to ALF, or Family ties? Tell me you never watched the Greatest American Hero or Knight Rider!

What are your fondest moments of the eighties?

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 07:36 AM
My gosh...agreed.
I loved the music. First New wave, then I went heavy metal. I wore "pastel colors", (EEEK), then I switched to black leather and animal prints (never left that phase..:lol
My friends and I would hang out at the pool hall/arcade.
I hung around with the party crowd. Drinking, smoking, other unmentionables..getting into trouble with the law..
I did some BAD stuff.
Worst was stealing a car.
Ahem..yeah..AD wasn't always squeaky clean.

So here's ME circa 1984 (age 13). Note the pastel colors and yes that is a "WHAM" sweatshirt. Don't deny it, everyone liked that song till you found out George Micheals was gay.For the record, my boyfriend at that time was 17 and a punker..go figure.

I triple dog dare everyone to post a pic of themselves from the 80's..and nothing obscure either.
And just to get you in the mood...

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 07:55 AM

Originally posted by VIKINGANT
What are your fondest moments of the eighties?

I'm going to have to post later, the 80's for me, were a bit fog...cloudy if you will.......I'm sure that I have some fond memories of the 80's, just have to remember what they were.

(just being honest) Rush

I'll be back.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 08:05 AM
Aw yes the eighties. Good times, Hair Bands, RATT, Poison, Cinderella, Great White, Skid Row, Motley Crue, White Snake. The Royal Wedding of Prince Charles & Diana. Michael Jackson, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Pink Floyd The Wall Album, RUSH, AC/DC " Back In Black, U2 & REM. Remember who shot J.R.? The Dukes Of Hazard, Three's Company, Magnum PI, One Day At A Time, Family Ties etc...

Friday The 13th, Mad Max, The Empire Strikes Back and other good movies like Raging Bull, Cheeks & Chong "Still Smokin", The Terminator, Footloose, Back To The Future etc... The Rubik's Cube, Sony Walkman and Boom boxes. Walter Payton, Pete Rose, Mike Tyson in his Prime, Michael Jordon. I still remember looking through my telescope and seeing Haley's Comet, that was cool. I remember wearing my Ray Ban sunglasses carrying my boom box and watching Break dancers down at the park.

The Games, Donkey Kong, Ms Pac-Man, Asteroids, Defender and my all time favorite Galaga. Spent so many quarters down at the arcade that I could of bought that Black Trans Am with the Fire Bird on the hood. Yes the eighties were good times but I do remember the bad too.

John Lennon was shot and killed, R.I.P. John, wars and terrorist attacks were going on and innocent lives were killed. The Challenger explodes and kill the seven crew members, may they R.I.P. The deadly disease of AIDS. President Reagan being shot. Big tanker oil spills and all the other things like murders, drugs etc... But all in all the 80's were cool and crazy.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 02:20 PM

Originally posted by Solarskye


posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 02:28 PM
Ok, the 80's are starting to come back to me now. But the big hair, shoulder pads, huge earings, spandex, bandanas tied around the belt loops didn't really do much for me, but was a fun decade.

One of my favorite movies from the 80's: The Big Chill

One of my favorite songs from the 80's as he's a hometown favorite:

And it definitely wasn't the 80's without Bon Jovi:

Gawd, and remember how cheap it used to be to go to concerts, and all the things you could get away with while at said concerts? Uh, said too much.


Edit to add: some of our vids aren't working AD, might have to go to the link.

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 03:16 PM
Eighties hair metal \,,/ \,,/ rocked. Still jam out to it can't help. Birth of Nintendo. Mario Brothers, Exitebike, Double Dragon, ZELDA.... do I need to continue. Last era of childhood innocence, not worrying about someone grabbing you. Wake up go to school come home and disappear until the streetlights come on. Not to mention the cartoons He-Man, Thundercats, Voltron. I mean life has never been the same since the eighties. Damn you cruel world Damn you.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 07:18 PM
Oh how he memories are flooding back!!!
I hate to admit it usually but we are among friends now. Wham was the first concert I ever went to.....Not a word OK....I was young and silly and had no idea about music then...I was mixed up in a bad wasnt my fault!!!!

As for my 80s pic...I will work on it. Great idea tho. Dont be emarrased...we all lived through it.
I had the mullet going on, the torn jeans, mirrored sunnies and a suit jacket over my hypercoloured T-Shirt

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 09:02 PM
Oh yes Bon Jovi- the jello of rock and roll.
Van Halen was the best.
Michael Jackson was black back then if I remember correctly.
Prince was better than Mike in my book.
I dreamed about Tawny Kittaen on the hood of that car,
and Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, the Bangles, Go-Gos, Banannarama, you get the idea. Throw in Molly Ringwald and Phoebe Cates just for good measure.
The cool thing about the eighties was that everybody looked forward to things. It was like everybody knew that we were going to have a great time. Partys, dating, concerts, the weekend, summer... now it seems like everybody is down worried and serious.
I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical of the fashion trends.
Remember miami vice? Pastel sports coats with the sleeves rolled up?
The girls were wearing stuff that looked like they'd raided a salvation army store before school. The Madonna/Cindy Lauper fashion dumpster.
Guys had more hair than the girls.
Parachute pants?
It was weird.
Rock. Concerts.
Rock. Skipping school.
Rock. Chasing Girls.
Rock. Getting the girls.
Yep. Loved it.

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 01:13 PM
The 80's remains the best decade....ever...

'nuff said...

The music, the movies, the tv shows, and even the guys joined the "style" game...

Hard to imagine any other decade even coming close....

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 09:53 PM
OK. I said I would do it....
All I can say was the eighties...OK?

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