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Future Artificial Intelligence Incidents

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posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 05:42 PM

Originally posted by Infinite Paradox
I was discussing it with you earlier in the thread. Did you not read that? Look back and quote what I wrote in this thread. I asked a question that you never answer also.

The threads you linked to are super-geeks that like robots and role-playing about mind control erotica. Just like everything else you've posted, it would be a great study in modern human psychology but doesn't offer much in the way of backing up your theories. In fact, it makes your theories sound silly.

If you want to see someone that does a good job of backing up his theories via real world DARPA white papers and such check these links...

The links you continue to provide are excellent proof of the Internet's ability to exasperate mental health conditions. Your use of these links to prove future AI is actually discrediting your own theories. Turning my words around from my last post only furthers my suspicions that you are playing some sort of game.

Why are you trying to actively discredit your own theory of future AI? There's only a few possibilities that make sense but I can't know exactly because I'm not you. But you can't break character if someone calls you out. So we'll never know for sure what you are up to. All this points more towards knowingly trying to "paint the subject of AI and Grays as ridiculous" than it does with a mental health condition.

Since you can't break character and will only mechanically reverse what anyone says then we aren't actually having a "conversation". As such, any further engagement on my part would be a waste of our time. I'll leave you to talk amongst yourself.

its all gibberish again,evereything you say is to distract away from the purpose of the thread,that morgellons sanctum is disinfo for future ai.....

all i ask is someone explain to me why morgellons sanctum censors the words nanobot,bans me for me suggesting a women go for an ultrasound.....can anyone answer these questions?,that is the original purpose of the thread and not one person has adressed that.....all i see is derailing.......

i am not presenting evidence for ais here,i am merely attempting to discuss the two incidents in the original post. which as been say you adress the you havnt you havnt even mentioned morgellons sanctum...the people trying to get debbie to top herself....

can you explain why a website has been set up dedicated to harassing a mind control victim,attempting to get her to kill herself?

its not "geeks",as ive said before the ais cant kill us directly so they get us to kill each other or ourselves....and what do i find......a website trying to get a an mk ultra victim to kill herself.......oh but it just co incidence right?.

anyway heres something random,teaching kids the world would be better of without humans....

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 09:24 AM

Originally posted by welivefortheson
all i ask is someone explain to me why morgellons sanctum censors the words nanobot,bans me for me suggesting a women go for an ultrasound.....can anyone answer these questions?,that is the original purpose of the thread and not one person has adressed that.....all i see is derailing.......

Perhaps they just don't want any discussion of nanobots as they find the subject to crazy too consider (in their eyes)

Then advising someone to get a scan - my best guess is that you probably came off as a disruptive loony who they wanted banned

As for the debbiewins stuff on NLO - that upset me. I have no idea what is going on there, it just seems to prove that there are some people in the world who are just plain nasty and take delight in upsetting others

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 04:47 PM

Originally posted by welivefortheson
they do add up,i proved morgellons sanctum is disinfo,and the responses to the l*illy wave question were bizzarely timed and included a threat.
you forgot to mention it took me 20 mins to post the question due to electronic interfernce,that i couldnt post another question no matter what i did over a period of a whole hour,you ignored 90% of the suggestive information i presented and choose only to attack a few bits of information you see as weaknesses.

I don't know anything about morgellons or any waves. I do know about AI, programs and logic however and what is possible with it.

Thinking I had anything to do with how long it takes you to post is just plain out paranoia.

if something doesnt add up ile agree,but morgellons sanctum is disinfo,and that link was a threat ,

But what you claim to be future AI is in itself something that doesn't add up. The A in AI stands for "artificial". That means that it is in itself NOT actually intelligent, it can only APPEAR to be intelligent. This in itself means it can NOT "think", it can not make decisions and it can not do anything that it is not programmed to do. Programming which has to come from REAL intelligence. The difference in requirements is consciousness/soul, which creates logic where as AI runs the logic given to it by it's programming.

As well, a concept of "future" only exists in a personal experience kind of way. Meaning, if something is able to travel in "time", then the future and past are only different locations rather than past or future, and the only real past and future is just the personal sequence of events the individual consciousness experienced.

And lets say even if these were "future AI", if it is in "your" future then how exactly do you expect to change or do anything about it? They would already know what you are going to do, the moment you changed something then they would no longer be from the future. The moment they did anything here, they would change the "future" there. That you believe "time" is only linear is a falsehood in itself.

These aren't just weak points in your argument, it's a weakness in your entire premise, which you outlined in the title.

there is an organised campaign of disinfo going on and most people notice it and assume its the cia,even here,i mean take a look at this disclaimer in the secret socieities forum,

And that I believe UFO's and intelligent life generally exist doesn't mean anyone with a UFO or alien story is telling the truth. I'm sure many people would like for others to believe many things, but that does in itself make any claims someone makes true. Your claims simply do not uphold to basic logic.

posting gnags indeed,even the mods have noticed it,there is organised disinfo going on across the world and anyone can see it,they always respond on mesage with indentical replies,like the simultanious spelling attack,
i mean i even proved the disinfo with the morgellons sanctum incident which you still ignore, NANOBOT was a banned word there,one mention of that fact and i was banned,and so on.

The claim here is you are just trying to establish yourself as some kind of authority, that because you were treated in a certain way somewhere that it means you must be right. Sorry but it doesn't. It's just like a UFO claim, just because unusual things are going on, I still can't trust the information unless it makes logical sense. This I can't trust for the very reason you mention - lots of disinformation.

nope,i am fully aware of the number of ais present in this world,their behavorial patterns,their purpose....youve done nothing but try to derail and discredit this thread,not one hint of balanced argument..youve done whatever you can to disprove in such an obvious way......
on the other hand i can see when real humans have a point of difference,they will usually present a balanced argument and present evidence and not resort to charector assasination and undermining tactics,they disagree,they dont seek to discredit the argument and the person at all costs.

So let me get this straight. If anyone does act in a certain way towards you, then they are no longer human?

be my guest,stick to the "aliens","NWO","reptillians","illuminati" and whatever tripe is used to disguise the presence of a non human hostile force.

Does this mean you are not human by your own definition?

posted on Dec, 25 2014 @ 10:57 AM
Hmmmmmmm, an interesting thread indeed.

posted on Dec, 25 2014 @ 02:23 PM
a reply to: badmedia
Lol. I shouldn't be posting here.

Your comment about "artificial" intelligence is kind of dumb. Who's to say artificial intelligence won't exceed human intelligence with enough time, especially if it's modelled after the human brain? The only difference is it'll be synthetic intelligence, not biological. By that time I'd expect we won't name them AI's, since they'll be quite a bit more capable than they're now. Just think: give us 500 years to continue working on our AI's and what kind of progress we'll make? Unless we destroy ourselves or something, it's inevitable we'll at least produce more capable AI than it's today- even if it's inferior to ourselves.

And your comments about time travel bother me too. Nobody knows for sure what time travel will be like, since nobody has an all-encompassing empirical theory of the universe. Our current theories fall short and there could very easily be things we don't know. My point is to say why argue about this? Lol. Just.... lol. It's like bears arguing about special relativity. Good luck, lol, a bear is lucky if it figures out 1+1=2.

My feeling is the poster is either having some fun by writing some BS or is genuinely schizo somehow. I feel sorry for him/her if he/she is. People who go through that go through hell. And I absolutely do not want to post here and make it worse. I probably should just deleet this post.

But.... the fiction/science fiction/fantasy part of me is intrigued by the topic of time travelling things/agent/beings which try to warp or distort or manipulate other timelines or dimensions or . I've read many science fiction short stories which explore this topic. Just grab one of the small sci-fi magazines for ~$7.50, such as:
Asimov's Science Fiction

It's worth it. Tehy're very rich for how smalll they're. - Science fiction magazine...

Despairs me to read the long list of defunct - though still wonderful reading - magazines. When I contemplate all of the stories which have been written over time I kneel down like I'm at a shrine to something special. I know they're just stories. Art fills a strange place which is neither noble or reprehensible. I guess it depends, though.
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posted on Jan, 17 2017 @ 02:49 PM

posted on Jan, 17 2017 @ 04:33 PM
yuk! morgellons disease, What the heck is that stuff? I’ve watched some disturbing youtube videos on this disease and it's dam freaky.very worrying.

There is a youtube vid that I wont link to because it is so gross. I just can't understand what is going on in the vid but it features a large grasshopper being dissected (still alive) and what is shown is just freaky as hell.
The video was burned into my mind and took a while to rid my brain of the images shown!

Now i'm not sure how or why this particular vid is linked to morgellons? i don't think i want to know!

IF any of you reading this care to look for the video mentioned beware if you get a little queasy at such content then don't watch it but if you come across it and can explain what the heck is going on with the grasshopper would any of you be willing to have a shot at analysing what’s being shown?

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