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canadians abducted by blue uniformed humans sound off

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 11:34 AM

Originally posted by xynephadyn
... I have also, communicated with the ships--- see my utube video where I am communicating with the ships and they are communicating back.

Yes. That is amazing proof. I am calling CNN right now.

I mean there's a light, and it's in the sky, and it's dark, and when you said, "Oh thank you for the light show" the lights were all like, "Hey welcome, here's another blink" I mean what more proof does one need?!


If by "ships" you mean "light in the sky" and by "communicate" you mean "watched the light" then yes, you certainly did.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 02:50 PM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS You cannot look at the history of UFOs on this planet and presume that they are dealing us a good hand in their use of we mere mortals in the massive play they have underway. We simply don't have that capacity to understand what is being do to and for us.

Unless in some cases, such as Annunaki and Sirius B-visitors and such. Or did I missunderstand you?

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 04:08 PM
Wow 2 pages and no replies? I just don't get it...there has to be some other delusional person who believes they were abducted by humans in blue jumpsuits.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 04:12 PM
I didnt claim to be a genius , I apologise for not using spellcheck.I understand the need to find fault in any story that we read,its a natural reaction. If my command of the english language in its written form is in question,please accept that I am human and I am not trying to be perfect.I consider my presentation to be a personal touch and hope that it doesn't offend anyone.

The small creatures are described as such because I didn't get a clear look at their faces when they were in my home or when I was on the ship.They expressed fear and contempt of me when I was on the ship as soon as they knew that I was conscious and also aware of them.I experienced an INTENSLEY EMOTIONAL MOMENT while on the ship and it was at that moment that the little creature IMMEDIATLY pulled away from me,it had been physically interacting with me prior to my emotional outburst.There was a blonde woman standing near me who was also surprised that I was aware of my surroundings and their presence,she communicated with me telepathicly and calmed me,then began to communicate with me.She commanded the little creatures and they obeyed her.

We are physically taken from our homes by the little creatures,I remember them coming into my home.I don't remember going up into the ship,but I clearly remember leaving the ship.My natural assumption is that the method of return was the same as the method of abduction.On the way home I was escorted to the door of the ship and a soldier placed his hand on my shoulder to PUSH me out into a beam of light .I had already been talking to the soldiers and they were observing my actions and reactions very closely.The soldier at the door recognized that I was NOT AFRAID of the doorway or of the prospect of being urged out of the door into the light .He imediatly asked me why I wasn't afraid and I explained to him that I had remembered going home that way before and I knew I wasn't going to be hurt,I was looking forward to the RIDE DOWN.This explanation resulted in a trip back into the ship to be asked more questions by the soldiers leader who answered to no-one,but co-operated with the blonde woman.The leader didnt want to return me when he became aware that I had memories of prior returns home.The blonde woman was my advocate and helped by negotiating with the leader.I was given a cup of liquid to drink before I was returned, the liquid either makes you forget the experience[obviously this didn't happen with me,although I was told I would forget everything]or the liquid somehow temporarily alters your physiology and allows the light beam to transport you down from the ship.I heard the little creatures entering my house so NO THEY DON'T BEAM US UP OR DOWN THROUGH WALLS.

The second implant in my calf is still there my friend and yes I do have pictures which I will share with posters of my choosing at a time of my choosing.The humans were wearing BLUE JUMPSUIT STYLE MILITARY UNIFORMS ,I understand why the poster represented my description as being "men in blue suits" like you might wear to church or to a business meeting.I think the poster may be alluding to "men in black "somehow?I believe I already explained where the nasal implant went.And for future reference,I had no idea what the round metallic implant was when I was a kid.

The cattle are used as tissue doners.The molecular structure of certain bovine tissues is COMPATIBLE with our human tissue this allows the implants to be introduced to our bodies without initiating a natural reaction that would otherwise result in our body rejecting the implants.There is recent cutting edge research that proves what I am claiming although I had an epiphany that led me to the SCIENTIFIC PROOF.I may be incorrect in some of my terminology,excuse me.Any naysayers ,please expend your energy on Google before you question me more.

I do in fact have a lot more information to share but am limited by the amount I can post at one time.You get pictures and proof when you learn to play nice.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 06:33 PM

Originally posted by one4all

I do in fact have a lot more information to share but am limited by the amount I can post at one time.You get pictures and proof when you learn to play nice.

No thanks. We don't play games here that let new posters manipulate people. I'd just assume the Mods ban you now, rather than wait for non existent pictures.

We've given you far too much attention already. Pack your bags.

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 09:16 PM
I really do not like the sentiments on ATS as of late, matter a fact I do not like the sentiments among human beings of this planet as of late, or for a while now, either.

Have we all become so detached from each other and so enclosed in our own minds (belief systems) that we do not permit giving a benefit of a doubt to anyone anymore? Even before the person finished writing their story some people rushed to pass a judgment about the OP?

So in the light of what I said above...

For those who kept nagging about spelling, intelligence, etc, user ScaryDAve on YouTube nails it down to the point, for your easy understanding:

Now for a truly motivational video from ScaryDAve, I suppose would apply to the OP; put very bluntly, can't get any simpler than that:

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 02:54 AM
Op, are you still with us?
I think what some folks are trying to say, is that, even though it 'says' UFO/ALIENS, this is just a trap for your initial hazing. J/K.

The Gray Area is the 'safe zone' for the content of your post. The icon there says, "My Story".

Here in UFO/ALIENS people tend to gravitate towards philosophical debate on the actual paperwork trail and evidences left by government. They'll only take the word of a former gov employee or base related employee--and even then there is a ferver to rip those sources apart. They *are* your friend-we wouldn't be anywhere without the skeptic routing and finding and digging and calling out.

Nevertheless, this is often traumatising on the other people who have been thrust on with experiences-but don't have the 5 star rating and vetran status.

so, I had often heavy nosebleeds on vacations to Utah. It could have been the temp or elevation changes. They were HEAVY. And, I may have a birth certificate in Canada-I mean, I know I do, I saw it-but, I don't know what happened to it after I saw it rigged up.

I've been there. Not sure if I'm a Canadian though, I think we got denied status and then just came back and forth through a variety of lying and false id's/misplaced ids...Spent time in those parts. Toronto, BC, Calgary. And Nevada, Oregon, So Cal-mid cal-north cal; well most everywhere west coast-intermittant East coast and the South; some midwest. I can't say I don't believe you.

Now, did they look like little animes-short beautiful people with large naturally colored (like ours) eyes, or like small versions of lord of the ring's 'Golem'? Because, both of those species have a symbiotic relationship and there is an alliance with a human-ish race who employs 'a' blond woman scientist/doctor.

Then there is the blond woman I was run around with-oh-and her twin; she's another matter.
I'm not an abductee.

Hey, maybe you could ask for this to be moved over to 'Gray' so there will be a lot less static.

I found your bovine tale interesting. In the seventies, only pork or a relative was a good substitute, for say, skin grafts. I'd like to hear more about that.

Take care,

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 06:49 AM
OP- I want to believe what you say really I do, but you have to restructure your writing into paragraphs in order for people to take you seriously. Reason being is at the moment its hard to read through it without getting lost.

Please spend a little time restructuring, then I for one can sit down with a cup of tea and read through what you have said and take it all in.

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 07:35 AM

Originally posted by one4all
I didnt claim to be a genius

Yeah, actually you your opening post.

yes I do have pictures which I will share with posters of my choosing at a time of my choosing.


I do in fact have a lot more information to share but am limited by the amount I can post at one time.You get pictures and proof when you learn to play nice.

What? Is there some kind of "play book" for bogus threads or something? I need to visit Borders(TM) and look for my copy of Made Up Thread for Dummies. I bet they have some kind of template in the appendix.

The same attitudes, comments, and results......

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 09:11 AM
I msut say taht it slitl aamezs me taht popele hvae to hvae eevyrthnig sturtcrued corerclty to udnretsnad you dno'd eevn need the coercrt cmo'a or nuttin' hnoey jsut use a ltitle efofrt is lal you need. If tihs therad ins't for you tehn dno't psot no need to be hrsah or maen you konw waht I'm syanig.

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 09:24 AM
The reason for myself sticking on the OP's grammar and spelling has to do with his claims. The OP claims these devices are meant to ensure his ability to learn is greatly increased. The OP claims his IQ is OFF THE CHARTS. That in itself is means he is claiming to be some kind of genuis no?

These implants seem to be the basis of his proof. He even has pictures apparently, (that he only share with people he decides....kind of a red flag right there), if these implants he claims to have have increased his intelligence then why can he not use proper grammar and spelling.

I'm sorry but any prson who claims to have alien implants in his body that increased his capcity to learn and with and IQ OFF THE CHARTS. The person making these claims should at least be able to present this intelligence in simple grammar no?

I also made other points that make his story that seem unbelievable in another post. Which have not been answered either.

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 09:36 AM

Originally posted by observe50
I msut say taht it slitl aamezs me taht popele hvae to hvae eevyrthnig sturtcrued corerclty to udnretsnad you dno'd eevn need the coercrt cmo'a or nuttin' hnoey jsut use a ltitle efofrt is lal you need. If tihs therad ins't for you tehn dno't psot no need to be hrsah or maen you konw waht I'm syanig.

[edit on 15-1-2009 by observe50]

What on earth (pun intended) are you saying, surely you have to have all the letters in the words to make sense surely?

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by one4all
Hi One4All

My intro experiences were very similar to yours albeit with a few differences. Here's a link to my thread:

Nice to meet you,


posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 11:24 AM
The way I see it there have been many geniuses in history and there writing and spelling plain out stunk.

When here many times we just are here in a relaxed manner and our spelling and writing styles become lax.

I know I reread things I write and I confuse myself so bad I give myself a headache. If I have trouble with a post I just reread it a few times and my little old peon brain gets it sooner or later ...... or I just ask hopefully nicely what was meant.

I also know that when you write something that it can and will in most cases be miss interrupted.

Let's face it we are all human and as I see it you can be a genius and still do things incorrectly.

There are more imortant things in life then spelling was my point

Now, being an experiencer I can understand and resonate with things written to a point.

For example I have written about implants and what is of interest to me is the locations of the implants. What I was shown and told was a little different then what is written BUT I also know there are different species.... a few right here deep within our waters.... and no doubt they locate there implants in different locations.

We have to realize even with most of the talk about the Grey's here at ATS (the ones I know well enough and they are not all bad as talked about) to other species and we have to be open and learn "yes learn" any knowledge that one is willing to share.

I know there have been many hoaxers here and they do make it hard to tell who is who most times but for myself I like to have trust in everyone until it is proven they have been bad little boys or girls.

From the writing I am sensing truth so maybe time will tell.

Also I know some members are harsh when something like this is posted in the UFO and Alien forum, God knows I have written there and the kindness is heartwarming, lol
however I LOVE everyone even if I don't like them at times

This is the Grey area and we experiencers should be able to write what we have experienced in our manner even if it is forum incorrect as long as the language is polite in it's own way.

Many experiencers have been made fun of, insulted etc. and people really have to read what they share and in there way weed out who is truthful and who isn't and that is something we should in some way feel within ourselves.

I know these beings do collect many things such as plants, animals, water and sperm and ova from Earth for example. There are beings that are terraforming the Universe as other beings are still mapping it. This is the way it has always been and will continue to be and it is just now in our history that people are waking and will hopefully one day realize that life isn't what they were taught.

Humans have no clue what is going on out there and would feel quite stupid if they knew how much life was in there own home territory let alone this Solar System and this vast Universe.

I for one would like to continue to hear what is being shared here and then having the priviledge to decide for myself if it is truth or not..... and so far I don't feel untruths but as with everything I could be wrong and that's okay too!

They are observing and waiting for this human race to change for the good as a oneness and it is in some ways slowly happening but much to slow and we are on a time clock in human terms.

I know I'm not giving up on this race just yet and my important bit of information: plant trees in mass to clean the CO2 out of the air because you are running out of oxygen plus they also supply you with your food, cures for diseases and so on.

Remember, The Tree of LIFE.

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by observe50

Observe50, what you are failing to recognize is that the OP (one4all) has posted twice now offering only anecdotal stories, no pictures or 'proof' as he/she says. This proof , of course, exists. We just aren't allowed to see it because we haven't bought this story hook line and sinker. Until that happens we arent going to.

This pattern of behavior and manipulation ( 'no really, i have pictures, take my word for it, they're just misplaced somewhere) is observed time and time again here at ATS. I have read literally hundreds of posts with this same format and pattern. Anyone who fails recognize this pattern is inept. The fact that the majority of people on this thread want to give the OP the 'benefit of the doubt' is unsettling. A true account would have offered up 'proof' in the original post.

Now that this issue has been addressed, you all can return to debating the spelling capacity of a classic hoaxer, thereby feeding him the attention he craves. have a blast.

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 01:15 PM
Hi NightVision,

I do understand what you say.

If the person said he has his/her proof then he/she should provide it at time of post, I agree with you on that, BUT......

Being an experiencer all I can say for myself is my word is my bond and I myself share freely what I know/have been shown and told and in time it will either be or it will not....all I do is share.

When dealing with this subject it just isn't cut and dry there is no going by this book or that. Dealing with Aliens is quite unique and understanding how things are is not easy for a human as a whole.

I come from both sides so I see the Human side and the Alien side. About all I can say is neither is right nor wrong.

I know my parts of the puzzle but there are many many many parts to this puzzle of existance and it's understandings.

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 04:42 PM
Seentoomuch,and Observe50,thank you for your observations I have read a lot of posts on A.T.S and both of you have played a big part in my decision to start this thread.Thank you to ALL who have taken their time to read and reply to my post. I am here to share my experiences with others in the hope that I may gain a new perspective by learning about any commonalities in our personal stories.

I will not usually respond to what I believe are attempts to delay or mis-direct my search for a new perspective.From the posts I have read on A.T.S already I know that we all have individual personality traits that we project through our writing styles and they remain constant no matter what thread we post on. I will always welcome the diversity that these forums of communication present.Amigo ,you saved me a lot of time ,thank you.

I believe that "proof" is defined by our willingness to accept the WORDS of our fellow human beings as truth and accept that this truth may or may not lead us a new perspective or reality.The proof of my story is clear,I am telling it to you.Whether or not I post a picture of the implant in my body, each individual who is opening up their mind to the possibility of a new and shared perspective will ALREADY HAVE DECIDED WHETHER TO ACCEPT THAT THE PICTURE IS REALLY WHAT I CLAIM IT TO BE.If you have already made a decision to participate in an exchange of information or ideas or perspectives you have made a choice of your own free will to allow a new reality to potentially exist.

Tempus omnia revelat.A request for physical proof at this early stage of our sharing of ideas IS SIMPLY AN ATTEMPT TO INTERFERE WITH THE CREATION OF A NEW AND SHARED POTENTIAL REALITY.The words we share and our acceptance of each others existance as PROOF OF OUR EXPERIENCES will lead us to OUR INDIVIDUAL FREE CHOICE TO ACCEPT A SHARED REALITY ON NOT.I knew when I wrote the words "learn to play nice"I would create an opportunity to explain why I will not yet present physical proof -I don't believe humanity as a whole has enough time to allow ourselves to be DELAYED ANYMORE IN OUR SEARCH FOR A NEW ,PROGRESSIVE SHARED PERSPECTIVE OR REALITY.If I asked the several BILLION humans who believe in "the god of their choosing" to provide PHYSICAL proof of their Gods existance I would only succeed in delaying humanitys path towards a shared perspective or reality which in my humble opinion would mean a better world for everyone.

Nightvision,thank you for your contribution it created an opportunity for us all to take ONE MORE STEP TOWARDS A SHARED PERSPECTIVE OR REALITY.

Trayen11,the nasal implant DID NOT INCREASE MY INTELLIGENCE.It allowed me an opportunity to absorb huge amounts of information at an incredible rate at a very young age.Thats all.I dont have much faith in I.Q tests as I believe they are designed to force a human to accept a perspective or regarding their own learning potential that is only one of MANY possible realities they COULD CHOOSE TO ACCEPT.You can make what you want out of the fact my results were off the charts.

The other student who scored as I did had a very difficult time in school and in our peer groups.She chose to allow her INTELLIGENCE[your definition my friend,she had an average grade of over 90%ALWAYS] to shine and she suffered through a lot of hardship as a result.Teachers actually kept their distance from her because she WAS TO MUCH OF A CHALLENGE FOR THEM,they couldn't answer many of her questions.Her friends alienated her from their peer groups because she was TO BRAINY.I made a different choice,I chose to limit the amount of attention I recieved in that department just like I choose to limit my disclosure of physical evidence at this time,BECAUSE IT IS MY FREE WILL TO DO SO.You may meet her in a trauma unit if you are lucky enough to have her work on you,she is a doctor.You have already met me here.

I used to close my eyes in class and blurt out answers to questions my teacher hadn't asked yet,FOR FUN

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 04:51 PM

Originally posted by one4all
I didnt claim to be a genius , I apologise for not using spellcheck.

1. You claimed your IQ was so above average you were requested to take it again. Let me refresh your memory

Originally posted by one4all
Myself and one other student in my school of the same age as me scored OFF THE CHARTS on our I.Q tests,so far off that our parents were contacted and asked permission for us to both take the test again

Remember now?

I do in fact have a lot more information to share but am limited by the amount I can post at one time.You get pictures and proof when you learn to play nice.

Thats not the way ATS works, provide evidence now...or never

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 06:56 PM
Hi All

Here’s a snipped synopsis of some of the OP’s references to the implants. They make it clear that the first implant was lost as a child. The second implant will only show as an odd half dollar shape in his calf. Not the evidence you are looking for, soooo, perhaps all the proof people oughta just back off and allow the OP to discuss his experiences in greater detail. And I would agree with a couple of other posters that this thread should be moved to the Gray Area so that we may discuss these matters openly. We have waited a long time for such a forum, we’ve got it, we need to use it to share.

Here follows some of the snipped quotes pertaining to implants:

Originally posted by one4all
The nose-bleeds are especially important when they occur at around seven or eight years of age ,mostly because the round metallic implants are rejected and are hidden in blood clots so they are almost never found.I was the curious type of kid who wasnt afraid because my pillow was stuck to my face by dried blood when I woke up ,I was enthralled by the clot I picked up and squeezed,you figure out what popped out of the clot.

Originally posted by one4all[/i I believe I already explained where the nasal implant went.And for future reference,I had no idea what the round metallic implant was when I was a kid.

Originally posted by one4all,this implant does not stay with you permanently,it is rejected by your body after it has completed its purpose.

Originally posted by one4allThe other implant is for locating the abductee,it is the size of a silver dollar and is located under the muscle mass of the calf. This second implant in my calf is still there my friend and yes I do have pictures which I will share with posters of my choosing at a time of my choosing.

Originally posted by one4allThis second implant I discovered over thirty years later didnt surprise me either.

Originally posted by one4allI read the entire World Book Encyclopedia,word for word,every page of every volume including both HUGE dictionaries,and the entire bible by age eight. ….snip……. In grade four my elementary school principal arranged for me to have a library card for the HIGH SCHOOL library to accomodate my needs.Myself and one other student in my school of the same age as me scored OFF THE CHARTS on our I.Q tests,so far off that our parents were contacted and asked permission for us to both take the test again.

Ditto for me on the hunger for knowledge. I also read the full set of encyclopedias that we had (it was missing a couple), a book of the world’s greatest operas, the Iliad, the Odyssey, the Bible (children’s version), a book on the pyramids, Siddhartha etc. Ran out of books at the school library and started going to the local branch instead. Also won all the reading awards, even for the summer holidays from the local library. Also tested very high on a teacher requested IQ test, joined MENSA for awhile (MENSA was in my twenties, my strong area is abstract reasoning).

And yes, I was the smart girl that was in the “in” crowd but also I noticed that all my “friends” wanted me to help with their homework and papers, even my sisters in college. Was first chair from junior high all through high school on flute and piccolo, wrote rock operas in my spare time, skipped school on occasion to help film videos put to music, mostly comedies (still, even with the skipping I scored the highest score on the finals for physical science and biology for my whole grade which really ticked my teachers off, the questions were so easy to me). I was sorta a Ferris Bueller type girl, not far off, I was always doing something interesting that instigated changes. No Limits.

Similar in some respects, let’s talk via U2U when you’ve got your twenty posts,


[edit on 1/15/2009 by seentoomuch]

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 11:50 PM
I agree with the above posted (or I hope the above) we should hear them out before coming to any hasty conclusions. I for one want to read what this OP has to say before cutting them down for reason s that dont really relate to the claims made. yes. the actual claims made.

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