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Israeli politician calls for nuclear strike on Gaza

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 04:44 AM
And it keeps getting more insane by the hour.

I wonder just how far crazy Israel could go before any nation actually does anything.
I mean, what have any nations actually done so far?

We've all had some very important options here:
1. Open condemnation of Israel by global leaders, not actually happened to the degree that there was when Russia went into S.Ossetia. So, Russia can't be a psychopath but Israel can... right.
2. Expelling of Israeli ambassadors. We've all done this to other nations for far less.
3. Severing diplomatic ties, suspending communications and support. Again, we've done this to other nations for doing far less evil.
4. Threatening sanctions.

Has any nation apart from Venezuela done any of this?

America intends to continue to send them freakin' ammo!

It wold no longer surprise me to see Israel drop a severe weapon on Gaza, and for international leaders to make statements about how "unfortunate" and "regretful" the situation is.
They're weak, neutered, spineless, pathetic leaders with more concern for their own personal wallets than representing their respective nations and public opinion.

I long for the day when a British leader actually grows a pair and stands on a podium talking passionately about things like this.
I want to see Brown on a stand, stating that Israel is acting disproportionately, unacceptably, and that their diplomatic staff have now been ordered to leave our nation until the decision is made to cease all actions in Gaza.
I want to see him angry, proclaiming that Britain cannot support, or be seen to support, such horrific actions by Israel.

I fear it won't happen, even if Israel loses the plot entirely and does use a WMD.

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