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I don't know if the US actions in middle east are wrong, but they are surely not right

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 03:48 PM
During Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, when Bush was president, 1.4 million Arabs were killed and half a million of them were children. This military intervention in Middle East may have been a step to establish “freedom” and “democracy”, but for the Arabs killing of their children was simply terrorism. In the globe USA is the only country which militarily intervenes in the matter of other nations in order to “help” them. However, USA needs to understand that this help is neither expected nor accepted by those nations and their citizens. USA needs disengage its troops from those countries, simply because the adverse conditions of these nations are not of its concern. Furthermore, it cannot solve the problems of these countries with finality. Actually, it is escalating tension in these regions.

All the citizens in the world are humans and possess a emotional heart. It is idiocy by American government if they forget to realize this. If the US military is so desperate to kill Arab mothers, sister and brothers, then for sure these people will fight back. They also do have honor!!!

The foremost duty of the American government is to protect its people. The suggestion here is not that, “a democratic globe” or “world rid of evil” are bad ideas, but they are much like a dream. In addition, if these policies are posing threat to the life of American citizens then policies need to be abandoned. For one moment, working like this might appear to be selfish, but as quoted by Ayn Rand “if anything supports your life its good if not its bad.” In addition, this is what every country does- “minding its own business”.

America’s policy of violence in order to fight violence is a suicidal policy. When US takes a violent step, the reaction is again a violent action and there is a cycle of violence which never stops. The expenditures and the loss are catastrophic, but more devastating is the chaos in the life of normal citizens. USA’s steps to “fight terrorism” have proved to be bad for not only US but also to its allies, like Pakistan, where acts of bombing and killing by terrorists are becoming common each day.

It is surely not right to say what terrorists are doing is justifiable. However, it is time to look back at history and stop being foolish and arrogant. With technology being more advanced, weapons are being more destructible and with one shot numerous lives can be lost. USA should understand that if there would be no people in Middle East then their campaign of freedom and democracy will surely fail. On the other side, if US does continue then the results will be more devastating than can be imagined.

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