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The Sumerians arrive

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 03:03 PM
I very seldom remember my dreams, but when I do they are very vivid and realistic. I figured I'd post this one for entertainment purposes as I'm sure the dream indicates I spend way too much time on this site. Here it goes....

The dream started off being in the early spring or late fall, the grass was brown, there were no leaves on the trees, and the ground was dry. It was mildly warm but windy with very high cloud cover overhead. It was later in the evening and there must of been a full moon or close to as it was fairly easy to see detail in the clouds moving quickly overhead. The atmosphere left a feeling of anxiety or uncertainty almost like I knew something was going to happen. I continued gazing upwards when a spire started moving downward through the clouds. It was so massive my mind could barely comprehend the magnitude of this object revealing itself to me.

At the time my mind had a flash to detailed diagrams of two different objects and their supposedly arrival at earth. The first object had no scale to it but it looked like a large discs with spokes on the outer edge holding another ring around the outer circumference of it. On top of this object was a spire coming up out of it that equaled its width. It seemed like this info felt like a myth that didn't seem like it was possible but here it was before me.

The second object is harder to remember for some reason. It was long and tubular , but not solid. It seemed to be a conglomeration of twists and curves that seemed to have purpose, but for what was unknown to me. This second object was to show up after the first one was all the knowledge I retrieved from this flash of information.

I then returned to watching this amazing object descend upon me. As it continued downward the ship started to appear like it was going to crash into the ground when it smoothly started to rotate the spire upwards. As this started to happen the base of the ship cut through the clouds revealing its massive base . If I had to give it dimensions, it would be the width of a city of probably a million people. Awe struck in its beauty while being mesmerized by the shock of this happening left me standing in the same spot; like a statue without any movement for what seemed to be forever.
The ship finally leveled out with a cool wind from its decent that snapped me out of my zombie like condition. It hovered with its outside edge which seemed like just over the roof of my place, but I knew due to the size of the ship it must be at least a kilometer or higher above. At this point a thousand thoughts ran through my mind on what I should do next. Being cautious as there was no movement and thing were uncertain I packed my family and took them to family in the country away from being directly under this strange wonder. I got them to our destination and I immediately turned around to return as if it wasn’t even an option.
The travel back was instant and I was standing back where I started. It was morning now, bright out but the sun was blocked by the ship overhead yet the light almost seemed to bend around it causing no shadow. The lower surface of the ship was mostly flat and had a black iron look to it.
People were all around frantic but they seemed to accept that running would do no good in this situation. In front of me stood, a human shaped being roughly six feet tall, with a blue and grey toned skin with a broad figure and no hair on its body. Its face was very human like, but its jaw was wider with a nose that barely came away from its face. The back of its head came back a little farther than that of a human, but overall, other than the blue grey skin and no hair, you could mistake it for a human from a distance. It looked like it was wearing clothes, but were the exact same color as itself fitting like a second skin. The being had no weapons or even an object on it.
I asked the being “Who are you?”staring directly into its eyes. I did not feel fear, but by no means did I trust it at this point.
Without hesitation, it responded in a commanding but calm voice, “We are Sumerian.”
I started to ask another question when it interrupted. “I only speak your language for these two things.”
Once it knew it had my complete attention it continued, “When you are told to do something listen, and move quickly when your told to. If you do this you will be fine.”
I then asked if it was a male or a female even though it was obvious. It responded by making a shape of an L with its right hand with the outer three fingers curled over. I assume from this point on that it is a male. Later on in the dream, I confirm this by seeing a female Sumerian.
At this point I jump ahead to a room where I am seated next to my visitor. He tells me that he requires me to “Share his Pain.” At this point he looks at me and the emotions are weird at this point. I don’t trust him in the slightest, but I somehow know that I have to do this regardless of my concerns. He holds his arm towards me and I reach out and grab his wrist. A stream of energy flowed between the two of us and I felt drained in one way, but somehow more connected to my new liaison.
As time passed the process continued and I started to trust him more, but never completely. We walked through the area together, he never left me alone the entire dream, and watched others. Some people were normal and interacting with other Sumerians, while others seemed to have gone mad and would not interact with their guide or guard I guess you could say. I never talked to other people in the dream, only Sumerians, so my views were from the experience and myself only (no third person).
I then was awoken by my wife, she was having a nightmare(about losing a pet) and after I made sure she was ok and sleeping again I went back to sleep. To my surprise the dream continued.
I was back without my liaison and had to find him, this was when a female Sumerian thought
I was off on my own and took interest in hassling me. This continued until the male Sumerian that was looking after me showed up. At this point it seemed like there was now a level of trust between us that was mutually understood. At all times I still kept the feeling that I still had no certainty of the situation but never had fear of them. We went exploring stuff that was common to me but of interest to him of our ways of life. He questioned it as if we were ridiculous for doing things in such an inefficient and unbalanced way.


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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 03:04 PM

Later we were walking on a hill in the countryside when a Sumerian in a mechanical suit that was thinner than a winter jacket but all metallic moved effortlessly at a great speed to us. He carried what looked like a sniper rifle which seemed odd since this was the first weapon I had seen a Sumerian carrying. He stopped and aimed the scope away from us and then let go of it. The rifle stayed in the air like it was never let go of and took off quickly leaving it just hovering there. Intrigued I went to investigate the abandoned piece of technology. At first I looked through the eyepiece and saw magnification with no lenses in the scope. Magnification occurred with my thoughts. Curious of the hovering ability I grabbed the top of the rifle and it was not movable. It was like it was set in stone. I put my hand on the grip of the rifle and the barrel retracted into the body and the body collapsed into itself until it was no larger than a lunchbox. It then released itself from hovering and I caught it before it dropped to the ground. I then turned to my observing Sumerian and handed him the collapsed rifle. He smiled with a look as if he knew what I was going to do and the dream ended.

Sorry… I’m no writer. I hope I included enough detail and it is easy to understand. I welcome any comments or questions as it was a great dream that was as realistic as living it. Some things are a little foggy, but I tried to include what I can remember.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 08:18 PM
I can't believe nobody replied to this. This is a really fascinating dream!

I sometimes have dreams that are stunningly clear, first-person, and entire situations with detail and linear sequence... whole stories. Even though some are very realistic, some are scifi, some seem shamanic or tribal.

I have no idea what your dream means (it could be perfectly literal, too, I suppose!), only that I find it really interesting. Thanks for taking the trouble to post it.

Have you had any others of this nature?


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posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 09:33 AM
Thanks for the reply..... I haven't had any others that include aliens or spaceships. This was a first(that I remember), but I do have others that have me experiencing surviving after some mass destruction and they are like living a movie.

Don't really know the meaning of any of my dreams, but they are amusing to say the least.


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