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Beyond Left and Right: The "attuned" and "unattuned"?

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 07:40 AM
There is a lot of argument between left and right on ATS and other boards but the far more interesting division I have been seeing is the difference between what I am provisionally calling (for lack of better terms) the "Attuned" and the "Unattuned." The Attuned are those of us that realize something is fundamentally out of whack, That we are on the precipice here, facing a massive social, cultural, political, and economic sea change. That the world as we recognize it is in the midst of unprecedented (and generally unpleasant) transformation.

The Unattuned are what are often referred to as the "sheeple." These are the vast "useless eaters" who pay little attention to the things the Attuned obsess over. When they do, they stick to the mainstream media and they make murmuring, vague sounds to the effect that the Attuned are doom-and-gloomers and that everything will revert to "normal" in a short time, with this just being a minor bump in the road. These people prefer not to think at all, and when absolutely forced to, the content of thier thought tends towards the "rainbows and puppydogs" side of things.

It seems tragic to me that the Attuned spend so much of their time bickering between leftist and rightest (or statist and libertarian, if you prefer) solutions. It seems a tragic waste that the only awake people can't agree enough to simply wake up the Unattuned as first priority. It seems to me that this is the first priority. IF we can get the masses of people to simply wake up and realize the extent of the problem, then we perhaps can engage in more meaningful debate about solutions.

We at ATS and similar sites are like the deckhands (or at least the passengers) closest to the lifeboats but rather than lowering the damn things we are arguing about stuff like seating arrangements and the varnish job on the gunwales. Even if we bitterly disagree on what needs to be done, we do share one thing in common: we realize that SOMETHING needs to be done, and fast. Is there any way to bridge some sort of at least temporary alliance among the Attuned, or are we doomed to squabble meaninglessly as the ship goes down?

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 10:49 PM
In my (somewhat limited) experience here on ATS, I've been impressed with the level of awareness the Attuned are showing, and I'm often horrified by the lack of awareness that the Unattuned regularly display. Whenever I see the ever present 'holier than thou' attitude that some of the posters take, I get discouraged. Granted, some of the Unattuned are somewhat ignorant of all the fundamental ideas that the Attuned are familiar with, but being a snobbish twit in response can hardly help get the word out.

I've skipped posting in some of threads due to this, simply because I don't feel like battling it out with someone who thinks they are so superior. Example: I was reading a threat about UFO's in art history. There was a great exchange going on between two or three members, but there were so many barbs and snotty jabs going on, I felt that anything I would have to say would be shredded immediately....I digress. I guess I'm saying that tact could be put into practice a bit more.

I agree, it is a tragedy that the Attuned seem to spend more time disputing minutiae than spreading the word, but think about it. The very idea of a message board is to get into conversations with like minded people, so many people might be satisfied with connecting with this limited group. Carrying these ideas over to the real world is a different matter entirely. The programming runs very deep and is instilled from the moment we are born. I've had conversations with friends and family, usually with mixed results. My wife is very open to alternative thought and interpretation of reality. I'm a lucky guy.

I'm not adverse to pushing these topics to the mass consciousness, but getting there would not be easy. Short of a total collapse of mass media, how would the 'sheeple' become truly unplugged? It seems the powers that be have the very idea of free thought under their thumbs.

Maybe this kind of change won't come until the unpleasant transformation you envision comes to pass, kind of a cleansing by fire you could say. Very sad, but it seems to be the case. Maybe Rome really does need to fall for us to fulfill our potential as a species. Great post, OP. I could spend all night trying to respond.

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