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Is Your House Haunted?

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posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 07:38 PM
Is your house haunted? Why do you think it is? Please share your stories, thoughts, and\or explanations.

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 07:47 PM
I believe my old house was haunted. There was a girl that committed suicide in our attic about 35-40 years before we moved there. Her story is a sad one, she was raped by her brother and father for 17 years and she had mental disabilities, her mother did nothing to stop it so she found the only way out was suicide. She hung herself in the attic of the house. We moved in 3 generations after that happened, my room happened to be right under where she hung herself, I would hear footsteps above me, like someone walking around. We also had other strange things happen, one time our front door unlocked, opened, closed, and locked itself when we were right in front of it. My mom also came in one day and noticed all of her dresser drawers about 1 inch ajar. Our TV would turn on and off, our appliances would beep and shut off and on. We also heard whispers and footsteps a lot.

(p.s. Please excuse my grammar, I'm not good at typing my thoughts.)

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 11:45 AM
reply to post by ryckE

Hey there ryckE,

In answer to your question YES !

I've actually lived in 4 'haunted' houses ... the 1st was the house that I grew-up in. It was built by my great grandfather in the 1890's. There were two spirits there (at least 2 that I had personal experience of).

#1 One was a lady dressed in early Victorian-style clothes (she could possibly have been my great grandmother although I'm not certain about this). I only ever saw her once ... through a mirror in the sitting room. She caught my attention as I was looking through the mirror brushing my hair, by moving the open door about a foot away from the wall. When I looked around the door was back in place and she was nowhere to be seen. I returned to brushing my hair and she started to move the door again. This time I continued to watch her through the mirror for a couple of minutes before she faded-out.

The second one was more demon-like than ghostly ... I say that because out of all the paranormal experiences I've had (and there have been many), this is the only one who has ever creeped me out !

My eldest son also saw him on several occasions when he was a small boy and staying at my mothers house. Interestingly there was a thread here on ATS some time ago (Hatman), who was very similar to the entity we had both witnessed there and elswhere.

#2 My second haunted house was the old cottage I lived in when I first moved to North Yorksire. The original parts of this cottage had been built in 1601 with a large extention being added in th early 1960s ... that was a great place with so much paranormal activity (it was also the place where I experienced my first conscious abduction senario), I'm pretty sure it was a kind of vortex for the paranormal.

But as far as ghostly presence is concerned the cottage was haunted by an old lady ... who, judging by her clothes would have lived there in the 1700's. She was very active when my children and I first moved into the cottage and I think she was just making sure we weren't going to start knocking her home about.

Once she realized we loved the place as much as she did we lived alongside each other very happily for over 4yrs (until work commitments meant we had to move ... I often wish I still lived there ... it is the best place I've ever lived and the place where I had my best experiences).

We would often hear the old lady walking along the landing and coming down the stairs ... only to walk back up them again. And my son saw her sitting on the sofa watching his younger brother (who was 2yrs old at the time) sleeping. She was also 'seen' on numerous occasions by visitors who previously knew nothing about our own experiences.

#3 I also lived in another cottage where we had a ghost-cat. Because I had 3 live cat's at the time I would often find myself coming downstairs and sidestepping to avoid the cat coming upstairs ... only to find my 3 sprawled out on the sofa.

My partner at the time was a great snorer ... and quite often the only way I could get any sleep was to go downstairs to the sofa. One night I lay there and felt one of the cats jump onto the arm of the sofa behind my head ... walk down my body ... and settle itself on my stomache. I lifted my head to see which of the cats it was and there was no 'visible' cat there.

An identical thing happened when a friend crashed on our sofa one night. And my ex-partner (who was very sceptical of all things paranormal), sheepishly admitted one day that he'd felt a cat jump onto the bed and settle by his feet ... when he looked to see which one it was ... again there was no sign of a cat.

#4 Finally, the house where I live now is 'visited' by a young girl (about 10-12yrs old), named Mellissa. She was not at all happy when we first moved-in and made her presence felt on several occasions.

The first incident happened a couple of days after we'd moved-in, when she physically pushed me down the two steps that lead fom the kitchen to the sitting room. I ended up with one leg bent under me and the other leg straight out behind me. I was certain something must have been broken and couldn't believe that I was not injured in any way. There were a couple of other occasions (in the early weeks) where she'd tried to push me ... but once I was aware of her I kept my guard up and told her that she was welcome to stay but she had to accept that we lived here too.

An uneasy calm settled over the house for a while and the next thing to happen was the appearence of a child's, wet footprints on the wooden floor in front of the fire. These were clearly seen by myself ... my son and my mother (who was visiting at the time). On another occasion my son and I were sitting on the sofa when the huge Cheese Plant that I have in my bay window came flying out of it's bowl and landed in front of the coffee table (approx 4-5 ft) and the bowl fell backwards.

But the final straw came when I was standing on the landing outside my office door talking to my eldest son who was in the office using my computer. There were 2 heavy, metal shelves propped against the stair rail opposite the door and as I was talking the shelves crashed across my right foot (ouch) !!!

Well, I'm afraid I lost my temper and shouted at Mellissa ... telling her that if she didn't behave herself I would be forced to send her on her way.

That was several months ago and since her telling-off she's been very well behaved. My cat's 'see' her and I have seen her on my webcam (in night vision), as a bright orb shooting from the corner of my office and out the door, when she realizes I can see her.



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