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At Least Nine Dead in Attack on U.S. Convoy in Iraq

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posted on Apr, 9 2004 @ 11:10 AM
"Insurgents attacked a U.S. convoy carrying fuel west of Baghdad Friday, killing at least nine people, witnesses said.

A Reuters photographer on the scene said he saw bodies burning inside the vehicles, which were still on fire near Abu Ghraib. He said the convoy included U.S. military vehicles and fuel tankers.

Huge clouds of black smoke hung over the area, visible from several kilometers away. There was heavy fighting between U.S. troops and guerrillas in Abu Ghraib Thursday.

Truckloads of people from the area have also tried to head further west to help other insurgents battling U.S. forces in Falluja and Ramadi."

Guess that it is not as 'over' as the new stations believe!


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