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Pyramid UFO

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 06:21 AM
reply to post by mr smith123

1 last thing i should of mentioned, i DON'T believe for 1 second it was a spaceship with little green men, there probably is life out there somewhere in the form of moss or bacteria or something, but not round here.
i'd love an explaination because i have nothing.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 07:56 AM
reply to post by mr smith123

I'm not questioning what you saw, not even saying I don't believe you.

My uncle also had a UFO experience (very intense, to be honest) and he also gave up telling people about it, because he had no proof...

I'm just wondering if there isn't any videos/pics taken by someone else. 1000 reports is a lot of reporting.

My brother has just finished his training in a airline company to become a co-pilot, and I find funny what the company (aparrently all of them) had to say about UFO.

There's a trail of "light" proof surounding cases like yours. I'm not putting it in question, actually I'm amazed by your sighting since I'm also amazed with Egyptian history.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 08:21 AM

Originally posted by Hobbit16 Has anyone heard or saw a pyramid ufo before? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, this is my first post. And the reason why I joined this forum community is because of this particular thread.

I was searching the internet for Pyramid Shaped Ufos and I am finding that more and more are being seen or photographed since my sighting back in August of 2003.

My sighting occurred around the 23rd of August in 2003 on Second Mesa in Hopiland, Arizona. The sun had just set and I figure it was about 8:00PM Arizona time.

I was in the campground with three other people: A hitchhiker from Las Vegas, a Vietnam Vet ex-pilot, and his 13 year old son. We were all strangers to each other, and I had been in that campground the longest, as I was homeless at the time and exploring the land and Hopi culture.

We all met in the campground and formed a good friendship for the week or so that we were all together. We were cooking beans on a campfire, singing songs, and talking in general.

I related the number of strange things that I had seen in the skies since I had begun camping in that area. The Vietnam Vet was very skeptical about UFOs and was uncomfortable with me talking about the subject around his impressionable 13 year old son. He wanted his son to keep an empirical mind and not succumb to any type of nonsense without physical evidence.

So I kept the UFO talk under wraps.

As we were talking and singing and stirring the beans on the fire, you could hear loud jet afterburners going off. I didn't pay it any attention as I was use to hearing jets run over the reservation, I assume that they use the area as a place to practice their game simulations.

The thirteen year old boy turned around to look at the jet planes, and he began to scream,"I see one! I see one!"

We all turned around and flying directly over us from NE to SW were four gold lights on the bottom of a large craft. It flew over us and seemed to be being chased by ten aircraft. The Vietnam Vet estimated it to be larger than an aircraft carrier and it was shaped like a Mayan Pyramid. It was also being tagged along by two blue orbs that I assumed were like wing men for protection, and this Pyramid and orbs easily out maneuvered the jets. It made sharp 90 degree turns and came back over us a second time, this time the four gold lights had turned into a giant gold cross.

I wish that we would have had a video camera or something. The Vietnam Vet had a Starlight Monocular, and he and his son got the best look at the thing. They said they could even see windows on the thing.

I don't know if that is the type of UFO that you seen, but I thought I would report mine here for you and others to mull over.

I do own a video camera now, and do plan on visiting the area again and getting footage of what I KNOW IS THERE!

I keep in contact with my district/state managers of MUFON so that I can report any such sightings again as soon as they happen.

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 03:12 PM
oh yeah, these things exist. there is a video on youtube that i had found a while back trying to figure out what i may have caught in a picture. you see for a while now, i have been taking pictures of weird and strange objects in the sky. included with these objects is a pyramid shaped craft that is a goldish colour , the same colour of the craft seen in the video i found on youtube. Interesting!
anyways here is the link:
look at the beginning of the vid, there you can see the shape of the craft.
cheers and good luck in your findings.

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