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Why does Nixon have to be on the cover of this board?

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posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 05:37 AM
Nixon is my favorite president, this frost nixon movie is rubbish, he was a good and honest president, if you doubt this just ask yourself, do you think Clinton or Bush would have willingly volunteered to resign? I doubt it, they being too prideful would probably not, having less character than Nixon in my opinion. I just liked the guy, never met him but I did happen to hear some classified information about the scandal and truth behind nixon from Nixon's top secret service agent himself, he was willing to tell all about it, this same agent happened to work for Johnson & Nixon, Ford and Carter I believe, so his perspective was more complete than anyone in my opinion, he said Nixon was an honest man and was caught up in what he did not start, he took the fall for what others had done, I won't get into the classified details but he said Johnson was the most corrupt out of the presidents he worked under and set-up the corrupt staff members and set up the recording devices which were there before Nixon took office, who else would know such things but a secret service agent, he was the #1 agent, he occasionally held the football, was with the president 24/7, anyway just wanted to share that, Nixon was a great guy, it kind of saddens me how his face is constantly run through the mud in cartoons, movies and pop culture on a constant basis.

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 05:46 AM
The only thing that separates Nixon from the other presidents, is that he got caught breaking the rules.

Who knows what the real truth is when the media is owned by the people that were behind the scandals in the first place.

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 05:57 AM
My best guess is that everybody ( or at least most) can associate Nixon right away with a conspiracy and that is why his likeness gracess the general con. board

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 06:02 AM

Originally posted by Razimus
he was a good and honest president,

There is no such thing in modern history as a 'good and honest' president. Even Carter, who tried to come off as a born-again honest peanut farmer, was a typical modern day politician.

Originally posted by alyosha1981
everybody ( or at least most) can associate Nixon right away with a conspiracy

Exactly. Having Nixon there is PERFECT. When he got caught it woke America up. Prior to that, Americans actually trusted the politicians and believed what the MSM told them. Nixon getting caught was important to America and seeing him is definately 'the picture' of conspiracy.

posted on May, 4 2012 @ 08:42 PM
reply to post by Razimus

OP asks : Why does Nixon have to be on the cover of this board?


Richard Nixon is an icon of conspiracy nuts everywhere. People underestimated him. Historians have given us a thorough review of his life in politics.

But conspiracy theorists know this guy from way back. After Eisenhower's stroke Nixon gained increased power for the Vice Presidency.

On November 25, 1957 Eisenhower suffered a mild stroke in the Oval Office. This left him with a slight speech impediment. The next year Eisenhower wrote a letter of authority giving Vice President Richard Nixon means to assume power in the event of incapacitation of the President. Source

During the mid to late 1950's you may look through the various covers of LIFE Magazine and see that there are two golden boys, JFK and Nixon. They were both pictured many times on LIFE covers during the 1950's.

Between Nov 1957 and Nov 60, Richard Nixon and his party were ready for a Nixon presidency. But it didn't happen.
Nixon had worked so very hard for that presidency and he knew all along that the American people would choose his experience over the glamorous JFK. Nixon now has a rather excellent motive to kill or participate in a conspiracy to kill Jack Kennedy, to remove him from power and/or participate in a subsequent cover-up conspiracy.

I'd say that Nixon was a party to both mainly because,

Richard Nixon told three different stories about when he first heard of the Murder in Dallas.

Nixon's Three Stories of Where He Was on November 22, 1963

While Nixon was out of the political scene his good friend Lyndon Baines Johnson inherited the presidency of the United States. While Nixon had gone "out into the wilderness" he was not powerless. In fact, he was regaining his political momentum for a second charge at the presidency.

By the time 1968 rolls around the country is tearing itself apart. War, racial tension, jobs, inflation, and there is also another problem to deal with, Robert Kennedy. RFK was murdered in Nixon's home state. The assassination in June 1968 of Robert Kennedy is an extension of the power and influence that Richard Nixon wielded at the behest of the Military Industrial Complex.

All men may succumb to this power. Richard Nixon was no exception. How could he face the prospect of losing another election to another of the Kennedy's??. The answer is we all know how power can corrupt a man.

RFK had to die and there was no other options for Nixon. In January of 1969 Nixon took the reigns from his close associate and weary friend, LBJ.

Up until late 1968 the Apollo Program had been under the watchful eyes of James Webb. During this time frame there was some shuffling of administrators. James Webb quit NASA and we get this guy, Thomas O. Paine. This article highlights why the loudmouth Webb had to be replaced. The switcheroo at NASA coincided with the change of administrations from LBJ to Nixon.

Nixon, who had experienced the downside value of television in the 1960 debates against JFK, now was working with a highly motivated team of fervent anti-communists, mostly Republicans but not all of them, and military industrial complex ceo's and personal bankers. His friends ran CBS. His friends ran North American Aviation. His friends owned ILC Dover the company that manufactured Apollo space suits. His friends were Prescott Bush and Frank Shakespeare.

In Nixon's mind, and in the mind of his friends, the power of television could be used to make the world believe in a new kind approach with the "propaganda of integration." (term from Jacques Ellul's Propaganda). Apollo served the purposes of American leaders in many ways. Richard Nixon of course used television propaganda in the most effective ways.

That's why Richard Nixon deserves to be on the cover of this forum. Many people think of him as the Watergate President, "he's a crook, whatever". That is a serious mistake to underestimate Richard Nixon. His psychology has been debated but I have concluded that he was corrupted by the lust for power.

He used everything in Apollo to gain to his political prestige. This is the guy that gave the first moon rocks to the Asian puppet dictators like Chiang Kai-Shek. He put the astronauts on long duration world tours to promote the celebrate the triumph of American technological superiority.

Nixon worshipped the power of 1960's television. The Apollo launches were broadcast to reach the maximum amount of inhabitants on the planet. He is diabolically obsessed with his lust for power. Although it was LBJ and Webb who built Apollo, it was Nixon and Paine who launched it to the moon 9 times.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 10:39 PM

Today is January 9 2013. It is Richard Nixon's 100th birthday.

Here are a few things that you probably didn't know about Richard Nixon.

1. Nixon played a role in Operation Paperclip.

2. Nixon was in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Nixon's Three Stories of Where He Was on November 22, 1963 This article is from "People and the PURSUIT of the Truth" for June, 1978

3. Nixon screened the 007 movie Diamond's Are Forever on April 27, 1972, the exact same time Apollo 16 was splashing down on Earth after allegedly landing on the moon. Remember that scene?

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