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did Stalin want to use the moon as a nuclear launch pad?

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posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 12:46 AM
According to a relatively recent Russian documentary, yes. Over the last few years, the trend in Russian conspiracy theories was to focus on the idea that the Moon was an alien moon base which is why NASA didn't continue landing there. A major part of the essays and documentaries on the subject also include discussions of secret Soviet plans for the Moon should the USSR have landed first.

As the title of this thread suggests, one of these plans was to build a base to launch nukes at any target below. The other was to detonate a nuclear weapon right after the first Soviet moon landing as a show of force. Here's a review of the Russian language-only documentary Moon: The Secret Zone by a writer born in the Soviet Union and his scientific take on the ideas expressed there:

There's also a link to the original content for those of you also fluent in Russian.

What do you think? Is he missing something? And is it really possible that a secret KGB file lost in time contains the plans for building a lunar nuclear launch pad?

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