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Gaza: CNN “Missing in action”

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 12:30 PM
Article: published in Huffington post,

A couple of days ago, CNN's anchor Campbell Brown complained that her network was trying to report as accurately as possible on the fighting in Gaza but can't because CNN has no reporters on the ground who can bring you first-hand information about what is taking place. The reason, she explained, "we have no reporters on the ground in Gaza is because Israel will not allow foreign journalists into Gaza."

She went on to say, "Much of the information coming out of Gaza is impossible to verify and many of the images you see on television are provided by Hamas."

This is total nonsense!

There are more than a dozen television stations that still operate out of Gaza. For the past several years, Arab satellite networks have dispatched news reports out of Gaza almost on a daily basis. Leading Arab satellite networks all have offices and reporters in Gaza, such as, Al Jazeera (Arabic and English), Al Arabiya TV, Dubai TV, Nile TV, Abu Dhabi TV, to name a few.

And when CNN reporters finally do arrive, Ms. Brown, they never give a damn about the 1.5 million residents of Gaza who spend their daily existence in one large prison caged like animals in a filthy and an unsanitary environment. They can be found hanging around the Hilton in Tel Aviv and the American Colony in Jerusalem sipping on Martinis and exchanging laughs with their Israeli fixers. They then pile up in a bus in front of the Israel Government Press Office, 37 Hillel St. Jerusalem and off they go on an organized tour of Ashkelon and Sderot.

( - Read whole article! )

What this article raises up is great ignorance amongst western media what is really going on. I see great reason why western media is ousted from this massacre, and message of this war is send only to Arabic world - and why western media is not welcome to witness the truth.

GAZA 911

Show is not made for Europe or USA, its direct surgical media strike to minds of Muslim world - It has no other military goals than generate destruction and death - what is then broadcasted around Muslim world; 24-7.

Gaza is not a war, its massmurder 1st degree, and Israel offers this cruel show and provocation with full purpose because its future needs, minds to its enemies, fueling coming wars with great desire.

Gaza 911 is real prime time tragedy, and cause for trauma all around Muslim world - but western world is not invited to this party of ultimate sacrifice.

USA have 9-11
London have 7-7
India have Mumbai Attacks
Muslims have Gaza

Media Wars causes All Out Wars - its in your mind - they rule, you vote!

When everyone was asking about new 911 in US, we should been worry about 911 in Muslim world - Now its too late.


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