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[HOAX]Info on Secret base[HOAX]

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 11:38 AM
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Ok so first of all I would like to say:

I hate fakers on ats.

I have very little evidence on this as it is secret. People don't understand that if they are telling the truth they won't have evidence. Afterall its secret!

Also NO NAMES! I can't say my name or anyone else. [U]ITS A SECRET[/U]


Ok so I need to start at the begining:

So I Graduated from harverd with a degree in theroretical phsics. Thats where it starts, See I had a friend in college he was a little weird. Lets call him Frank. So one day Frank came up to me at my house and said "Ted I have something to tell you. I was asked by my boss to ask you if you want a job?" I looked at him and asked "What job? I didn't know you worked." Frank said "I work for the goverment and am being shiped out to a base in New Mexico. I was asked if I wanted to take you. It pays well." He said all of his sentences in short ways. I told him "OK".

I have to go now. BRB. In a hour.

[edit on 11/1/2009 by Mirthful Me]

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 11:58 AM

Originally posted by spyman09

I hate fakers on ats.


So I Graduated from harverd with a degree in theroretical phsics.

I didn't graduate from Harvard but I can spell physics.

Thread closed.

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