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The Earth Is Growing!? Watch These Videos!

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posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 11:58 PM
Geologists, in the main, believe in the permanency of mass. They have a classical physicists view of that and correspondingly cosmological evolution.
Neil Adams covers expansion of other celestial bodies and states that they all are growing. This is demonstarted by retracting along growth lines exhibited on their surfaces.
He believes that this growth is universal as primal or prime matter enters into a 'normal' matter state.
Co-incidentally there are a number of bizarre (currently unexplainable by notions widely held) items now observed which may be supportive of Mr Adams.
One is the increasing rate of expansion noted of the universe. Mr Adams cites that the last 10 million years have resulted in a growth of 7% of the surface of the earth. That this process is accelerating. All expansion of the surface, he holds has happened in the last 200M/yr.
One cosmological theory believes that we went through a stable period of physics which is now being departed from.
This correlates well with his thoughts and observations reported both on the earth and in the cosmos.
This acceleration is thought to be caused by the currently ineffable 'Dark Energy'. It's accompanying 'Dark Matter' is what is gluing our galaxies together. Another sprite generated by ignorance of what is actually going on.
Mr Adams proposes that Dark Matter is his Primal Matter and it's now beginning to enter into the realm of normal matter. It then demonstrates mass and the functions of mass of we are familiar with.
Can this be the fuel propelling increased expansion rates?
His theory is coherent and fits the known observations better than these phantoms of our current honchos in science.
We don't even understand rotation in gravity fields. We don't understand much of what we see. (Sharp sticks are painful if seen too close.)
I believe we are seeing sharp sticks emerging from the quantum foam. I believe that the hyper-dimensional universe has yet to be entered into our computations as to how things REALLY work.
We have only begun to explore the workings of the universe. If the universe is a fractal composition, It may be possible to discern the Planck scaled events by retracing the events which have resulted in what we can observe at the macro-scale. (It wasn't that long ago that Mandelbrot was considered more of an artist.) Perhaps Mr Adams is a little ahead of the rest.
I don't believe that the current paradigms will result in long range success (increased accuracy of predictions) by apending the strange through more manipulation of the current crop of theories. I believe that radical transformation will be needed.
Unfortunately, I too am ignorant as to what these may be. I am not beholding to the authorities in these matters. They are a conservative lot who defend what got them there and generally they just need to be cleared out of the way.
Just an old hippy, I guess.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 05:54 PM

Originally posted by Lasheic
reply to post by platoslab

Question: How do the authors of the site explain the presence of an iron surface on the Sun in contrast to the recorded temperatures of the surface which are hot enough to vaporize iron? Further, we've observed sunspots moving at different speeds across the surface - indicating that the equator rotates faster than the poles.

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Did you read the forum you linked to? The author (Michael Mozina from clearly explained his observations which were based on satellite data. I can see no major flaw in his analysis since they are consistent with the images and known physics. However, the gas model is not supported by current satellite observations therefore it cannot be accurate.

We should not forget the scientific method if we want scientific truth. Observations rule!

The iron layer should be below the photosphere and insulated by other elements protecting it from the extreme heat. Satellite data clearly shows that there is a lot of iron(iron arcs, solar moss).

There are satellite images that prove the equator does not rotate faster than the poles.

Highest heat measured originates from the outer gas layers! This observation is contrary to the gas model which asserts that main fusion reactions occur in the core. This evidence is enough to debunk the gas model. All of the real magic is happening on the outer gaseous layers! This should be obvious to NASA but somehow they continue to peddle the gas model and obfuscate it with theoretical nonsense.

I wonder, why would NASA want to hide the sun's true fusion processes from the public?

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posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 02:06 AM

Originally posted by Lasheic
You might want to take a look at this forum, where the author of the webpage you're referencing is debating other posters FAR more knowledgeable that most people you'll find here.

Sorry but 'bad astronomy forum is hardly worth the time of day... especially since they screen posters that don't agree with their views
And insulting ATS member intelligence levels is hardly a way to win an argument around here

He claims to have submitted his paper for peer-review, and I would be interested to hear the results of this.


Los Alamos National Lab Archives
Observational Confirmation of the Sun's CNO Cycle

The Surface (Ferrite Layer) Of The Sun

The Surface (Ferrite Layer) Of The Sun (long version)

I browsed some of the skeptic responses and they ALL are confusing the 'surface' of the sun with the surface of the protosphere....

That would be like us saying the surface of the earth or the surface of the atmosphere....

Here is a very clear picture from the website... the black layer is the iron surface deeper down where its not as hot... Ferrite = Iron

Ferrite or alpha iron (α-Fe) is a materials science term for iron, or a solid solution with iron as the main constituent, with a body centred cubic crystal structure. It is the component which gives steel and cast iron their magnetic properties, and is the classic example of a ferromagnetic material.

Practically speaking, it can be considered pure iron. It has a strength of 280 N/mm2[citation needed] and a hardness of approximately 80 Brinell.[1] Ferrite can be strictly defined as a solid solution of iron in body-centered cubic (BCC) containing a maximum of 0.03% carbon at 723 °C (1,333 °F) and 0.006% carbon at room temperature.


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posted on Apr, 23 2009 @ 02:23 AM
I feel this is the most real theory I have ever heard it scares a lot of people but that is to be expected. Religious people will go nuts because well lets face it there nuts, and cant handle the truth.

posted on Apr, 23 2009 @ 02:15 PM
I am not sure what "religion" you are talking about - I am Christian Orthodox (original Christians) and there is nothing wrong with true science. I actually think that the theory of expanding Earth is well founded and very interesting.

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