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Gaza strip, the untold story.

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 09:50 AM
Since media is banned to enter by Israel I am posting this blog by a citizen of Gaza. Follow the blog day by day to get a clue of whats happening. Think of this as an addition to the Gaza Live Cam that is posted on this same forum.

Day 15 of Israeli War On Gaza
By Sameh A. Habeeb, A Photojournalist, Humanitarian & Peace Activist in Gaza Strip.
Deadly Outcomes of Israeli Ground Military Operation:
1-A Palestinian journalist, Ala' Mortaja, killed in Israeli airstrike targeted his house in Al Zaytoun quarter. His mother was wounded and she is in critical conditions at the moment.
2-Israeli F16 targeted with heavy missiles a workshop for Abu jahal
3-Israeli F16 targeted Al Mughraqa city council mid of Gaza Strip.
4-Israeli F16 targeted many aims in Al Nusairat Refugee Camp.
5-Israeli gunboats targeted the shore of Al Nusairat Refugee Camp.
6-Israeli artillery shelled many buildings in Al Zahra' City mid of Gaza Strip.
7-An artillery shells rained down on Abu saif house in the mid areas of Gaza.
8-Seven Palestinians killed I the early hours of day 15 due to bombings and air raids east and north of Gaza.
9-More than 10 houses destroyed by Israeli shelling east and north of Gaza.
10-Israeli air raids on a military post linked to Hamas south of Gaza Strip in Rafah City.
11-Air raids in Hikr area near Dair Al Balah. The raids and bombings targeted many agricultural and open fields.
12-Rockets hit parts of Al Norain Buildings central Gaza Strip.
13-Bombings taerget Block 5 in Al Nusairat camp and many people arrived to the hospitals with various wounds.
14-Heavy shelling from the Israeli artillery east of Al Burej and Dair Al Balah City.
15-Around 5 journalists killed since the start of Israeli War on Gaza.
16-Intensively, Israeli air force of F16s, Apaches and drones fly over the Gaza City and northern areas.
17-Fissionable bombs are being uses by Israeli army especially the artillery machines. Doctors approved that in Al Shifa' hospital as many cases arrived with characteristics indicate that such as amputations all over bodies.
18-The early hours of Day15 witnessed destruction of many houses forDiab, Yasin, Al Sairhi and Khalifa families in Al Zaytoun quarter. Air forces and artillery participated in the bombings.
19-A Palestinian killed in Rafah City as Israeli rocket targeted group of Palestinians near Kairm Abu Salem crossings south of the strip. Six wounded and one of them in critical conditions. The rocket was fired through a drone!


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