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bad karma about 2012

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 08:59 AM
I'm on the fence when it comes to the whole 2012 subject, But if enough people keep mentioning pending doom and outrageous conspiracy theories about the year and it gets to the point where EVERYONE on the planet has some opinion that something bad will definitely happen,

Well is that not giving the powers that be an excuse to do some sort of false flag mass wipe out or whatever evil plan that they put into action and use this date as an excuse? Like i said i don't know what THEY may do but do you not think this is plausible?

I myself don't think it's possible to keep something this big ( if it does exist as a threat ) under wraps. Surly if some catastrophe was going to happen and the guy who knew about it and worked on said catastrophe new he and his wife kids friends would not be saved would he not spread the word? I know i would.


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