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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 04:56 AM
After you have been on here even just a few monthes like me. You see obvious hoax after obvious hoax. "I was sent from the future" "I have secret information I cannot divulge" "I am an alien reptile" .

Further investigation, from various sources, you see a farmer admitting he made the crop circles, photographers admit and show you how they hoax photos using a penny on a window or reflection. Someone admitting to hoaxing the loch ness monster before he died.

Aliens, So you think aliens spent light years traveling. and just came down to look, and left? Cosmic sight see-ers with a polaroid. Sure, our own technology, medievil in comparison to what they must have, can see it from our spy satelies in space. Time travel, wormholes, light speed, that they have mastered, but the photo lens, they can't get that working. Interesting theory.

Ufos, ufos have witnesses, how on earth can I challenge solid proof like "I am an alien reptile but I can not prove it". First I would have to prove atrocities like, well known politicians lying to millions of people, before I could prove one obscure person lying to a small group of people. Gosh, where would I ever find things like that?

Mutliple witnesses, that's why cops only find one witness to a crime and stop there, cause everyone who saw it must have seen the same thing, after all, thats what conspiracy witnesses see, the exact same thing. It's almost as if it was rehearsed

But wait, maybe they are not lying. Maybe they really saw something? Well, there is no need to involve a mental health professional or the local '___' dealer to see if they know what sort of thing might have caused this hallucination. Better not look in the red cross manual on how heatstroke can cause hallucinations. No better ignore the solid evidence.

So lets stick to invisible evidence, that is my favorite. Gods, Ghosts, Psychics. Well you gotta have faith to understand god, no you have to be of an open mind to get psychic help, i mean, you have to be a type of spiritual medium, to see ghosts.

But ya know who controlls religion, right, the cub scouts. You know for some strange reason they don't just release the names, addresses, photos and home numbers of every little boy to the general public. Can you say secret society? Strangely enough, neither does the girl scouts! Just peer at one of their "secret meetings' and take pictures of the children and I bet they send a cop after you. A cop/former scout, that is.

Heck, they must be hiding something right? And do you know how many people who were in Cub Scouts went on to controll corporations and become wealthy? ALOT. Need more evidence? An Eagle Scout is automaticcly promoted from private in the army to private first class. I think we both see what is going on here. Giving the good jobs to 'friends of the family".

But however, we are a fair people and believe you say and believe in anything, As long as your libeling individuals, or a government. You can not libel a religion. Because religions and governments are different things. Neither enjoys collecting taxes or tithes. Neither has laws. And neither has representatives trying to implement law. Like latter day saints pushing propasition 8, that never happened. If it had happened, it definitely wouldn't be to keep the rich off the hook for spousal benefits.

Governments never use religion, they are basiccly enemies. historiccly the nazis had no arrangements with the catholic church. The pagans, well, they had no controll over greece, Look at egypt, just look at those funny pyramids, they are not shaped like a star at all! and in a country where astrology was so important! It's as silly as saying wal mart makes predictions about holiday sales. Or the government regulated the stock market. And the worth of the dollar was tied to it in some conspiracy somehow. Its all ridiculous nonsense. Because invisible evidence is never wrong. And I can not say anything bad about religion.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 05:43 AM
Search VX gas on wikipedia, they know Saddam made 3 bombs of vx and dropped them on iran. They know we had weapons of mass destruction.

We do know planes went into the world trade center. Anyone who has driven past a tanker truck that went on fire knows the whole thing burns to the ground and leaves nothing, no steel frame, no tanker, no cast iron engine intact. But you don't see people rushing to the scene claming someone stole the chasis, or that mystery fuel was loaded into the tanker to melt it, in some great conspiracy to silence the truck driver.

Cheney got generous no bid contracts for halliburton. This isn't about fixing a roof, or refinishing your hardwood floor and getting estimates. Go check the yellow pages and check the listings for "war zone pipeline and infrastructure and construction with private security agency".

Yeah thats it, the war is about oil. Thats why we are attacking a country who doesn't have much oil. Apparently the meter on our national stockpile was just a tad below full and we only needed a small country to top it off. Why go after saudi arabia or kuwait when your tank is almost full, am i right?

After all, the hijackers were Saudis, yeah, the ones who expelled bin ladin. obviously them trying to kill bin ladin was a ruse to throw us off. yeah classic disinformation technique.

Scooter libby outing Valerie Plame, to cover up lies! Her husband had wrote an article for the new york times admitting to working for the CIA. Many people went to investigate intelligence leads. But this one wrote an article about it. You think this was the one single CIA agent in the world? Of course not, generally they don't go writing articles about every good and bad piece of evidence they investigate. I am sure there are many rumors and good solid information pieces out there. Because its like that everywhere. And the CIA is not one man. They chose the wrong people to screw with, Bush's dad ran the CIA, and they knew how to destroy her career like her husband tried to destroy theirs. Simple as that.

Well if we are invading iraq, why not iran? no WMDs, no VX. they are trying to build a nuclear generator with russias help. VX is interesting, apparently according to wikipedia, the only person to ever die from it, died from a homemade brew of it. SO, IRAN could make it, if they wanted to, but for some reason, they just do not want to. They are all talk. Gee, Imagine that. a government lying, who would believe it?

North Korea? they had to set off a big load of dynamite to try to trick people they had a nuke.

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