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Series of Emotional Dreams

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 02:08 AM
Okay, first of all, I'm going to state that I take Paxil for depression and anxiety so I'm going to chalk up these dreams as a side effect. However, I figured it'd be cool to share with you some of my current dreams since I found them interesting.....and scary.

I'd also like to elaborate that I had my fair share of dreams throughout my short life but that I haven't had, or remembered, any dreams for the past few years. Now, I have been having frequent dreams this past week. Also note that I started having these dreams about a month after I started taking the medicine right after New Years.

These aren't your normal ordinary dreams with garbled messages and nonsense. These are every emotional, deepfelt, lucid dreams.

A majority of them dealt with me fighting with my parents. I felt very angry with them and very disapointed with myself for fighting with them but I couldn't control my rage. Rage over petty things. I have a great relationship with them so this comes as strange and eery. Another dream is me screaming at a crowd of people that we are all equal and basically should all get along. Those dreams make up the majority of my recent dreams. Rage and fustration.

Now, lastnight got really weird and scary for me. I had a chain of dreams, one lucid one, that could be connected but I can't remember everything that happened so bare with me. I'm not sure what two happened first, the lucid or the scary one but I'm going with the scary one. It was short and consisted of someone telling me that my mother had died. I remember having my world just being crushed and felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest. I felt incomplete and just emotionally shocked.

Then came the lucid dream, I believe. It was also short and strange. I remember sitting on the floor doing something when my dad called for me to come see something. I went to go see but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was. However, I remember being in disbelief and disgusted with this dream. I thought the dream was pointless. So then I went to go lay on the floor and I told myself that I'm going to wake up. I've had enough of this dream. I believe I sleep with the right side of my brain because as soon as my head laid on the dream floor, I felt a strange sensation sweep across my brain. It was a sort of energy, tingling sensation in the right side of my brain that transitioned itself to the other side of my brain, the left side. As soon as it swept across my brain, my head came up and I woke up. This transition lasted for couple of seconds before I woke up. I remember laying there with my head up for a few seconds thinking about what just happened, then I went back to sleep. Very hard to describe.

My last dream is the most interesting to me and could be a possible prediction? Like I said earlier though. I'm chalking it up to my pills but I'm definetly open minded to what you guys think about all this.

Okay, It all started with my dad telling me to come outside to look at something in the sky. I went outside which was a nice summers day. I seen the sun, very bright, and two moons to the right of it. To put it into perspective, take your left index finger, hold it up, then hold up your right index finger five inches to the right. That's how far away the moons were from the sun in the sky. I knew one was our moon and the other was the infamous planet X, a.k.a Nabiru (sp?). I'm not sure which one was our moon since they looked identical except that the left moon was a little farther up and its top left portion was misty and invisible. Like when you see the moon in the morning and it's half invisible. The next scene was me looking down on a white plate with strange food on top of it. It looked like noodles and mashed potatoes but wasn't. I somehow knew that aliens, yes I also somehow knew that aliens inhabited the second moon, gave this food as a piece offering to mankind. I then had a sudden urgence to reach our government and tell them to send them a piece offering in return, otherwise the aliens would be insulted. Unfortunetly, it was impossible to reach our government and no return gift was made. Then a news paper article flashed up into my face which mentioned something about god letting this happen. Then, the aliens did something wierd. They fired upon Earth but I knew it was a warning shot due to there anger out of being insulted. They fired what appeared to be a solar flare type cloud over our landscape. It was bright and shiny which consisted of the colors red and a yellowish white light. This is the wierd thing. It didn't appear to be lethal or destructive but it felt devasting on a global scale none the else. Very hard to explain. Then, I remember trying to contact certain family member but they were unattainable. Lastly, I asked my cousin on the right of me where my grandma was. She didn't answer for a long time and I looked at her thinking the worst, that my grandma was dead. I started crying but then my cousin said she was alright and that she didn't answer right away because she had food in her mouth......she didn't have food in her mouth when I asked her......This is when I woke up to my dad walking into the house.

I'm 19, agnostic, and am interested but not zealous about the Planet Nibiru theory to answer your question on my standing on certain topics in my last dream.

I hope this is interesting to you as it is me and hope to hear any interpretations you have of my dreams.

P.S. Sorry for all the "then" words. : )

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 08:25 AM
reply to post by MegaBears

Hi MegaBears. The last dream you shared is very interesting to me. I see a lot of signs in this dream which may or may not be prophetic. Of course, I'm not an expert when it comes to interpretation, and my interpretation may be biased by my opinions. But I am a deeply spiritual person, and I've been looking into dreams and interpretations more closely lately. I've had some alien / God dreams in the past as well. So you can take what I have to say, or leave it. But after reading your post I felt compelled to comment.

I have a lot of questions that may help to interpret your dream. The answers you're able to provide will help me make sense of the dream, and then I can begin to share my interpretation. Sorry if these questions are nosy or numerous, but it may put some things into perspective. Have you ever had a prophetic dream that you can remember? Even something unimportant that you dreamed about prior to you seeing it?

First off, the fact that your dad asked you to come outside, as opposed to you just seeing the moon / Nibiru on your own strikes me as important. It makes me believe that this occurrence was a significant event. Did anyone else say anything about Nibiru? Was your dad showing any particular emotions or urgency when he asked you to come outside? Was there any feelings such as fear, anxiety, or amazement? Is your dad someone you trust more highly than other people? Or less? Have you shared any Nibiru info with your dad in real life? Have you ever dreamed about Nibiru before, that you remember?

In the next scene, did you eat the food? Did you want to eat the food, or was it something you consciously rejected? Or were you indifferent to it? To me, the food is symbolic of a gift from the aliens which was not accepted / viewed, as such by all people. Are you sure the newspaper article appeared before the aliens fired, as you said in your post? Because it seems like the article is trying to blame God for something. But it's not clear why the blame is being placed.

The fact that the government had left and was perhaps hiding could symbolize the government was aware of the consequences of its choice (not returning a gift to the aliens). It could also symbolize that the government was eliminated in one way or another. Perhaps it became irrelevant, or was destroyed by something / someone. I see the food as either a symbol for survival, or belief / indoctrination. It must be important, because when it wasn't returned, the aliens were insulted. If the food was seen by the people as an essential gift to take, or something to be cherished, a gift would certainly be offered in return.

The next part of the dream is very weird, as you say. The aliens seem to be doing something harmful to the people of Earth, but not physically? Is that correct? How did you know it was a warning shot? They were insulted, so they were enacting some revenge. And even though the shot wasn't lethal, it was devastating. You say that it's hard to explain, so I understand that you may not be able to clear this part of the dream up for me. Did your emotions change in any particular way? Any additional details about this section of the dream would help.

Since food came back at the end of the dream, when your cousin says she had the food in her mouth, I believe it's important. Was the food your cousin was referring to the same exact food as you had seen earlier in the dream? Do you trust your cousin in real life? Are there any issues between the two of you?

Well, like I said before, I found your dream interesting. I'd love to give you my interpretation, but I'll wait to see your answers to my questions. This way I'll be making as few assumptions as possible.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 03:15 PM
Thanks for your reply and I'll try to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge. The dream is still prominent in my mind but the details are getting blurry as time goes on. So here goes.

I've never had a prophetic dream that I can remember although I'm sure I would remember a dream of this magnitude if I did have one before.

Quite a few of my family members were in a group with me talking about the event. My dad and them were all nervous/excited/weary of what was happening. Where I was I'm not sure. I never looked at wear I was. It seemed unimportant at the time. Sorry.

I trust my dad with my life. He is someone I hold in high regards and take his advice very seriously. I've never talked to him about Nibiru in real life but he is a religious person. More Christian than anything but he believes that your relationship with god is personal and that churches are unimportant. And no I've never had a dream that I can remember before about Nibiru.

I didn't eat the food but I didn't outright reject it either. I played with it a little mixing it around with my fork. Like a little kid would do if he didn't want to eat something but I was more cautious of the gift than anything which is weird because I'm usually open to trying new things.

The newspaper article could've happened after the aliens attacked since that part is a little blurry but I have to say it happened right before the aliens attacked. I wish I could remember the whole article title but it did say something about god letting this happen.

I don't know if the government was taken out but I know I couldn't reach them. I feel stupid for leaving this part out but it felt unimportant at the time until now. I tried reaching the government through the phone. I tried asking the operator to reach the government for me but that is when I seen the news on the t.v. (Remember this is all happening really fast.) The operator was a female and the female news anchor on t.v was female and I felt an uncanny feeling that they were related or the same person. I felt like she betrayed me and that's when I seen the news article. Then the aliens attacked. Yes, the aliens did attack after the news article. I'm almost sure of it now. Sorry for leaving this bit out which was the only bit I left out.

I believe the shot wasn't lethal because my family was still alive and the structure we were in was still standing. The blast could have happened somewhere else. I was totally in a first person perspective. No out of body view or anything like that so I don't know what was happening on the outside. Well, let me rephrase that. I was outside as the shot went past us. It enveloped us and then I remember being inside our structure feeling let down. Like if your parents said they were disapointed in you and you felt crummy. That sort of feeling. Just felt really bummed. The solar flare was beautiful though, I remember thinking that. I was in awe as it happened.

I don't know if the food in my cousins mouth was the same food the aliens gave us. I didn't even think about that. I want to say that the material in her mouth was white........I trust my cousin in real life and we have a good relationship. I feel that she is my sister more than a cousin.

I hope I answered most of your questions successfully and I can't wait to hear your interpretation!

P.S. The weapon definetly felt more mentally/spiritually than physically.

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 12:32 AM
reply to post by MegaBears

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you with my interpretation, but here goes:

I believe your dream is a vision of how you will see disclosure of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life; and the events surrounding the first contact between the ETs and humanity as a whole. I'm not saying it is prophetic, although it may be, and it is not a vision of events to be taken literally. The dream, IMO, is your subconscious interpretation of significant events which may happen in your lifetime. So while I think your dream is symbolically prophetic, it is not a literal prophecy vision. But if people, such as you and me and some other threads I've read on the Internet, continue to dream such similar visions, we may just be approaching an event. How often do you think about aliens, God, religion, Nibiru? If you dream about these things more often than you read, write, and study them I'd put more stock in your visions. Also, do you associate Nibiru with aliens, and visa-versa?

So, I see the first part of your dream as symbolically showing you that a large and significant event is occurring in your dream. The gift of food from the aliens is a peace offering showing good will on the aliens' behalf. But it is also symbolic of survival (as food is essential), or indoctrination (as in a pact of sorts). So perhaps the aliens are giving mankind the ability to live on when we are dying, or they are giving us knowledge which is so important it will change our perceptions. We may be forced to look to the aliens as gods, or something similar, because they are saving us. They want people to believe they are saviors, and the "food" is what people need at that time. But the aliens also want something in return. From the dream it is not clear what they want. Since you were cautious of the food, perhaps you realized that something wasn't right, and you saw the food as a potential danger.

You felt betrayed by the government, as they did nothing to help the people understand what is happening. In fact, they seem to have vanished. I believe this is symbolic of the government's continued knowledge of aliens for decades, and their hiding of the truth. I personally believe disclosure will not occur until the aliens show up. This part could also be symbolic of the government handing authority over to the aliens. It is very interesting that you saw the media (news anchor) and the operator you spoke to (in trying to reach the government) as the same. The media and government work together to control information, so maybe this part is symbolic of that connection.

I believe the newspaper article is symbolic of how people will be programmed to react during the "Great Deception" events. The Bible talks about the Great Deception as an event which will be used to trick humanity. Apparently, it will be so immense that even Christians will be fooled. I believe these events will include aliens, UFOs, and an intense display in the skies which will include false images (EXTREMELY realistic holograms) and messages (which people will hear). This may sound crazy to you, but if you look into "Project Bluebeam" and "HAARP" you can learn more.

If people are "starving" (or suffering in some way) around the world, God could easily become the scapegoat. When "saviors" emerge in a glorious way, and bring some form of a "gift", the people will be grateful. They may accept these "saviors" as gods, and all other previous religions as lies and superstition.

The shot by the aliens could be related to the Great Deception as well. Maybe they wanted to demonstrate their power in a non-lethal show of force. Or the shot may have been symbolic of some type of global brainwashing. It is clearly significant, negative, affects the entire planet, and of a spiritual or mental nature.

I have some more thoughts, but I'd like to read what you have to say about this.

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 12:53 AM
Very interesting interpretation. Alot of what you say makes sense from what I can make of the dream.

Well, I rarely if ever have dreams of god, aliens, and Nibiru and I'm always on here : ) so that's a negative but it was having this rare dream that made me post this thread in the first place. Also, I do think that aliens and Nibiru are connected in some way but not sure how...

I agree with a majority of your interpretation but I'm not sure if the aliens intentions were harmful or for good. I never had an inkling of what they were up to which is weird because I knew some things instinctively, like me knowing that the food was a piece offering, and some things I was in the dark.

I can't remember what was going on before I seen Nibiru other than me laying on the floor looking at something. I'm not sure if there was a crisis, such as a shortage of food or nuclear war, but it wasn't significant if there was anything, otherwise, I'm sure I'd remember it.

Do you think my lucid dream and the Nibiru dream can be connected somehow? They both started with me laying on the floor looking at something and my dad saying to come look at something but that's where the connection ends. I doubt this though because I remember having the lucid dream first although I can be mistaken.

How many other people besides us are having similar dreams?

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posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 05:06 AM
reply to post by MegaBears

I probably shouldn't have implied (in my last post) that your dream is less important because you read about Nibiru/etc. often. What I wanted to say is that a person who has an intense dream(s) about something/someone/somewhere they had little or no contact with in the waking world is more likely to be experiencing a prophetic vision. As you likely know, what we dream about is usually a reflection of what we think/experience in the waking world. So, if you are constantly thinking about a topic (like Nibiru) in the waking life, you'll eventually have a dream about it.

However, this doesn't mean your dream is unimportant. You say this dream is rare, so I'd pay as much attention to the rare and interesting dreams that stick with you as the recurring ones. Dreaming is so personal, and only the dreamer knows for sure how significant a particular dream is. I know when I have a dream that is meaningful to me, I feel something different during and after dreaming.

As far as my aliens-Nibiru question, do you believe that Nibiru is tied to 2012? Do you see Nibiru as the home planet of a race of aliens? Is Nibiru, and are aliens, positive/negative/etc. to you? Are you concerned about Nibiru in your waking life, or more excited?

I just read your first post again, and I can see how your other dreams may be tied to an overall theme. I was originally most interested in your last dream. But all of the dreams you discussed sound intense. And if you weren't dreaming at all for the past few years, and then you started having a number of emotional dreams, maybe they are connected. I have no idea if Paxil would affect your dreaming habits, but the actual content of your dreams shouldn't be affected by medication.

In one of your first dreams you were angry and frustrated, and you were "screaming at a crowd of people that we are all equal and basically should all get along". This is significant, but without any context, there's no way to interpret what it means. But it still struck me as interesting.

I've had dreams about close relatives dying before, and they aren't fun. When you wake up, you usually still feel that sadness for a moment too. I've woken up to my own screams, and then realized I was only dreaming, THANK GOD. But still, not a great way to wake up.

Your lucid dream is probably connected to the Nibiru dream, but there's really no way to know for sure. It starts the same way, so it could have been leading to a similar vision as your Nibiru dream. But since you don't remember what your dad was showing you in your lucid dream, I guess it's just a mystery. Maybe you were going to have a dream about your dad showing you Nibiru no matter what, and when you didn't finish the dream the first time, your subconscious forced you to dream about it a second time. Is there any way the thing your dad was showing you in the lucid dream was important? In the OP, you said you "thought the dream was pointless". So maybe your dad was showing you something meaningless.

Recurring dreams are definitely significant, so if you have a recurring theme, like your dad showing you something, pay attention. If you have another dream about Nibiru/aliens/God, REALLY pay attention. Remember every detail. Especially if it is very similar to your first Nibiru dream. This would be a sign of a prophetic vision.

As far as the number of people having similar dreams to us, it seems like an increasing amount. It's not a lot, YET, from what I can tell. But I've had a dream which was similar to a relative of mine. And they were both similar to yours. I have read some posts on ATS, and other websites, where people have discussed their alien/God/Nibiru dreams. I'll post a couple of links to the ATS threads I bookmarked. I didn't bookmark the other websites, but you can probably find them by searching the net.

[ CONTINUED .........]

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posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 06:40 AM

Here are links for 2 ATS threads discussing visions/dreams about aliens/Nibiru.

"staged alien invasion"

My first dream of Nibiru Caused a sleepless night

While the dreams in the OPs of these threads may not be identical to yours or mine, I found them and the replies to be very interesting. There are some similar themes, so they're worth reading. You may be able to find some more ATS threads talking about similar dreams. I know I've seen more posts in other threads.

Also, I figure I might as well tell you about my alien/God dream now. I've had a few, but I've almost completely forgotten all of them except for one. This dream felt different at the time, and it's stuck with me since. I don't remember many of my dreams, so this dream is special I guess. BTW, I've never had a dream about Nibiru that I can remember.

My dream was similar to yours in that someone told me to go outside because there was something big happening. As soon as I went outside, I saw glowing beams of light in the sky. I saw angelic beings moving around, some UFO-like saucer things floating, and large crosses made of light floating high above. The crosses almost appeared to be burned into the atmosphere, or were basically on fire with white-hot light. Some of the crosses were made up of the angelic beings, who had literally organized themselves into the shape of a cross, and they were moving down. The light from the beings/UFOs/crosses was so bright it was hard to look into the sky. But the rest of the sky was relatively unaffected. The earth itself was light like it was daytime, but I knew it was night. I heard singing, and trumpets coming from the sky, but I couldn't tell where the noise was coming from. After this went on for a few minutes my dream ended abruptly.

So I had this dream several years ago. This was before I was aware of many things. I've only really started to learn about aliens, conspiracies, the Bible, Project Bluebeam, and other such paranormal/supernatural things over the past few years. When I had my dream, I wasn't at a strong place in my spiritual/religious belief, and I didn't really think about aliens or Jesus Christ's second coming at all. So to be honest, the dream didn't mean a whole lot until about 3 years ago.

And then, about a month ago, I stumbled upon this image while I was searching for something COMPLETELY unrelated:

As soon as I saw this picture, it put me back into my dream. In my dream, there were less UFOs, and none of the cigar-shaped ones. I also saw many more angelic beings. I didn't see anyone being beamed up into the UFOs either, but bright lights were coming down from the UFOs. The sky looked similar, but the ground was brighter. Aside from a few minor differences, this image is exactly what I saw in my dream. I've tried to find the source of the image, but the website it came from has disappeared. It was a fluke that I even managed to find it during my original search, and I wish I could find the source it came from.

Anyway, my dream may not be the same as yours, but the way your dream began is very similar to mine. The fact that your dream included aliens, a mention of God, and Nibiru made it very interesting to me. As soon as I read your OP, I started thinking about the disclosure of aliens, the Great Deception, and Project Bluebeam. Over the past 3 years I've started to think my dream may be a warning, or a prediction, of alien disclosure. And once I learned about Project Bluebeam, it started to make sense. Your dream is much longer, and more detailed. I really wish I would've written my dream down as soon as I woke up.

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posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 02:33 AM
Yeah, now that you mention it, I wish I would've wrote my dream down as well. However, it's still quite alive in my thoughts. Anyways, thanks for the links!

What bothers me though is I haven't had any dreams about Nibiru or god or aliens or anything for that matter since then. Come to think of it, that's the last dream I can remember....still take my medication regularly too.

Your picture intrugues me too. When I seen the "weapon" fire, the lanscape looks sort of similar but it was daytime and there were no ufos or aliens to be seen. I've never seen any ufos or aliens in my dream. I just......knew. Anyways, the light in your picture reminds me of the solor dlare type object I seen cascading over the scenery in my dream. Just picture it more dense and dark red and yellow. It was concentrated to the right in your picture and had the form of flare....

As towards your questions, Nibiru is a possibility that I can't prove or disprove. I find it an interesting subject though and if it IS real, then I would have to believe aliens are connected somehow. I couldn't tell you if the aliens would be positive/negative but I'm hopeful that they come to help us. More excited than anything, really.

Concerning my lucid dream, I have no idea what my dad wanted to see but I know I didn't believe it. Like if I was highly skeptical about something and I'm trying to rationalize to my self that it's not real and it's uninteresting.

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 02:35 AM
Woops! Didn't realize my mom's fiance was logged in until I posted. Sorry for the confusion!

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