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How can one tell if one is an"old soul"?

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 03:02 AM
I cant provide as good a description as the previous poster about soul levels did in my opionion he/she gave a very good description of the soul levels AS outlined in the Micheal books. According to the books the last 2 levels occur in the astral plane (upper/lower?) and are called the transcendant soul and the infinite soul. Socrates and Confucious are examples of the transcendant soul and Christ and Buddha are examples of the infinite soul. After the 5th level the soul is not "required" to reincarnate; though it may choose to do so apparently. As for further reading I would refer you to the "Seth" material by Jane Roberts. If you havent already read it try Jonathan Livingston Seagul by Richard Bachman (Bach?? cant remember.)

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 03:03 AM

Originally posted by sylvrshadow

Actually I think this is an important thing for everyone to do, but then again I am quite sure no one asked me for my opinion!

Certainly welcome! and thank you for the suggestion, I wil try it. I have to say though you are right IMO, that the attraction to other cultures does not apply to everyone, I don't think I recall experiencing this myself but I do know others who are drawn by other cultures. I find it hard sometimes to engage in deep thought alone as it becomes too much and I then need to "release" it by talking but I'll give it a shot with only one thought that comes to mind, thanks again!

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 03:14 AM
Hi Again,

I wanted to thank liquidself for posting the info about the author and the book.
(Im off to investigate that one.)

alyosha1981, here are two links to the same website that may or may not help you. The website is called crystalinks, and it is considered a metaphysical website. I do hope that will not keep you from visiting, as there is quite alot of great info there on a variety of subjects!

However, in relation to your search for more information, you might find this page on the soul interesting. Journey Of The Soul

Here is another link to an alphabetical listing of information in her directory. Directory There are some cool gems of information there.

She also has an EZINE section that she updates daily with all kinds of daily news information. You can reach that section from her main page.

Like I said I hope the metaphysical aspects of the site wont deter you from checking it out. Just take with you the parts that you like and leave the rest!
I hope this helps you out.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 03:15 AM
reply to post by liquidself

Thank you I will check out those titles! I have an odd attraction to this subject and have been drawn to it more so recently.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 03:20 AM
reply to post by sylvrshadow

Thank you sylvrshadow! I do appreciate the information and I don't think the metaphysical aspect will keep me from investigating the site you mentioned as i just want to know more about this, in relation I hope to quell a growing fear of death that I can't seem to shake as well so any information is usefull, thank you again

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 03:26 AM
Hi alyosha1981,

Dont fret or worry about not being able to hold onto deep thoughts for very long. It isnt something that has to be done for any length of time in order to gain something from it.

Heck your thoughts dont even have to be deep!!
It is just the act of having time to ones self that matters. It does wonders for the soul. Of course as with anything there are exceptions.

Not everyone can stand to be alone with their thoughts. Often people who have self-love, self-doubt issues, for instance, cannot stand to be alone for any period of time.

EDIT to add a very heart felt You Are Most Welcome!
I am glad to be of help.

[edit on 1/11/2009 by sylvrshadow]

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 03:29 AM

Originally posted by Daniem
What you grandmother said an expression.

An old soul: Someone who seems to do stuff right in life, like they have learned all of lifes lessons, like they have secret knowledge... (like they have lived life before and remember experiences and is drawing on them in daily experiences.)

A good example is the child who seems older than its birthyears, expressing a maturity that is usually seen far beyond the age in years of the child.

that's a good example... but what gets me as i was growing up, is that the adults had overreaching expectations of the child...
I for one would rather have correspondence with the spirits around the house and walk & talk to Nature in the nearby city park rather than learn school subjects, engross oneself in kids TV, go to Saturday movie matinees unless they were Sci-Fi types of movies with that customary woo-woo 'space music'.
Slap-Stick was so crude and un-funny, it was almost a torture to watch, but one had to watch that popular stuff, because if you didn't -> you were effectively putting a sign-on-your-back saying 'weirdo'.

The following is a brief description of the characteristics of five basic soul levels. Each level has many lifetimes of lessons to teach us wisdom through trial and error.

OLD SOULS live and let live. They seek the route of least
resistance...they're individualistic and usually easy going. They have an inner knowing of the waste of time in pursuing fame and fortune and therefore create the appearance of being "laid back." Old souls are highly competent - even in roles they don't particularly like. They tend to choose work that is pleasant and undemanding, leaving them free to pursue their desired goals easily...unless the job adds to the spiritual search. They may or may not seek higher education... but definitely will seek it if they sense it's needed for their chosen path. Old souls create confidence in animals. And their choice of medical care tends to be alternative and holistic. Old souls are here to teach others their spiritual understandings. Their philosophies and writings are simple and easy to read. Old souls religion is far reaching and has no
label. A grove of trees is a sacred place to them. They seldom cling to dogma and prefer personal spiritual practices. However, old souls are wise enough to be discreet in their religious practices and know how to pass in public undetected. They focus on searching for the spiritual truth and have a finer sense of knowing what is true than any other souls level. Old souls all over the world share the experience of emptiness and a longing for that feeling of home.

Can you give us a link to that detailed explaination?


to the general thread,

Old Souls, at least in my realization, was never focused in the here-&-now
i was more interested in philosophy, space, religion at 10-13 than
smoking-in-the-boys-room kinda things.
Teen sports activity was only a 'fallout' from my Yoga training...
scrying & induced trance, hypnosis/meditation were normal activities...
but hidden to a degree from the outsiders.
except for the 2 'beatnicks' i was familiar with back then

Once in AIT, the Army schooling after boot camp, I did a dramatic OBE-
Astral Projection act, and the barracks was abuzz the next day with the
sighting of a 'ghost' the night before... I had already 'known' that i was
once a stone-age medicine-man in my most recent past life. but that kinda talk gets one shunned, so you keep silent about least when i was 17 yrs old

just a few things to cast a light on how this 'old-soul' ventured in the world,
an aquaintance, friend once said he thought i was a future-throwback...
perhaps he intuited that and old-soul shaman from antiquity would come to be needed in the near future world/community, and if the systemic
collapse of the western worlds financial systems causes the broader wrecking & collapse of today's social structures... then a return to a shamanic world might come about ...'future-throwback', indeed

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 03:33 AM
reply to post by sylvrshadow

Thanks, I have to work on that a little more, I do think it will benefit me in the longrun who knows? I do however sometimes have the misfortune of experiencing "unwanted" thoughts sometimes scary in nature so maybe that is why I try to "block out" random thought, I wonder how I could sort of filter out negitive thought, any ideas?

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 03:39 AM
reply to post by St Udio

Thank you for sharing I appreciate the insight very much, I would ask what happens to the soul in the interum (between) lives as you had said your previous time was the stone age or as far as you know, what does the soul do for al of that time in between?

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 03:53 AM
reply to post by alyosha1981

Hi alyosha1981, actually a great way to help with that is meditation. However I must caution that it will take a bit of research to find a meditation technique that is right for you. There is no right or wrong way to meditate, there is only finding the technique that suites you.

Now that being said, the easiest way that I have found to deal with wild and wayward unwanted thoughts is to put on some headphones and listen to whatever music that you have that makes you feel calm and relaxed.

That way you can even daydream about positive things that you already have in your life, or positive things that you wish to have in your life.

You mentioned earlier that you are trying to tackle the fear of dying that you have. I think a good start for you would be to read the accounts of people who have had near death experiences. A great website to read accounts of peoples near death experiences, or NDE's is this one:

One thing to note is that each persons NDE is "personal" in the sense that it tends to be qute reflective of their beliefs. A person who is buddist, for instance, will either meet budda or experience something relative to buddism. The same thing goes for all religious influences.

Once again, I would read them and take with you the things that "make sense" or "ring true", and leave the rest.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 04:00 AM
reply to post by sylvrshadow

Well thank you indeed, you have shared quite a bit of insight with me as well as other readers of this thread, and thank you for the NDE site link I will read that one ASAP, I have tried to meditate in the past while listening to moodscapes type music and that seemed to benefit me, though it has been a while
I'll try to track some of that music down and give it another go!

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 04:06 AM
i post this in the hopes that you may find it interesting.

joy to all.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 04:12 AM
reply to post by liquidself

What was/is the release date of that film? That was awsome! any info?
Is it out on DVD?

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 04:30 AM
reply to post by alyosha1981

Once gain you are most welcome!

(laughing) I hope I dont give you information overload here, but I have two more links for you that might be of some use. You mentioned that you needed to see if you could track down some of your moodscapes type of music.

Well, I have a few sites that might help you with that, and give you your music instantly. The first one is called I am not sure if you have ever heard of it. It lets you listen to music artists that you like and give some suggestions as to others you might like that are similar. Here is the link to one artist who I thinK creates some great "mood music"
Just click the box in the upper right corner to listen to some of their stuff.

Of course it may not be your forte` but you can further explore artists that you enjoy. Anther great site that helps you discover new music according to the music you like is called Pandora. Here is the link:
Pandora Radio

With that one once you make a "station" that you like based on the artist, it then plays similar music that you can listen to and then decide whether or not you like it. It keeps track of what you like and dont like and will keep adding new songs from the artists that you like.

I have found so many new artists and artist I had never heard of that way! So I hope I didnt just fry your circuits there!
(Im a bit of a net nerd and junky! )

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 04:30 AM
I m glad you liked it. Its pretty much universally hailed as a bad film.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 04:42 AM
reply to post by liquidself

Ahhh yes, Dune!!
One of my blast from the past movies. The funny thing is, I originally only wanted to see the movie because Sting was in it. (I had a bit of a crush on him then.
) It ended being one of my favorite movies, even though I couldnt really understand alot of it!

Im gonna have to dig that one up and watch it with my new "adult" eyes.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 04:50 AM
reply to post by sylvrshadow

Thank you that Pandora site is sweeeet! I've been playing around on it as I post
and no you haven't given me info overload you've given me info that is very usefull to me and I appreciate the kindness
as well, and if you happen to think of any more relevant links or resources please sen them my way, Thanks again sylvrshadow!

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 04:53 AM
reply to post by liquidself

I can't access your link (firewall at work
)but then sylvrshadow answered, so it's dune huh? what year?

Also a continuing THANK YOU!! to all who have replied on this subject I did not think I would recieve so much great info

[edit on 11-1-2009 by alyosha1981]

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 05:09 AM

Im glad you like the Pandora site.
Here is a wiki link to some info on the Dune movie: Dune (movie) wiki

I did a quick search and it can be rented from both Netflix, and Blockbuster.
Well, Im off to bed. (finally!!
) I have a plethora of sites that you might be interested in alyosha! Just let me know what you are interested in and I will try and get you a link.

EDIT to add the year for Dune was "1984". (I just read that you couldnt access some sites due to your work firewall.)

[edit on 1/11/2009 by sylvrshadow]

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 05:33 AM
reply to post by sylvrshadow

Thanks sylvrshadow! I'm sure I'll "pick your brain" more as I think of more questions sleep well

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