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1st person/3rd person "Dreams" of military ops & memory blocking

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by SuperSpark

I think you're just channeling someone in that situation, is all. I could be wrong...

Ever hear of the collective consciousness? There's a much larger version of this in the world we can tap into but I'm convinced it's trapped within our atmosphere(logical, when you think about it). So maybe you're in tuned with someone near you who's had these experiences and is reliving them or someone they're close to is sharing with them and they're imagining. Imagination can often paint a vivid picture that can seem quite real. Just a thought.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 05:44 PM

Originally posted by mmariebored
reply to post by SuperSpark

I think you're just channeling someone in that situation, is all. I could be wrong...

Ever hear of the collective consciousness?

Thank you for your comment! I bet a lot of people who share this experience must ask themselves the same question. Experiencing a "dream" sometimes in 1st person and sometimes in 3rd person is one of the more complex parts of this thread.

Yes, I'm familiar with the collective consciousness, super-ego, etc. I know its not the case in my personal experience. I suspect it is not in any of these cases. The experiencers do not describe the type of random experience that accidental channeling is.

All that I know is that I know nothing -Socrates

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 05:50 PM

Originally posted by TasteTheMagick
I'm standing in a street somewhere. I feel like I recognize the place but I can't really tell you where it is because the buildings and the surrounding area are so changed that I can't make a positive identification. Everything's different and the sky is dark. I feel like it's that way all the time in this new environment. I'm on the side walk and there's a little boy and his mother a little way in front of me.

The little boy gets away from his mother and she calls out to him but it's too late. He runs into the street and is almost instantly shot. The shot alone is not enough to kill him on the spot, but with no help I know he will quickly bleed to death. I run to him and lay the boy on his back, resting my hand over the wound. Concentrating I mumble something incoherent even to myself and green lights begin to swirl out of my palm and around the boys wound. I know within my own mind that what I'm doing is somehow wrong, something I shouldn't be exposing in public, but I don't care.

In moments the boy is healed. He thanks me, runs to his mother, and I stand up and look back at her. She is looking at me with a stare that tells me saving the boy has seriously risked my own well being. She screams "WITCH" and I don't even wait for the whole word to leave her lips before I begin to run. Quickly there are men chasing after me. They are wearing some kind of black suit/body armor.

I twist in and out of alley ways and streets, finally coming to a door that is familiar to me. The door opens and I see someone I trust, they usher me inside and lock the door behind us. We go down a flight of stairs and through twisting hallways, discussing the dangers of my choice. We come to another door.

The guy I'm with says he's sorry, opens the door and pushes me out. I fall into the hands of more of the armored officials that I had been running from moments before. My friend is handed money and thanked by a man in a suit. The man in the suit says that I've been avoiding them for some time. I feel an intense feeling of betrayal and begin to struggle against the armored men. I feel a pain in my neck and I black out.

Most of the time that is where the dream ends. A lot of the time, however, there is more:

I wake up in a white room, strapped to a table. My old clothes are gone and I'm now wearing a pale linen gown. I am barefoot. A doctor comes in and starts talking to me but as the things he says get more and more bothersome I spit in his face. The man unstraps me and says he will take me to have my attitude adjusted. We walk down the hallways and I know that if I don't do anything something terrible will happen to me. I use all the strength I can muster to struggle and escape.

I start running down the hallways, following signs but only getting more and more lost. It comes to a point where I can hear that I am being tracked, and quickly cornered. A white fog fills the hallway, somehow I know I made it happen, and I start backing away from my pursuers. But I back up right into more of them. The pain comes again and I black out.

Again most of the time this extension comes, that's the end. But sometimes there is another extension:

I come to blurry consciousness while being led down a hallway. I am in a wheel chair. I am wheeled through a pair of double doors, but I don't see the room I'm placed in. My vision is still blurry and I'm looking into my lap. I feel the wheel chair come to a stop and I hear footsteps recede. My vision slowly clears up and I see that I was left at a cafeteria type table with a tray of food in front of me. The right side of my neck is sore. I put my hand to the pain but can't feel anything like a scrape or a scab. I look up to find that I am in a room filled with other women who are quiet. I pick up the spoon on my tray and use it to look at the spot of my neck that hurts. I see a bar code tattooed there.

And then I wake up. I never used to give the NWO theories any merit, but this recurring dream changed that.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 05:51 PM

Originally posted by TasteTheMagick
There was another one that I had...that I obviously couldn't fit into my last post
it was so big.

I'm in a hotel with my family and some of my close friends. My mother and father are talking, I hear the words "over", "end", "hunters" multiple times. I can't hear the rest of the conversation but these words seem to stick in my mind.

I'm sitting with three friends and my little brother is in a corner of the room with a group of kids around his age. I notice that the other kids are my friend's siblings. They're all shaken and are sitting together for comfort, trying to help each other I assume. Two more of my friends are staying back, watching me. One of the three that I sit with is seriously injured and unconscious. Another is crying, trying to keep quiet. I pull a chip from my injured friend's wound and smash it saying "They can't track that piece, I pulled the transmitter out earlier."

I do everything I can to help my friend's wound, but he is ultimately still hurt badly enough due to a poison someone mentions that he may still die. A rumbling sound makes the room shake and everyone looks to a large glass window that leads to the balcony. Outside there is a large body of water, like an ocean. We all see what is coming almost simultaneously. Clouds and tornadoes and purple lightning pepper the skyline. A large tidal wave is coming, but there is a chance that it won't hit the hotel. We're all moved by it, knowing this could be the end. The wave get's closer and closer...but before it is made clear if it will hit or not, I wake up.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 05:51 PM

Originally posted by TasteTheMagick
I flipped through my dream journal and found one that I had completely forgotten about:

My friend Kara and I are driving in a car. The car is really beat up and the sky is this dark overcast type of color. I feel like I haven't seen sunlight in the longest time. We're talking but I can't remember really what about because that's when I notice the buildings. All of them are very tall like skyscrapers and are made up of what looks like large glass panels. The panels are moving, changing color, advertising things.

We pass under a bridge covered in soot and get into a car crash. Kara and I leave the car, checking to see that we are both ok. Suddenly there are men surrounding us, we both recognize them as police type men but they're not in typical uniforms.

I hear the words "Effective immediately" come off a walkie talkie on one of the men and two of them wrestle Kara and I to the ground. The man holding me down places one of my hands out palm side down. I feel a burning and I scream. The men let us go and Kara and I see that on our right hands we both now have a mark seared into our hands. I don't remember what the mark was exactly. I don't know why I can't remember.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by TasteTheMagick

Thank you Taste!! Great contribution. The part where you healed someone and felt like you should not be, or at least a sense that you might be caught and punished for doing so rings a whole lot of bells for me. I'll give it a more thorough reading tomorrow since I'm a bit exhausted tonight.

Its very important for us to examine where our experiences overlap. The commonalities of our experiences are the closest we're likely to come to the truth. The more people we can get to share their experiences with, the closer I think we can get to that truth.

Cheers everyone and thank you! I feel like we are really onto something here!

All that I know is that I know nothing -Socrates

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 02:31 AM
reply to post by SuperSpark

Have you been having the sort of dreams you've been asking us about?

Are you current military or do you have any prior military experience?

If so, have you ever been in combat ? If so, when was your last engagement?

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 11:11 AM
Hello everybody, I already told my experience in the NWO dream thread, yet here is another take, not as vivid and more detailed:
Lets start with your questions:

you see people in military uniform? (Yes, High ranked military staff)

you are either in combat or combat training maneuvers? (no)

you are fully conscious in the experience, but are not the “normal you”, your perspective is in some ways juvenile vs. your normal one but at the same time you have knowledge and skills your normal self does not? (it was clearly myself)

you find a hard time discerning if you are experiencing in the 1st person vs. 3rd person and/or switch between the two? (no, my dreams always tend to be first person)

you feel that as comfortable and as familiar being “that you” is, that person and the experiences are incredibly unfamiliar and difficult to recall when awake? (no)


Alright, it all started in the wastelands of Washington, pretty much everything had been destroyed, just big layers of ash covering the ground, no vegetation, no signs of living beings (animals/humans/insects). Although it was a horrible view, it seemed as if I was not suprised by the look of the enviroment. I was clearly being myself, a little bit older, around 30-40 years old, seemed to have good survival skills and I certainly knew what i was doing, yet I dont recall why I have been in this area, looking for something I guess. Normaly my dreams take place in locations I know, yet I have never been to Washington or to America in general. So I was dressed in a backpacker outfit, been traveling long distances and have certainly seen much destruction before. Well, as I climbed a small mountain to get a better view over the area, i noticed the white house still standing in its full glory, not even one edge was missing, the only building that survived the destruction that had been taking place. I decided to go straight at it, in the hope to find something of importance. I went in, looked around and noticed voices coming from a room on the second floor, being very suprised at that very moment (as if have havent seen or heard a living being since years). I went up, opened the door to the room and noticed 5-10 people, high ranked military staff, generals from american origin, since they had hundreds of medals on their clothes. They didnt mind me being there, well not even cared at all, ignored me while I was asking them questions in hope of finally not being alone anymore. They gathered around a map in the middle of the room which I cant recall, looking sad is if all hope and trust had vanished. Feeling irritated by not getting any kind of response, I just observed the situation, with the feeling that this was somekind of historical moment of great importance. Althogh I was curious what was going on, my view shifted to the outside, looking out of the window and suddenly observing a big flash of light, followed by a mushroom cloud a few miles away, and this was the point where the dream ended, not knowing if I had died or survived the "nuclear explosion"....

A horrible dream, and not at all typical compared to other dreams I have had. I hope it stays a dream, not coming to reality sooner or later!

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posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 11:42 AM
It was only last night or the night before that I had some dream involving two fighting militaries or groups. What they were wearing though was more like what a typical hunter wears instead.

Bewteen 2012 and survival stories, documentaries,news; the conflict in Gaza etc. and on here, I suppose it eventually will show up in dreams at some point.

My dreams have been waking me much more often than usual and I've been more tempted on writing them down. The problem is that I might not be able to get back to sleep.

I'm also afraid that I'll be having some OCD about what the dreams mean more than they should. Maybe I need to watch and read something more pleasant.

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 12:21 PM

Originally posted by Exuberant1
reply to post by SuperSpark

Have you been having the sort of dreams you've been asking us about?
*** I most certainly have! About 30 years worth. So many in fact, that I wanted to create some context first on this thread so we can focus on the consistencies, the common elements.

Are you current military or do you have any prior military experience?
***No. I worked in the defense industry for some time, but for the contractor.

If so, have you ever been in combat ? If so, when was your last engagement?
Well, no. But is sure feels like I have.. and plenty.


posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 01:05 PM
Amazing that this topic comes up 2 days after I expereice a similar dream.
Its weird, but its a dream so give it a bit of a break because I can't control all the details.
*I am a lucid dreamer in most cases. I become aware that I am dreaming.

In my dream, I was dressed in a uniform. 1st person. It looked a lot like Batmans uniform with some differences, so I refer to myself from that perspective as Batman. from this perspective i was beating another person. Not with the intent to kill, but to render them unconcious for apprehension, or that is how I remember my feeling about beating them. It was dark and the Batman threw the person up in the air and they landed on the top tier of a 3-tier water fountain. Batman leaps into the air and at this point the perception goes to 3rd person; I can see both people but I can't be seen. At the peak of the jump right before he is to come down on top of the beaten person with both feet, the perspective switches to the victim. I am now looking up from my back at Batman in the air above me. I remember his eyes. In the comics and cartoons you can't see his eyes through his cowl, they are just white. So they were in the dream as well, except they glowed so bright. He was sillouhetted in front of a light behind him at the peak of this jump with his bright glowing white eyes and all thought was how amazing it looked, i was now the victim, i was not afraid of what was happening. I just kind of thought the scene was amazing. At this point Batman is now falling to complete the stomp and the perspective snaps back to 1st Person in Batmans eyes when his feet connect.
Now as Batman (remember that is just the term I use to describe how i looked, not that I was actually Batman) I jumped off the person and the fountain and into the air and seemed to fly. As usual in my dreams flying sends me into Lucid mode and the more aware I am that I am just dreaming the more diffiicult it becomes to actually continue to fly. I lost control of my legs, which seemed to control my direction and fell and landed softly on the ground like I do any time I fall in a dream. After this I wake up.

Now, I know that doesn't seem like a repressed military memory and I have never served. But I have never ever ever had a dream where I even kinda changed perspectives. I am always myself in my dreams.
But I was in a uniform, I did switch perspectives 3 times, and I felt rather rightous in my behavior while in uniform. For some reason I did not mind being the victim of the other persons ferver and even thought they had beautiful qualities. As a lucid dreamer I can dismiss different parts of dreams and entire dreams sometimes as mental constructs, but this one stands out. It is days later and I still remember it vividly, it has stuck. i will always remember this one and how strange it was. Maybe it was some weird global conciousness strand that I got attached to at that moment or something, I dont' really know.

If anyone can help me interpret it along the lines of the topic of this post or just in general I am open to any questions.

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 03:08 PM
Let's see, the one that blew my mind the most....

I leave my body, and go to an area where a community is trying to build. I attatch myself to another person. This person has to help bring back a person who is "stuck". - Im kind of a bodyguard of sorts in this one. Making sure both get where they need to be. - The person Im attatched to helps encourage the one who is stuck to follow her feelings. Her feelings say its time leave and go help another community. - There is a big emphasis on follow your gut - these two go for a walk in the desert. I see an African man standing high point like a cliff watching the two. I fly up to see what he sees and make sure he is not a threat. He is not, and understands, oddly well what he is seeing. The women walk and then they are gone. I fly-fast- and dissapear from that area the same way they did. I big military door opens, we go into a lab,

The person I attatched to had been given amnesia in a very precise way so that certin cues would make them remember everything immediatly. After given amnesia they are programmed a way so that they would fit in to what ever society they were about to go into. Safety cues were placed so that the person would have "gut instincts". Those are what allowed the person to acomplish what it was they needed to acomplish while they were there. She was unprogrammed by placing listening to a specific sound pattern that unblocked all the mind blocks allowing her to wake up realizing everything that happened and why.

The person who was stuck, was a whole nother story.

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 05:15 PM
I'm going to post this one just because it might be an instance of pushing the boundaries of what people may think is real about "their" abilities in relation to the "astral plane"... and it's pretty damn funny

So I'm running around on the AP one night doing my "dream thing" and at one point I'm sort phased or teleported into a scene of me sitting on a chair, spot light on me & a chalk board about 6 ft in front of me, with a sentence written on it really big. I sort of forget what it was now, but it was something easy as if learning a new language that went something like "Matt runs does the street to catch a bus."

I realize there's two guys in suits, they look very "official" so to speak and are asking me "Can you read that?" in a somewhat patronizing but pleasant tone of voice as to not startle me.

"See the sentence? Can you read it? I hear it's impossible to read language in dreams, can you see it?" They where both saying watching & "listening" to my reaction.

Little did they know only part of me was in that chair with them and another in a place they couldn't see. I really really don't like it when someone doesn't "knock" before entering my dreams so despite the fact that I could read the board clear as crystal, and could tell they where just testing me..I muttered "Blahmwuah blah blah ma...ah"...

They looked at me funny, then looked at each other like...."Is this guy serious? Doesn't he realize we can hear what he's thinking..."

That's when I sort telepathically let my body (which I was fully watching in a 3rd person mode seeing them to either of my side) "broadcast" my thoughts from this other dimension:

YES I know you can hear this, why do you think I'm saying this now? Why do you think I didn't answer your lame ass questions? Because I hate it when A-holes try to trick/test me instead of just asking me to demonstrate something... F you guys!

And I blinked out of that little scene and on to another dream

posted on Jan, 15 2009 @ 08:47 PM
Hi SuperSpark, sorry for the delay. I wanted to share with you a few dreams I had about possible past lifes. They were very brief, but incredibly real. I always wondered about these dreams because in my current lifetime, I do not possess any military combatexperience.

The first dream I believe was a dream about fighting in WWII. I was basically pinned down in gunfire behind some rubble. In front of me is a two story building that is shaped like an L. There are gunman an all sides from within the confinements of the building, in other words I am pinned down in gunfire, though none of the gunman have a good angle on me. I am sort of laying on my side with my feet kicked out behind me. I am able to slowly start taking these guys out, one at a time though in very heavy gunfire. The gunfire was so heavy in fact that it was literrally all I heard and as each shot ricochet off the ground I could feel peaces of gravel hitting my shins. My legs are for the most part protected, there only firing at me to keep me in the same spot and to ricochet bullets hoping that one would injure me. That is all I remember.

I had a second dream where most things on the surface were pretty quiet. There was however one more stronghold that was in side of a "events center" type of building. I find myself on a balcony facing an empty auditorium with a guard facing me from the other side guarding an entrance. I am a sniper and only have one round, no back up other than another guy who is guarding the entrance. I go in and scope it out and I am trying to decide wether to use my round or go back for a return visit better prepared.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 09:12 PM

Originally posted by SuperSpark
Do you have recurring dreams in which:

  1. you see people in military uniform?
  2. you are either in combat or combat training maneuvers?
  3. you are fully conscious in the experience, but are not the “normal you”, your perspective is in some ways juvenile vs. your normal one but at the same time you have knowledge and skills your normal self does not?
  4. you find a hard time discerning if you are experiencing in the 1st person vs. 3rd person and/or switch between the two?
  5. you feel that as comfortable and as familiar being “that you” is, that person and the experiences are incredibly unfamiliar and difficult to recall when awake?

Many of us on ATS have shared stories with commonalities following the points above. Are these clues pointing us to a real and substantial base of common experiences or is this some hitherto undocumented, common artifact of the unconscious?

Can we share and discuss them to clearly define that base without spiraling into irrelevant tangents and bickering?

I am willing to stay on this thread and see it through. I’ll work with the mods to reign in what will likely be a controversial hot-spot of believers, debunkers, spoilers and the curious to keep us on topic.

Let’s see if I’ve hit a nerve.

All that I know is that I know nothing -Socrates

[edit on 10-1-2009 by SuperSpark]

I've frequently had dreams where I'm in a war and have been where I was a cop of some kind in a future earth..and just last night I had a dream where I was a fighter pilot and was shot down, but survived. I believe all dreams are astral travel, but, these may have been on the plane of existence where flights of fancy are made real...nothing deeper than that.

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 10:29 PM
I just had a dream like that a couple of months ago. It was VERY vivid and quite odd. I remember that I was on point going through a jungle area. I felt what it must have been like during events like 'Nam. I'm NOT claiming to know what those brave souls went through, but my dream experience was scary as HELL. Every step was carefully placed, and my head was on a swivel. It bothered me for a good couple of days after the dream.

I also remember going into different villages doing strange Intel ops. It was WAY past bizarre. I had a list of all the countries I visited in that "dream" I will have to find it and post more because it felt more like a premonition than a dream.

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 08:28 PM
The most spectaular dream I had occured many years ago:
I was seated in the open side door of an ancient Huey helicopter, which was skimming low over a dirt road that ran along a small slow-moving river. The river was green, but a lot of trash and garbage was in the water, particularly close to the banks. The helicopter flew over several soldiers on horse back wearing tan uniforms. They had bolt action rifles slung across their backs. The helicopter banked sharply across the river, and then soon landed to drop me off. I tossed out a duffle of gear, and then went into the forest. I was not in uniform, but was aware that I was sent as an advisor. By and by, I went to sleep leaning against a tree. I woke up just in time to see a couple of solders in tan uniforms bayonet me.

Immediately, I was back in that helicopter observings the once again vivid and complete detail of the previous flight. The helicopter ocne again banked over the river, and then made a series of false touch-downs. Once again I dismounted, and knew that the helicopter would continue to make false insertions. This time I found a typical American neighborhood, except that it was all grown up with weeds, and there were trees growing through windows and doors. I know that "this is where it all started". I crawled under one pre-designated house and went to sleep for the night. The next morning I was awake when a partisan patrol made contact with me. I came out of hiding, and faced them. They asked the sign, but I forgot the countersign and just laughed. They killed me.

Immediately, I was back in that old helicopter flying along the same river with the road at its edge. I was seated in the copilot's seat, contemplating the precious nature of this flying wreck, knowing that it was a miricle it could still be made to fly. The pilot banked over the troops and across the river, just as before. I shot the pilot, pushed the collective down, and crashed the bird in the river. As I swam out of the sinking wreck, I tossed in an incidniary grenade to burn the helicopter. I swam to the opposite side, keeping the flames between me and the troops. I fould the destroyed town as before, but managed to recite the password correctly.

Every repeated action was done precisely as before, and detail was sharp, including the sense of smell. The river stank.

Now the dream jumps years ahead when I am an old man. I am standing on the bank of a small river, gloomily looking at a ruined concrete bridge surrounded by trees in the forest. I walk a short trail, and enter an old cinder block building, which is obviously an old car repair facility. I walk into the street and encounter a bunch of those soldiers in tan uniforms. I am playing the deminted village idiot. The soldier beat me, and mock me, and I fall to the road, breathing limestone dust. I observe the old partisan leader in the croud give me an almost imperceptible nod. My heart leaps with joy. When the troops leave, I go back into the building, climb a ladder to a kind of loft, and lift the tattered mattress. I pull out an AK-47, and an old radio transciever.

Then I went out into the street and shouted, "Ha-ha! Today is the day we throw the bastard Mexicans out of Texas".

posted on Feb, 9 2009 @ 08:36 PM
I had another peculiar dream that reoccured for many years:

I was standing in a grassy meadow where tents and tables had been erected. People were trading and bartering various goods. It was obvious that the United States had crumbled, and people were just living much like in medeval times. We clearly knew our past.

I was at a table running my finger through loose rounds in an old green shoe box. There were many different types of ammunition in that box, but nothing that I could use in my weapon. There was plenty of 30-06 ammunition in the shoe box.

One day during "real life" I found a beautiful O3-A3 in a store, and bought it. I never that that dream again. (O3-A3 shoots 30-06 ammo.)

I related this dream and my purchase to my older brother, and his jaw and his wife's jaw dropped in astonishment. Then he told me that he used to have the exact same dream, and his stopped as soon as he bought his Remington 30-06!

I'm rich in these sort of dreams, and they are all VIVID.

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